Last night I went to see “The Artist”, the silent film in black and white (as before), conceived and directed by Michel Hazanavicius. Simply wonderful!. Comic, romantic and intelligent. I recommend it to everyone. The funny thing is that this film begins in the year 1927 and ends 1932, just the period in which there was a Cardinal T-Square as there is now and among the same planets. And the film wins all the awards that can be given to a movie. Golden Globes, Baftas and probably the Oscars. I wonder if the director knew what was happening in the Cosmos, at the time of making a film just about the time period, when everything changed in Hollywood, with the advent of the talking films. On that occasion when the T quadrant between Saturn-Urano-Pluto was formed. Cosmic coincidences!

Next Tuesday is the new moon in PISCES, the first time in our lives that occurs a lunación like this, when the Sun and moon form a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Conjunction which is also joined by Juno and Chiron and everything in the House 12, considering the degree of Aries as the ascendant of the lunación.

Both Pisces and the 12 House have to do with the end of the journey, the last step before “returning home”, after having experienced with all the signs and the houses of the chart. The feeling is that of the moment when we harvest everything we sowed in our life and decide if we woud like to start again or “return home”.

the inspiration of this sign of Pisces and Neptune is that of compassion and unity with All. Everything we come from, physically, meaning our ancestors, those that existed before us and without which our existence would not be possible. With only one link missing, and we would not be who we are. PISCES reminds us that in each of our cells are the memories of all that which existed since the beginning of time.

This new moon is in trine with Saturn, therefore everything that starts from tomorrow, will have a profound sense of Fate, or Karma and hopefully it will last. We will start to build something solid and relevant. Jupiter and Pluto are also in a trine, so there is a spirit of optimism in the air, that we must profit from, when starting on a new path responding to the calling of the soul. Keep faith in what your instincts tell you and let your feet guide you along, even when some people around you might disagree.Be confident and let it flow. Our soul and the Cosmos, know more than our mind. Dare to “cross the bridge” even when you cannnot see it the end of it.

The importance of artistic expression as the best therapy, will become apparent. The best medicine for the pain of the soul, is to express ourselves creatively, and by that I mean not only to paint or write poems. The poetry of the soul goes beyond writing some beautiful verses. Respond the soul’s creativity, no one is like another. We are all unique at the same time that we are all one. Every drop of the ocean is relevant and important. Without them there is no Ocean.

Pallas Athena, joins this lunación inspiring us to act from a feeling of independence and service. Pallas Athena hates stupidity, she asks that we take life seriously and fight for what we believe. She wants to be something more than a woman, she wants to be an intelligent and independent woman. We don’t need to follow a God with human name, to serve God. We don’t even need to understand what is God to serve him. Is serving others and ourselves that we serve God. Is taking responsibility for our actions and learning every day, we serve God. We need to return to the mysterious God, unnamed, in order to understand that all come from the same place. The God of the institutional religions, have only led us to kill each other and they continue to do so. Until when?

This new moon in PISCES in conjunction to Neptune in PISCES, will open the necessary channels to find a religion that helps us understand that we are all ONE, finally, instead of those we know, that divide us. How can anyone speak of their God as if they knew what they are talking about? We all know what we feel when in the presence of God, but we do not know what you are talking about. Time to accept it with humility. The mythological dimensions of the Greek gods are more accessible and with a very defined dark side. Our nature relates to them more easily. Yet the Moon in PISCES speaks to us of a God who is all love, even though “we don’t know”! What it is we know is love.

Chiron is also involved in this new moon, with its immense compassion and wisdom, helping us to recognize our deepest wound to fomd tje cure to that pain that consumes us sometimes. The deep and unbearable pain of incarnation and being mortal. Each of us handle it the best we can. One way is to contact this pain and express it, so that it is out there, rather than inside.


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