As the day when the square between Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn) becomes exact for the first time, approaches, which will be in a couple of days and three days to the station direct of Saturn (which has already begun), we become aware of certain news in the Media, as many cases reach their climax, both for good and for less good reasons.
Today ends the trial of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian who is responsible for the death of 77 people in Norway, many of whom were teenagers, event which occurred on 22 July 2011, when the square between Uranus and Pluto, reached 1º orbit, having been activated by the Moon in Aries, the night before the terrible event that took place in the island of Utøya. The issue of mental health has been the central argument of the case, with the Defense holding that he is mentally healthy and that it carried out the massacre, due to his political ideals. The jury’s decision will be known in July.

Today, Rebekah Brooks (Gemini), goes to court, accused of being responsible for hiding evidence in the ”phone hacking” case of the Murdock media empire, which caused the closure of the newspaper “News of the World”, where many English politicians are involved, including Tony Blair and David Cameron, the current PM.

Jerry Sandusky, a Football Coach at the University of Pennsylvania, accused of sexual abuse of many children from underprivileged families, he allegedly helped. This month when the trial reaches its climax, his adoptive son confesses that he has been abused by his father, as well.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is finally protected at the Embassy of Ecuador in London, to the imminent arrest by British police for having skipped his bail period. Assange is wanted by the Swedish Justice for accusations of rape of two women. He and many in the world maintain that the United States Government is behind his arrest due to the publication of documents that seriously compromised the strategy and integrity of the US Government. If the Government of Ecuador does not offer him political asylum, Assange can be sent to Sweden to answer these charges of rape.

On the positive side, San Suu Kyi, also a Gemini, after 21 years comes to Sweden to receive her well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded to her while she was serving 15 years of home arrest . Her speech was exactly the day that the new moon in Gemini, sat exactly on her Sun at 28 degrees of Gemini.

Rafa Nadal also a Gemini, made history, winning Roland Garros for 7 consecutive years.

Share in this space any event that you know of a situation that has occurred in the past and which has reached its climax or resolution in this month of June. Doesn’t have to be a negatively dramatic case , but dramatic in its impact on the collective.



  1. For many years I’ve been stalked and harrassed even phone tapped I called and wrote to all who were in the job to help so far nothing.
    In the past month 2 men who are in gov that I know only from gov a separate agency who I met in past when I needed assistance. they were the correct persons to contact when one needs assistance, NOT because I wanted to meet them for any personal reasons.
    Now they came to my door, one lives in my neighborhood wants me to sign something to promote his political party.
    The other works in my neighborhood but just bought a house across the street. When I told him I’d like to move he asked ‘Oh yea, where’ I told him
    ‘It’s none of your business’! I could tell by his body language that he was feeling insecure. I am not being investigated or a judge would ask me where i was going, yes? Yes!

    Now there is a younger man who has been living in my neighborhood for the past 5 years who is watching everything I do and I get the feeling by earlier conversations he has been listening to my phone calls and able to read my email. One day I’d had enough and screamed at ‘LEAVE ME ALONE YOU WIERDO’. There are others too. one day they will be caught too.
    I’ve contacted the FBI and guess who they have on my case? YES another character who lives in my area! What a sneaky lieing piece of shit.

    I’ve been so hurt over all of this that I have grown hard.

    Now I find out my younger sister (10/28/56 NY) passed 3 years ago but nobody contacted us. I am horrified that she died alone. My eldest sister (9/12/46 NY) doesnt even call me back when i left her message of my young sister passing! What the hell is wrong with everyone?? is it me? No, I think jealousy. Yet I do not feel angry. I feel I need to elave these inconsiderate people in the past. yes I am done. This is over.

    Thank you for being there for me so many times.


  2. You have to find grounding for yourself despite the chaos. There are disruptors out there who probably want to see you go insane and you can’t because there are others out there who do actually need you and your kindness. Thats the difference between the good and the evil in this world, simple as that.


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