NEW MOON IN LIBRA – October 14 – 15, 2012

Just few minutes before the Moon aligns with Venus, ruler of this new moon in Libra, I suddenly become aware that it is time to write about it. After a deep writer´s block for more than one week, I sit at the computer, with heavy arms and in a very dense mind. Every noise that comes from the outside seems to distract me.
Suddenly I realize that the Moon aligned with Venus in Virgo, in a few hours, begins this lunation that will reach its peak, when the Sun and the Moon meet in Libra at about 23 degrees. Today coincides with a very latin festivity of October 12th, which reminds us of the arrival of Christopher Colombus to the Americas, when he didn’t even know where he was, in 1492. In Catalunya, where I live, just to be different, they do not celebrate this, instead they call it the day of La virgen del Pilar, which in any case means that most people are not going to work and it is considered a holiday. I also remember that Venus loves “leisure”, and often makes us feel quite lazy, especially when she is in Taurus or Leo. Enjoyment, fun, getting others to do the work for Her, are all characteristics of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Venus uses her power of seduction to achieve what she wants, without remorse, with a smile. She represents the feminine creative power and she only enjoys doing what she loves to do and not what she is supposed to be doing, as expected by the other gods.
Looking at the debate of the American Vice-Presidents in their campaign for the upcoming elections, after the surprisingly poor performance of Barack Obama, before his opponent Romney, Joe Biden’s smile, clearly speaks of that Venus-Sun-Ascendant conjunction,on his natal chart. If you ever want to see a truly Venusian smile, look at Joe Biden’s video, especially the one of the vice presidential debate. It is a strong indicative in the charts of many politicians, which shake hands smiling, when the words of one to the other, do not reflect this lovely sentiment. But Venus in Libra speaks clearly about finding that middle point, where we can expose our point of view, listen to the views of the other and try to find a “more diplomatic agreement” possible, for the good of both parties. Libra hates disharmony, the screams, the discord. Libra feels compelled to find some kind of compromise, which offers more justice to the two parties.
This new moon in Libra picks at less than 9° orb with Saturn, fresh into Scorpio, forming a large trine with Ceres, Goddess of nourishment and Agriculture and to the conjunction Neptuno-Chiron, which evokes our fight to cure hunger in the world and the social inequalities that poison our feelings. Mars, from Sagittarius, forms a trine to Uranus in Aries, stimulating us even more to reclaim our independence from the “mental slavery” that Bob Marley speaks of, feeling re-enforced by a quincunx between Mercury in Scorpio and Jupiter in Gemini.
The recent investigation opened by the BBC regarding the sexual behaviour (Saturn in Scorpio) of one of their most popular presenter of the 70s and 80s, already dead, also comes to mind. Incredibly, more than 40 victims have appeared, asking for compensation from the BBE, for the wrong doing of this man called Jimmy Savile, who was also a great philanthropist and collaborated with many charitable organizations and particularly in hospitals, where it seems that his less than appropriate conduct, became most evident. The Saturnian karma haunts us even after death!
This new moon is calling for “diplomatic” solutions, since we already know that wars don’t solve the problems, only cause more hatred, more desolation, more injustice, aside of the costs to the economy of the different countries involved and more death of young soldiers and civilians in general. Even in cases such as the Arab spring, where it was apparently necessary the use of an armed response of the people, to rid themselves of these dictators with over 40 years of abuse of power. Yet, it would be good to reflect now, if really all that loss of life, and the pain that comes from that, was justified. Many are the victims of the war, even after they are finished, like Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old girl who is fighting for her life, after having been shot by the Taliban in the head, for daring to express in a blog, her opinion in the struggle for her rights to an education. And again, I ask myself, until when?
Juno, another asteroid which represents the female power, particularly within the marriage, it is next Mars in Sagittarius, for this lunation, forming an exact trine to Uranus, a square to Chiron, and opposition to Jupiter in Gemini, which seems to awaken a sense of women’s Liberation of the rigor of the sexism that is still so evident, in many cultures and reminding us of the importance to find that balance of masculine and feminine within us. The need to heal this ancient wound, is evident in our interior, in search of that balance, that affects our personal relationships.
One of the most important lessons of this lunation in the sign of Libra, is the search for that inner balance, so hard to find, unless we make peace with our past, with our family and cultural conditioning. Understanding the paternal “marriage” and our relationship to it is vital to achieve this task, so important in our development.
The cardinal signs once more are affected by this New Moon, especially for Cancer and Capricorn, whose physical and mental energy are at a low, particularly in the cases of people that find themselves doing something that does not express the evolving needs of the soul. A new impetus to improve our personal relationships is also an opportunity of this lunation.
Moments of reflection that are driven by Saturn in Scorpio and Moon that reaches its peak, a few hours before the conjunction with Saturn. Open closed doors, your mind and your soul, and let the energy flow, trusting, without fear.
Learning to “surrender” is another vital lesson of this new moon in Libra.

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