FULL MOON IN TAURUS with Venus entry into Libra – 0ctober 29th, 2012

The Full Moon of this month picking on the 28th and 29th, is a powerful lunation from the astrological point of view. A true night or should I say, nights, of “Halloween”. Both the Sun and the Moon contact the most powerful planets and greater transformers of our solar system. The opposition of these luminaires occurs at 2 ° 52′ of the Scorpio-Tauro angle. The Sun, therefore is in conjunction to Saturn at about 7 degrees of Scorpio, together they form a trine to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and a sextile to Pluto at 7 degrees of Capricorn. The moon in turn forms a trine with Pluto and a sextile to Chiron.

This combination of planets seems to remind us of the evolutionary times that we are living and the fact that there is no turning back. These are times when we really understand the true effect of the winds of Karma in our lives. Each one of our actions initiates a movement, an energy generating circumstances in our lives that are colored by our actions and decisions. At all times. And as in the case of Jimmy Savile in Great Britain, even after death. The extraordinary thing of this is that you there’s nowhere to hide. Wherever you are, you are part of the transformation taking place. We must confront ourselves and the result of our actions and decisions. We cannot blame anyone else for what happens in our lives. Time to grow up and accept responsibility for our lives, whatever age you are. And this does not mean only negative karma, but also the harvest of years of effort and dedication to something.

Scorpio and Saturn invite us to the inevitability of having to scratch the surface and delve into the depths of ourselves, to understand and above all things, to correct. With the Moon in trine Pluto, it becomes easier to see what is dying in our lives and let the change flow naturally, since preventing transformation brings us irrevocably closer to disease and decay. Like all our body cells are transformed continuously, our consciousness of it should be kept in touch with those biological changes and the inevitability of it. Something inside of us wants to change, but our fears of the unknown try to avoid it and that is when we start our descent into anguish and unhappiness. Emotional stability is an internal process and has little to do with having someone next to us forever or not. Both Scorpio and Pluto connect us with our inner power and with that part of ourselves that above all things wants to survive. For this to be possible, there are times when something must be “amputated”, like Liz Greene says, to be able to evolve. This lunation is one of those moments, when the NECESSITY is evident and we should respect IT in order to continue our evolution, not just as individuals, but as members of race and culture to which we belong. This Moon will also help us realise where we’ve fooled ourselves and the need to use our creativity and maturity, to escape from the situation in which we find ourselves.

This week we have seen Berlusconi be tried and although he’ll possibly never go to jail, in principle, has been given 4 years, of which apparently must do, one. The evidence on Jimmy Savile increases per day and many executives of the BBC and the Government, must answer many questions, curiously to the same people, who question Murdoch and Co. on the telephone hacking scandal, and once again may politicians in the highest positions of the British Government be involved in the cover up of it. In United States, a former Executive of the financial firm Goldman Sack, Rajat Gupta, it is also judged for passing undue information to avoid losses to another billionaire hedge fund and must spend 2 years behind bars and pay 5 million dollars fine. On Monday, an Italian court has sentenced six scientists and a government official to six years each in prison over the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake.
Prosecutors said they gave a falsely reassuring statement regarding the risk of an earthquake, just days before the 6.3 magnitude quake which destroyed the city and killed 309 people. Time of reckoning for many, even for those who we usually thinkare “untouchable”.

Venus enters Libra, once again, on the 28th in the early afternoon for Europe and is the ruler of this full moon in Taurus. We already know that the Goddess of Love, Seduction and Beauty in one of the signs that it rules, is an indispensable ingredient for our relationships and international relations. Venu has much to learn from Libra, who inspires us to patience, commitment, and the desire to find a middle ground and if possible to avoid the conflict. For those born with this position of Venus, justice is a priority in their lives. They are simply outraged by injustice, especially when they are young, the NECESSITY here, is to find that much-desired harmony and balance. It is almost the basis of their value system. I imagine tango dancers to have this position of Venus, since the experience of this dance is to become one with the dancing partner, yet keeping their personal charisma. I, personally see the influence of this sign in the campaign of the American elections, in the encounters between Romney and Obama. And do not think for a minute that they are far away from us, because whoever is President in that country, affects us all. The danger with Romney is that it is possible he’ll declare abortion illegal. Once again? How is it that men still feel they should have a voice in this matter? Since when men are in danger of becoming pregnant if they are raped? This Moon in Taurus, opposes the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, and it seems to be affecting the way I write, but with Mars in conjunction to Juno and Venus in square to Ceres, and this is definitely a lunation impregnated with female energy and power, and if there is something that women cannot afford at this point, is to go back in the achievements gained through years and centuries of female suffering.

On 3 November the Cancer Moon and Venus from Libra form a Grand Cross with the current Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries square. Staying calm could mean an effort, especially for the cardinal signs. Yet these are aspects that drive us to action and risk, with effects deeper and far more favorable than our expectations.

Let yourself go, let the energy flow with faith and enthusiasm. Don’t forget that the energy of the Universe is that of Love.
Having said that, the natural disasters happening on this week end, like the earthquake in the coast of Canada and hurricane Sandy are also examples of the power of the Full Moon.


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