Venus finally arrives home. Venus, the absolute Goddess of beauty, arrives at the sign she rules and where she can express herself with total disinhibition. If all astrologers have any doubt about whether Venus rules or not Libra, true is that we have no problem in accepting that Venus rules Taurus. It is this sign where the Goddess can unleash her seduction, her love for beautiful things, for the arts, money, sensuality, her love for perfumes, the soft textures of certain materials such as silk and cashmere, that Venus can not resist. How boring it would be life without this aspect of our psyche! If there is anything that we can call “girl power”, is the power that gives us the Goddess. Block Aphrodite and the female power is reduced to ashes and often turns into anger and we see women trying to find themselves in constant struggle with their body, with its weight, with their lips, with their hair, with their wrinkles, with one and another surgery. Venus goes far beyond physicality. To express Beauty it is not necessary to have a perfect body, hair, lips or eyes. You simply need to be in good relations with the Goddess and let her flow. If you feel you are beautiful, YOU ARE. I have seen many women over 80 of extraordinary beauty. When Aphrodite feels respected, she gives you all the benefits and just by blinking the world is at your feet.
I always remember the first time I saw Celia Cruz .Celia, for those of you who do not know was a Cuban salsa singer.She already was 65 years old when I first saw her. I lived in London at that time and I didn’t like salsa very much, until a friend whom I respected his music taste, insisted that I went. Celia, could not have been called a beautiful woman under any traditional concept. But, when she began to sing and move, the sensuality coming out of each of her pores, her voice, her moves, her music. In the end, you could only see the Goddess and not a 65 years old woman, with more weight than the advisable for health reasons. Celia was a Libra, with Venus in Virgo, not one of the most ideal positions for the Goddess. Still. after her concert, although you couldn’t come out thinking that you have seen the most beautiful woman in the world, yet, we came out inspired by her creativity, her sensuality, in short, by her ability to express the Goddesss. When one allows her to freely flow, without any judgement conditioned by a culture, or the fashion of a particular moment in history, or a fad, then she manifests herself in all her splendor. Same thing we saw with the famous video of the first audition of Susan Boyle in Britain’s Got Talent. She came and everyone laughed at her, but when she began to sing, there wasn’t a dry pair of eyes left in the entire building. The Goddess had appeared and suddenly we weren’t in the presence of an elderly lady not more, but before the Goddess of Creativity and Beauty , who gives us a voice, to be able to express her, with all her might. If you want to see this extraordinary process in action, look at it again, unless you are one of those who have never seen this video, in which case, this will be your first time. & feature = related (look at her face in the minute 3: 16) or search “Susan Boyle’s first audition” in You Tube and you’ll find it. Why do we all cry when she starts to sing?, because the magic of the goddess is too much for us to contain, it overwhelms us! Whitney Houston had Venus-Sun in her natal birthchart.
This short period of Venus in Taurus, we should use it to get in touch with beauty within ourselves and try to let it flow, without conditions, without judgement. When one dares to be, but really be with all our possibilities and variations, with the inner certainty, that each of us are unique, and that there is absolutely no one equal, then we can let all that which is special in us flow, for the enjoyment of others. Venus is above fashion, of passing trends, physical expression. Venus is immortal, eternal, fashions changea.Fashion is human, the beauty is a Goddess and the Gods are immortal.
Venus came into Taurus on March 5th, and today and tomorrow makes an exact conjunction to Jupiter and a trine to Mars and another to Pluto. A Grand triangle in Earth signs, which benefits us all a little. Look at the sky today in the evening and you will see these two huge stars in the firmament together. Do not miss it. It’s spectacular. It is difficult to imagine something negative of this conjunction, except the excessive optimism. But from time to time, why not?
Do something creative these days and let the Goddess flow through you and it will flood you with creativity and beauty!

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