Here comes the New Moon of April, this time at 1º Taurus 35′, sign, as we know ruled by Venus. Taurus has been enjoying the beneficial Grand Trine formed by Jupiter in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo, all about 9º, that formed almost exact in mid March. A Grand Trine connecting three points, houses, of the birth chart, in this case in Earth signs, three points that currently flow in wonderful harmony. There were still some delays because of the retrograde of Mars. But from April 14th, Mars has returned to its direct motion, therefore giving us the feeling that things return to move forward and although Jupiter has left this great planetary formation, because it is now at 16 º, this lunación means that the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Pluto form this potentially beneficial Grand Trine in Earth signs. It would be difficult to imagine anything negative about this astrological aspect. Earth signs represent our need to adapt to life here on Earth, the development of our creativity, our ability to survive, nourishment, livelihoods, finances, work, profession, health, caring for our body and our planet, are all signs of Earth issues. These issues have become more relevant than ever for many of us and have provide us with the possibility of resolution of these issues that are in conflict in our lives.
This new moon, give us the hint that something positive may start in our lives, even if it only means becoming conscious of the need to address some of these issues. Finances and financial projects have a good chance at this lunation, but also a great opportunity to solve health problems that have afflicted us in the near past. This is reinforced by the contact of Venus (ruler of this lunación) to Chiron, who also opposes Mars, symbol of alternative healing and not the traditional through drugs.Becoming conscious about the fact that medicines only stop the symptom, but not cure, is one of its gifts . The need to practice preventive medicine, leading a healthy life is another. When will you stop smoking or drinking too much? Why do you do it?
Another aspect of this lunación in Taurus, is also the recognition that we perhaps spend too many hours in front of electronic devices and it is perhaps time to reconnect with our senses and see, touch, smell, taste and hear above communication by social networks. The relationship between mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, as Ceres or Demeter, the great Mother, whose daughter is Persefone, who was abducted by Hades (Plutón), forms a conjunction to the Sun and the Moon. Juno (Hera) makes a conjunction to the Lunar North Node, which brings attention to personal relationships and the need to revise our attitude towards them. We rely on the other to be happy? If the answer is Yes, then we must rethink our attitude towards them.
Saturn which has already retreated at almost 25º of Libra, in its retrograde motion, which ends June 25, opposed this lunación, therefore the sense of obligation and inevitability to be in charge of our problems and our lives, will be evident. We cannot blame others for our difficulties no more. What happens to us is our responsibility. The origin, the answer, the solution to the problem is within us. No one else has to do with what happens to me, more than I. We do not receive a punishment of God, or of another or of the community, we are just victims of ourselves. If someone cheats us or steals from us, they are thieves, but we trust who should not be trusted.
Taurus is a very slow sign, it takes time, to develop. Perhaps we can learn patience and perseverance of this sign. Two essential qualities for a better life.
If you are waiting for the right time to start a creative project, it has come. If you’re wondering how to express yourself creatively, let the energy flow and follow your instinct-. This new moon in Taurus can surprise you. And what does it means to express ourselves creatively? Learning to let that, which is unique and exclusive within us, flow. That which makes you be who you are. Profit from this creative energies around the new moon to surprise yourself.
Like Pina Bausch said: “Dance, Dance, Dance, otherwise we are lost”


One comment on “NEW MOON IN TAURUS – APRIL 21, 2012

  1. thank you for this, so true for me right now. went for massage the other day, reiki circle last night, working with new healers and products from adding to my healing practice of reiki,more alternative healing and working more on children. people are approaching me the past week or so! so wonderful to be of service, but need to take care of myself too! thanks again for the info!


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