Neptune moved into Pisces the 5th of April 2011, only briefly until August 6th, when it dipped back into Aquarius, as if to finish some business in that sign, until February 4th, 2012 when it will re-enter Pisces to stay there for the next 14 years, exactly until January 26th, 2026. This is the first time that we will experience this energy, as there isn’t anyone alive who has lived through the last Neptune in Pisces transit, which was in 1847-1861. Neptune was discovered only a year before that, on September 23rd, 1846 when it was transiting the last degrees of Aquarius.
in my experience, the energy of Neptune can be felt strongly in the arts, fashion, glamour, diseases which we can put our finger on, cancer, tumors, music, situation at sea, like tsunamis, ship wrecks, also fraud, adictions, religion, etc.
Since I was born, in the beginning of the 50′s, when Neptune was in Libra, not only we grew to be the Hippie generation with all the “flower power” mentality, but it was the time right after WWII, when Hollywood was at its best with all the Fred Astaire movies, Gene Kelly, Marilyn, gosh! and so many others! Romance was definitely in the air, with wonderful films like “An affair to remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, in 1957, I think I’ve seen it more than 20 times! Although Neptune had already moved into Scorpio when the film was released, I’m sure it was made during the last steps of Neptune in Libra! Then, as from 1957 with Neptune in Scorpio, we had the 60′s and all the sexual liberation and the crazy fashion! and the Vietnam War. It was just as it entered Sagittarius in the beginning of the 70′s that we had Watergate, and an American President resigning due to fraud allegations. How Neptunian!. Indian Gurus became internationally famous with the Beatles first and then everybody else going to India to become enlightened. Fashion turned women into Amazons with tunics and long boots and flowers in their hair.During the second half of the 80′s and part of the 90′s Neptune traveled through Capricorn, when the fantasy of capitalism and big business became even bigger. Women’s fashion were the big shoulder pads with pin stripped suits, like men. Everyone wanted to be a big business CEO even women, and many did. They were the times of Margaret Thatcher, although she came into power with Neptune in Sagittarius, yet, she was on all through the transit of Neptune in Capricorn. Many parents sent their children to study Marketing and Business Studies as if they were the only two options in University. Many of them are without a job today.
At the end of the 90′s or 2000 really, Neptune moved to Aquarius to be joined later by Uranus in Pisces, and that mutual reception gave us these array of social networks which changed for ever the way we relate to one another.The fashion world gave us equality. Everyone wears jeans and t-shirts, even the royals.Big shops like Zara, Mango, became popular around the world, and copies of the big brands, especially bags gave us the impression that we could all afford Louis Vuitton or Prada. And we all held the copy hand bag or outfit as if it was the real thing. How Neptunian!China became the kingdom of copies of everything.Neptune is often associated with spirituality, creativity, compassion and all things good. Well, that is only one of the fishes, but there is the other one, swimming in the opposite direction, more connected to the God Dionisio, which represents the drinker, the swindler, the madman, the addict.At an individual level, when we are under a Neptunian transit, we may fall in love, if it affects Venus or Mars or the Moon, but those love affairs need to withstand the test of time, since they only seem to last the 2 or 3 years of the transit and quite often the addict or the needy or swindler or the sick may appear.We may also go through depression, cancer, even a psychotic episode or an illness, that doctors don’t have name for, let alone a cure.It is also true, that Neptune and Pisces connect us with the feeling of ONENESS, with collective unconscious, with the compassion towards human suffering.Fortunately, thanks to technology, this feeling is spreading fast and we can use things like Facebook or Twitter, to connect with the world and spread our thoughts on different issues pertinent to all.For example: human trafficking, like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are doing with their new campaign “Real Men don’t buy girls”.This is a great big issue (long overdue) to be addressed. The abuse of women and young girls and boys for prostitution and sex. Men have to start thinking like men, which also means possible future fathers.We need to educate girls, all girls, and not make schools more and more expensive. We must end with the arrogance and elitism of some schools and just simply educate women and men into some kind of morality and awareness of the consequences of such acts.All of these are Neptune in Pisces issues. We will become aware that we are all implicated in these acts of abuse. Women have been abused and raped for ever, and we must put an end to it. That simple!It may not be simple, but we must do it.The awareness of the suffering in the world is a Neptune in Pisces issue.Let’s use technology for purposeful things. Let’s use it to communicate the fact that we are becoming aware of all these matters and that we are willing to do something about it.Neptune in Pisces will make us forget the dreams of capitalism to put us in touch with the power of getting involved in the solutions for matters that affect us all.Let’s get in touch with our inner pain, let’s not forget that Chiron is also in Pisces, forcing us to connect with our inner wound, not just our own individual wound but our ancestral wound.Every woman on this planet, have lost memories of rape and abuse. Every German person alive today has memories and guilt of the Holocaust. Every Spanish person alive today has memories of the Civil War, of loss, death and persecution just to mention a few. When you think of the migration of people around the world, the mixing with other cultures through marriage, having children, then you begin to realize, that our memories of pain, loss, abuse are common to us all.Every little or great depression, anxiety we may feel in our daily lives is connected to this ancestral pain.To connect with this collective ancestral pain is what Neptune in Pisces is all about. But not to cause more rage and pain, but to transcend it by creating ties and bonds based on forgiveness and love.But if we are taking sleeping pills or waking up pills, or anxiety pills then we can’t connect to the pain, we are avoiding it. By avoiding it we are preserving it.Neptune together with Chiron in Pisces will help us connect with the Source, with that mystery we call God, beyond religion, beyond sectarianism, and help us remember that this is a human theme. Every God and Goddess live inside of us. We have created them all. There are no gods without us. Let’s connect with that side of our nature and help each other. Each other and this planet is all we have. That simple.
Feel free to share your ideas of what this transit of Neptune in Pisces might bring!



  1. Beautiful sentiments and well written. Gracias para los palabres y sentimentos importantes. Especialmente los que dicen que nosotros necesitamos ayudar los ninos y las mujeres. Bravo!


  2. ‘God Dionisio, which represents the drinker, the swindler, the madman, the addict’

    Oh God not more! I feel as though I’ve gone through this already….


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