Much has been written about the retrograde motion of this small planet that it takes about 88 days to go around the Sun. Therefore in one year it makes about 4 rounds to our star.
We already know that this retrograde motion that occurs about 3 or 4 times a year, does not mean that Mercury actually recoils, but that it is an optical illusion, we see from the Earth, each time that Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth and as a result of its faster motion around the Sun, than that of the Earth, which gives the impression of retreat, in degrees, for about 3 weeks. Since every time this happens, we pay attention to the events taking place in our lives and of those around us, we already know that a series of situations, that really have to do with communications, trade, proceedings of papers, etc, are affected, very often in a negative and also comical way each time that this phenomenon occurs.
Now we have another opportunity to see what will happens when Mercury turns retrograde, since on November 6th, it stations retrograde at about 4 degrees of Sagittarius. If you want to research on the events taking place during a Mercury retrograde, have a look in your chart what is being connected by this sign and degree, where Mercury stations retrograde . If you have planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or PISCES)aroundthese grades you can pay attention to what is happening now. Same goes for Aries and Leo. This cosmic event, often prompt us to RE-consider, RE-envision, RE-study, RE-think, a situation we have in our hands and requires our full attention. For example, if it contacts your planets in the second house, or its ruler, you might have to check your Bank statements, in search of some payments you have made in the past. If it aspects planets or in your third house, you might have to rethink your relationship with your sisters and brothers, or a neighbor, studies or postpone any travel or public speech. But of course, it is not always negative, since it is also possible that by RE- thinking the situation, you find a better solution or someone from the past appears to give you a better idea.
Often computers, mobile phones are lost or stop working and it is interesting to analyze, if it matches moments in our lives, when we need to disconnect. It may push us to analyze a situation more cautiously.
Whatever the story, what is true, is that only when Mercury finally resumes its direct motion, which will happen in this case, on November 26th, we’ll know what was the message of this retrograde of November.
On the 14th, Mercury RE-enters Scorpio and reverses to the 18º of this sign and it will not return to 4º of Sagittarius, where it first stationed retrograde, until December 14th, therefore we may have to wait until then to see this period truly over.
Sagittarius, represents our need for expansion to another mentality, to other lands, cultures, therefore has to do with long-distance travel, our contact with foreigners, or teachers who come from other abroad. Whereas, Scorpio, turns to the themes of shared finances, our debts, our most intimate relationships, our sexuality, our confrontation with death.
This retrograde also coincides with the United States’ elections, and the political campaign that has been slowed down by the disasters caused by Hurricane Sandy, that certainly favoured Obama, in this race to return to the Government of this huge country for another 4 years. Certainly for victims of this terrible storms, not only in the USA but also in the rest of the countries, affected by this natural disasters that coincided with this powerful full moon of October 29, it may mean a delay in the expected assistance. Let us hope not.
Do not forget to comment in this space on your adventures of this Mercury retrograde, so we can all benefit from it.
Good luck and happy Mercury retrograde!

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