After 29 years, Saturn finally enters Scorpio, for the next two and a half years, exactly until 24 December 2014 when it’ll move into Satittarius until June 15, 2015, when it’ll dip back into Scorpio for the last time, until 18 September 2015 when it will enter for a second time Sagittarius, to stay there for the following 2 and a half years.
Saturn has not transited Scorpio since 1983 when it entered this sign holding hands with Pluto. These two powerful archetypes in the sign of sexuality, regeneration, shared finances, death, self-analysis, hidden desires, confronted us, specifically at that time, with AIDS, which changed the sexual behaviour of many forever. The first cases became apparent to us about those years of Saturn in Scorpio, with the death of Rock Hudson, in 1985, the first celebrity that would be affected by this disease.
This time, although Saturn and Pluto are not together, they are in mutual reception, since Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and this one enters Scorpio, sign ruled by Pluto. This quality tends to grant some harmony to the two planets that seem to operate with more affinity than usual. Both planets seem to act more powerfully, activating the corresponding archetypes more intensely. Scorpios and Capricorns will feel this effect more dramatically than most signs.
In the past 10 years the mutual reception between Neptune (in Aquarius) and Uranus (in PISCES) has transformed our lives with the advent of the Internet and social networks, which changed the way we relate to each other for ever. A logical consequence, if we think that it came about right after the years of panic with the Aids virus.
If you are older than 30 years, you can look back into your life, to try and remember what was happening 29 years ago. For all those with precarious knowledge of astrology, Saturn is much like the “bogey-man”.It simply scares us, the though of it approaching after years of bad publicity. However the look should be directed to the area where Saturn will transit through the next three years, cautiously optimistic, that it is there, where we will learn important lessons and resolve vital issues for our development.
We will only to see the difficulties, constraints, increased responsibility that can bring us,if we look at it from a superficial stand point, but if we look from the soul, we know that the lessons that we have been putting off, will be knocking at our door.
We will feel, sometimes unconsciously, that there are certain areas of our lives that need our attention so that we can accomplish much more and gain self-respect. Saturn demands absolute honesty from us, we cannot fool ourselves any more, the mirror returns us an image stripped of roses and fairies and we see ourselves as we are. Yes, admittedly, this aspect of the transits of Saturn is the least appealing, especially if you are more than 50 years old. Interestingly, Saturn has an incredible sense of humor, and a slight smile appears when we can laugh at our problems and “defects”. In reality, Saturn becomes unbearable only when we refuse to accept the lesson that brings us, when we avoid change, or when we insist that things are left as they are, even when it is obvious that things no longer work as they are. Saturn helps us resolve, deal with situations that we normally want to escape. For example: growing up, become adults, take charge of our finances, our studies, comply with the law, pay off debts, sell, build, reform a family property, pay traffic fines, pay taxes, take care of children, parents, deal with the pension.
During its passage through Libra which is about to end, we have seen endless meetings in Davos to be able to take control of the financial crisis that started with the entrance of Pluto in Capricorn which coincided with the fall of Lehman Brothers, and its consequence in the world. Saturn entered Libra at the end of 2009, when relations between the countries of the European union, have not ceased trying to find diplomatic solutions to many issues. With Saturn in Scorpio, the conversation will be about shared money, international debts, taxes, and tax havens. Spain just raise VAT to 21%, I imagine that the immediate reaction to this will begin to be noticed when Saturn enters Scorpio. The money in tax havens will be affected, particularly, with resolutions that put more restrictions to them, I imagine, Scorpio has the ability to bring out the dirty laundry of any situation, as its ruler Pluto, therefore the money in fiscal edens and its true origin, will be one of the themes of this transit.The fight against sexual slavery will be more intense and many Governments that close an eye to it and many “vocational and professional pimps” will meet with the law behind them (hopefully). Scholarships grants for students will be affected also. These and many more are issues that we can expect with this passage of Saturn through Scorpio.
At a personal level, the cardinal signs can breathe and fixed signs are who will be more intensely affected. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, must assume that these will be serious moments in their lives with topics asking for resolution without the possibility of being postponed, for later times.LATER has arrived, it is NOW.
Saturn enters Scorpio forming a trine to Neptune, which fills us with hope and the possibility of seeing a real solution to our desires. It will also do so with Chiron and later, from June 2013, will be a series of trines to Jupiter, which will give positive impetus to the water signs in particular. Cancer and Pisces, have a wonderful opportunity of resolution in a less conflictive way, the harvest of the effort towards a goal, can see its fruits. Saturn is often called the Lord of Karma and although I don’t think that it’s its unique privilege, is true, that when we are under the transit of this planet we confront decisions and actions taken 7, 14, 21, 29 years earlier. The result of our actions become evident and we must confront the fact that we make mistakes, we have decided poorly, without sufficient knowledge. Although all of this may sound negative, it is not, but, yes, it is hard. If you are a personality strongly Neptunian, with this very important planet in your chart, in contacts with the Sun, the Moon, the ASC, the MC, etc, then the Saturn transit to those points, may will feel quite challenging.
Those born between August 1957 and December 1970, i.e. the generation of the 60’s, when Neptune transited Scorpio, also will live moments of real confrontation with the reality of their lives. The opportunity from Saturn to Neptune is about “making one’s dreams reality” in its most positive manifestation, but it is also a severe fall of Eden, if you’ve been living only in psychological paradise, i.e., escaping reality. This once again is a powerful healing process, if you take advantage of the lesson. These are moments of a deep look at the world of Neptune, our experience of this archetype that holds the key to the inspiration and our creative source, but also what may lead us to a psychiatric hospital. If we do not have a technique or a work done in the past that allows us to realize and channel our creativity, we can easily fall into the victimhood, fatalism, the ancestral madness or ancestral memories that we do not handle consciously.
For those born between the end of August 1983 and November 1985, will now have their first return of Saturn, one of the most important crisis in our development. Those who are now between 27 and 30 years, Saturn completes the first loop around the Sun, since they were born, and it is a critical time for vocational guidance, making decisions that will give shape to their working lives, their family life and everything that implies responsibility, awareness, exercise of authority and the structuring of oneself as an individual, as part of a community. The decisions taken at this point in our life, are some of the most important in our journey on this planet and this incarnation.
For those born at the end of October 1953 until the beginning of October 1956, it is the second Saturn return coming. I.e., when Saturn returns to its natal position for the second and possibly last time in a life. This cycle is rather more liberating than the first, but even so, as it is characteristic of this archetype, taking responsibility for actions and decisions of the past, especially those taken in the first return of Saturn, become more obvious than ever and great lessons of humility and acceptance enrich this period of life. Possibilities to rectify and make peace with situations that have been unsealed, appear on our desk. The care of the sick, family parents in discord, sale or purchase of properties are possible, the death of one or both parents is also possible if this has not happened before and the consequent issues of inheritance.
Saturn is Cronus in Roman mythology, the God of Time, of our time on Earth, with their difficulties, their conditions, their responsibilities. Birth is a Saturnian event, as it is becoming father or mother in order to stop being a child. The development of the internal authority versus being under the tutelage of others, is the Saturnian archetype in action. We should not fear Saturn, everything that brings, albeit difficult, it is a cosmic gift. One more chance to rectify, build, learn, free, express fundamental issues of our life. Without it, the soul will feel that is a waste of a life.
Don’t waste this energy by fearing it or denying it. Let it flow and go with it. The lesson that we cannot control everything is big with Saturn transits. We must prepare ourselves and work hard and then let it flow.

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