Venus in Aries 2012

Today at 6 in the morning GMT, Venus entered the sign of Aries and it does it with a bang, since it encounters Uranus, which has been visiting the first degrees of Aries, since last year. A real desire for freedom of action and adventure accompanies this transit, with its positive and less positive reactions to it, according to the individual situations. Arie, ruled by Mars, or Ares in the Greek Mythology, Afrodite’s (Venus) lover, this is the most fire of the fire signs, it reminds us of the archetypes of the Soldier, the Gladiator, the Warrior, the defender of the land, a very masculine energy.As we have seen in previous articles, Afrodite never marries him, since she is forced to marry Hephaistus, the ugly goldsmith, son of Hera, but they remain lovers for all time.People with Venus in Aries in their natal birth-chart, love adventure in love and spontaneity, they’ll go to any length to conquer their love object.Still, they do it from a very self-centred place, enjoying their own inner script, therefore never really committing to the other, unless the other is willing to play their assigned part in the story. There will be plenty of excitement though, as they make the other feel very special, at times.Still, there is an unconsciously insisting longing for independence inside the Venus in Aries person, as if they had a special mission to accomplish in their lives, which rarely includes anyone else.There is a strong unconscious bond with Father, especially in the girls with this position, but equally strong in men, as if they had to accomplish whatever their fathers could not. A kind of re-vindication of Father’s unfinished vision.They are normally attracted to very active, strong personalities, with a very clear sense of direction.They are very attentive and passionate, with the other, and enjoy making them feel special, but this must be returned or they can easily sneer at the other’s vulnerabilities and inadequacies.Still, is a very attractive position for a men to have, but women with this position of Venus, have some very subtle airs of masculinity that can be very attractive too.As Venus transits this sign, we can venture into the experience of this kind of realm, where by, women take control of their love life and their finances, and men dare to be a bit more like Lancelot or Robin Hood both very Aries characters in my eyes.For us women, Venus in Aries brings the opportunity to go after what we really want, without shyness, without feeling inadequate, simply feeling the impulse and acting it out.For all the cardinal signs ( Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) which have been having a bit of a challenging time, this will feel like candy, for Leo and Sagittarius, just enjoy the ride, do something creative, you will feel you can. Gemini and Aquarius will also feel the air of creativity of the Goddess, but remember, Venus loves beautiful things, so be careful not to spend the money you don’t have.
Venus will square Pluto on the 15th, and Libra and Cancer can expect some power struggles to arise, but also, the possibility to look at a relationship from a place not superficial, to really see, what is going on. It is not a long transit, but if there are any unresolved issues within the relationship already, they could be triggered and given the chance to express themselves in a way that it will make difficult to ignore of deny.
Venus will oppose Saturn on the 4th of March, when we get the chance once more to take responsibility for our actions, especially within a relationship, in a big way. The following day will move to Taurus.


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