Following with the Cosmic Order, after the New Moon in PISCES, comes the Full Moon in Virgo and also as it is eternally surprising in the Cosmos, this full moon in Virgo is not equal to any other. Also following the mysterious Cosmic Order, Mercury, the little planet that seems to affect the functioning of our intellectual mind, makes its second retrograde of the year, starting 4 days after the full moon.

But let’s start from the beginning. The Moon at 18 degrees Virgo 13′ opposes the Sun at 18 ° PISCES 13′, on Thursday, March 8 at 9: 41 am GMT. An hour later in Spain. But we already know that the most intense effects begin two days before it reaches its peak. Inspect your feelings and the situation in which you are involved during the 6th and 7th of March. It is difficult to say to what signs will affect the most, but all those who have planets in the mutable Cross (Gemini-Virgo-Sagittarius-PISCES) must also observe in what angle of the birthchart falls the polarity Virgo-Piscis. The critical and analytical power of Virgo vs the intuition and compassion of Pisces. The need of Virgo for limits vs. the inability of PISCES to draw them. And when I say versus i do not mean “war” of opposites, but rather the need of each other in order to balance these opposites. Virgo often spends his life trying to learn to set limits on their existence and their feelings, defining roles and playing the victim (Piscean qualities) and PISCES is exceeded in their criticism and analysis of others (Virgo characteristics), putting themselves at the service of others sometimes excessively, losing themselves in the process. The opposite roles are wrapped in an eternal dance and this is why, when talking about opposites at the cusps of the 4th and 10th houses, it is so difficult to discern who is the father and which the mother. In this dance of opposites, the unconscious is mixed and the roles are exchanged continuously. Let’s observe to what angle of our existence, this moon brings attention to, according to what houses are affected by it in our chart, to understand where this dilemma breaks out, and then we will know what is in need of balance in our lives.

On this moon, Mercury, which is already moving more slowly, as it approaches its retrograde motion, ruler of Virgo, is in a virtually exact conjunction to Vesta, to many astrologers among whom i include myself, the true ruler of Virgo. At about 5º and a half of Aries, both are in conjunction to Uranus in Aries and in square to Pluto in Capricorn, which is now approaching the great trine with Jupiter in Taurus and (also retrograde) Mars in Virgo. A pretty explosive combination that speaks of the end of certain contracts and projects and beginning of new ones, and all with the possibility of verbal revolts and power struggles. It also brings us closer to the resolution of old topics involving legal matters and paperwork of any kind.. Mercurio-Vesta-Uranus in Aries remind us that the real revolution starts in our mind, when we become aware of the self-impposed chains that stop us from moving in the right direction and will help us take the important decision to free ourselves from them. As Bob Marley said: “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”

Chiron in conjunction to Pallas Athena and both in exact square to Juno and the nodal angle, evoke the urgent need to resolve old wounds which have to do with the surrender to the “other” in a relationship and the resistance through sexual power struggles. Sexual power struggles disguise the real wound or the inability to trust the other and oneself. The big difference between Pallas Athena, Virgin by her own choice, without victimism and the beloved Mediterranean Virgin Mary, Virgin by imposition, is evident here. Today women are more like Pallas Athena and less like the Virgin Mary. Time to change our rituals and our altars. We can also evoke Pallas Athena as a judge in the resolution of old issues that need the bravery but also the calm of a clear mind. Pallas is the goddess of wisdom, daughter of her father, without mother, unmarried and celibate mother by choice. Her dedication is towards her work and not to another.

Mercury begins its retrograde motion on March 12th, at 6th aries 48′, until April 4, when at 23 º PISCES 51′,it stations direct once again. It activates the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, planets that will cross seven times back and forth due to their own retrograde motions, will begin on June 24th, 2012 until the 16 of March 2015. Changes and revolutions continue. The more current powers, resist change the more revolutions we’ll continue to have. We’ll see what happens with Putin in Russia, which surely will be elected President once more (although it has never ceased to be, actually) and possibly by two terms more which will make a total of almost 20 years of Putin in the Russian Government, what is more than Stalin ever was. Will it be allowed? I wonder.

Mars is also part of this Moon as it is in conjunction with it. That further arouses in us the need to fight for our independence of the abuse of the few in power.

Venus in Taurus, the sign she enjoy the most and where she shines better, is close to the conjunction with Jupiter, and together, they will form a magical Grand Trine to Pluto in Capricorn and retrograde Mars in Virgo! on the 14th, just as Mercury stations retrograde. Even though Mars is in its retrograde motion still, this trine brings optimism and the audacity to think we can make our dreams come true. If we do the work honestly and fairly, as this aspect demands of us, then it is possible that we can find the way to do it. It will also help us take some negativity of of our shoulders and look at life with more positivism and audacity. This is supported by the trine of Saturn to Neptune that reminds us that if we are willing to work hard for what we want, without distractions or excuses then we can obtain it. If we are not willing to work hard of it, then it might simply mean we don’t want it bad enough and this applies to everything.

You have a good Moon!

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