NEW MOON IN VIRGO 15 and 16 of September, 2012

ImageThe next new moon in Virgo seems to come at the right time in Spain and many other countries, when schools begin their year once again after the summer holidays, obviously in the northern hemisphere. Buying books, sorting and selecting paperwork, driving the children to school, all very Mercurianas activities, as described in this conjunction of Mercury to this lunation. For those without children or schools trips, also represents a true moment of closure, re-organizing, implementing new ways to projects that may mark the mode until the  end of this year and the beginning of the next.
Two days after the Moon conjuncts the Sun at about 24º of Virgo, Pluto stations direct ending this degree’s retrograde that started on the 11th of April, this year, and making the second of the seven exact squares to Uranus, which is still retrograde. (for those who have not read yet on the square between these two planets, which describes the sign of this time or zeitgeist, read in this blog, the Uranus Pluto square sign by sign)
All those issues that we have pending involving a power struggles with others, to be able to free ourselves of something, to feel we can finally be who we really are or want to be, in a legal, financial, issues with parents, bosses, or other authority figures will stand a chance of be re-initiated, with a new perspective. Some sort of progress on these issues is possible, as it is the awareness of what we must   leave behind in order to get our part or what we want. However the end of the situation may not be clear, the light at the end of the tunnel, might begin to become apparent.
Virgo is a self analytical and critical sign. The criticism of Virgo is born of his/her desire to improve. For Virgo things “always could be better”, feelings that is  also born of a profound sense of not being quite enough, with sentiments of guilt and inadequacy, with a desire of being perfect that characterizes this sign. The lesson of humility and acceptance is important for Virgo. The angularity with PISCES is extremely important to understand.
In the life of the dancers, Virgo is an essential element. The obsession with shape and form and the ability to “clean the movement” is a fundamental state of the dancer with planets in Virgo, very often the Sun, Venus or Mars in this sign. Without it the dancer could not understand the difference between a position and another, very similar. That discriminatory and obsessive power of perfection that causes much pain emotionally, especially when these qualities are projected on the other, in the partner, they are indispensable in the dancer.
The struggle with the body and health, are also Virgo predicaments, diets, exercise regime, nutrition, employment, technical development, aesthetic surgeries, pets, (the Virgo person gives vitamins to their dogs or cats) are all experiences of this sixth sign. So is fashion in the sense of the Couturier that cuts those wonderful patterns that then translates into clothes that embellish others.
But we can not leave behind the need of this sign, of serving others. If you want to watch movies of Virgo characters from my point of view, don’t miss these two films: “The remains of the day” and Mr Albert Nobbs with Anthony Hopkins and Glenn Close respectively. Two famous British butlers, well, Mr Nobbs is Irish. Both extraordinary in their roles, both very well written. Natalie Portman in Black Swan is the other very Virgo character.The need to serve, gives Virgo, the fundamental meaning of his life.
With all this in mind, let yourself be guided by the energy of this new moon, towards activities, projects, which can  be of help and of service to others.
Don’t forget,  if you are in the middle of a crisis, that are precisely the crises that lead to self-analysis, to self-reflexion, and this in turn leads us to fix, repair, improve ourselves. Our souls need these crises to rectify our lives and our experience towards levels of love and connection with the Universe and others, like nothing else.
Self-acceptance and self-forgiveness are the benefits of the Virgo experience.
I will write more of this sign as soon as Venus enters it, on the  2nd and 3rd of October.

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