images-2Here comes another year and we seem to have survived the famous 2012, full of fatalistic predictions of doom, from the mouth of those who have a hard time accepting , that NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, REALLY! But if we look at our lives, it is true that we can make some predictions, especially when we follow our intuition and our ancestral wisdom. When we connect with that knowledge we do not know how or why we have, but surprisingly we find ourselves in possession of it. With this in mind, I am NOT going to make predictions for 2013, but still… we can see, what holds for us this part of the Cosmos that we call our Solar System, this planetary conglomeration we call home.
We started the year with Saturn, having changed sign and moving into Scorpio from October 6th, ending the two and a half years of its transit through Libra. Curiously a lot of sex scandals have come to light, in England, with characters such as Jimmy Savile, a celebrity of the BBC, which has mobilized to a lot of important people, including politicians, managers of the BBC, and many more. Investigation of the scandal on “phone hacking” of some of the journalists of the most popular newspapers in the United Kingdom, reaches its end, with a very uncomfortable conclusion for British politicians, and above all for Rupert Murdock, the Tycoon head of an enormous Empire of the British press.
Strauss Kahn goes to civil court, finally, with the chambermaid of a hotel in New York, with whom he had a sexual encounter that he calls “consensual” and she calls “rape”, and whatever our opinion on these cases, there is a strong flavor of Saturn in Scorpio in most of them. As we know Saturn, represent our concept of institutions, characters from governmental institutions, etc, in the sign of Scorpio, speaks to us of our less elevated and secret desires, and confronts us with that part of our psyche, that we often hide from others, as it is our sexuality.
The case of Julián Assange also comes to my mind, who continues to be confined to the Ecuatorian Embassy in London, and many more that in my view, eloquently express this transit of Saturn through Scorpio. There will be much more than this, as a great number of television programs like CNN are making sure that they put their little grain of salt for the increasing awareness of the sex trafficking of children, and young women in the hands of organizations with very poor moral values. It seems amazing that we still haven’t dealt with these issues in a more serious fashion. How many more children and young women have to die for us to wake up to reality?
Squaring Uranus in Aries with Pluto in Capricorn, (if you’ve not read anything about it looks http://astrologiaarquetipica.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/la-cuadratura-de-urano-pluton-para-cada-signo/ a:), continues and returns to form exact on May 20 at approximately 11 degrees from Aries-Capricornio and then on November 1 at about 9 degrees. This is the planetary aspect that more connects us with the concept of. “As well as up, also down”, which is actually the same thing which we find in the Lord’s prayer: “.. .”There will make your will as well on Earth as in Heaven”. The individual and collective struggle to liberate us (Uranus), with all our strength (in Aries) (Capricorn) institutions that need to be “amputated” (Pluto), so that can evolve and progress to the next stage. In the analysis that follows I try to put a bit of perspective of how this cosmic intention is expressed in each sign.
Fortunately Neptune, for the first and the only time in our lives, in the sign of PISCES, travels hand in hand with Chiron, perhaps sending the message that healing will come when we acknowledge that despite our differences, we are all ONE and the struggles for survival and justice are common to all. That every child who dies of hunger on this planet, every girl is forced into prostitution, each child we do not educate, is the responsibility of US ALL. There is food for everyone on this planet and still doesn’t get to all people, the mere fact that these injustices still occur, remind us of the greed of some, the little organization we have with respect to these issues and remind us of the enormity of the task at hand from now on. If we want to clean up this mess in which are involved if we want to evolve as a race of people we must operate together. Nobody is responsible for the culture that one is born in , yet we have a choice when we become adults to decide what we like, where we want to live, by who’s moral values we want to abide. The child who was born in a Muslim or Jewish or Catholic or Buddhist, environment, is not responsible of it (Even though spiritually we’d assume that we choose our destination, when the child is born, it does not feels like that)
Jupiter is still in Gemini until June, benefiting and motivating air signs, and the signs of the mutable Cross (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PISCES). Then it enters Cancer, giving a break to the signs of water, mainly to Cancer and enriching the possibilities of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)who are still being summoned by the square between Uranus and Pluto.
Above all, remember that everything passes, nothing is static, and that we continue on this path of evolution and even if we want to stop time, sometimes, when things are going very well, we cannot, but equally, when things are not going so well, time does not stop and everything continues to change and evolve. Good times always arrive after a while and difficult times also, ultimately, we must understand that nothing is wrong or bad. ALL and everything, is positive in the end, if we learn the lessons.

The warriors of the Zodiac have to celebrate on one side the fact that Saturn has gone from Libra, its opposite sign that caused so many confrontations on the personal relationships of this sign, for more than two years, but now it seems that in 2013, attention passes to the financial situation and above all everything what has to do with shared finances, saved money, debts, inheritances, loans, mortgages, pensions, etc. Saturn will transit the House 8 of Aries, which simply means that the air of Karma, fly in that direction. Do not think about Saturn, only as a negative influence, since that is not so, this God can bring us marriage, children, stable and long term love affairs, monetary rewards also. Personal Karma and the actions and decisions of the past, especially those taken, 7-14-21-28 years ago, are the decisive factor in these aspects. Those born between the 28th of March and the 3rd of April, continues especially affected by the Uranus and Pluto square, which evokes that struggle to liberate oneself of old values, old systems, old relationships, old jobs, situations that no longer serve, professions that no longer inspire us. Although this is not an easy process, it is enriching and stimulating, if we know how to take advantage of the lessons.
Jupiter from Gemini, will help improve relations with brothers and sisters, neighbors and classmates. It is also excellent to advertise one’s work, to take short trips, and especially positive at the mental level. If you write this it is a good time to do this, for example to start a personal blog.
In the second half of March and the first half of April, Mars, the natural ruler of Aries, will move into this sign, therefore on March 23-24-25 will activate the Urano-Pluto square, once more, precipitating changes and ruptures of everything that prevents us from growing and evolving. July and August will also be exciting months, full of events that will force Arie to decide on important and pivotal issues. Travel and studies benefit from this too..
Starting in July, with the entrance of Jupiter in Cancer, the possibilities and opportunities are precipitated and the theme will be, how to recognize them and cease them and take advantage of them. Excess and going over the top is the danger with this aspect, but there is a chance to truly expand one’s horizons. A change of home or redecorating and fixing of the current one is another possibility as it is to go and live abroad, especially if you are young.
Aries is ruled by Mars, Ares in Greek mythology. The lesson here is that one does not need to fight for everything in life, there are certain things that just flow naturally , come without effort and this is one of the great lessons of this sign. Aries like the god Ares, loves so much the fight, that many times forgets who he is fighting against and combats his own companions. Discussions are for Aries, the daily bread and butter and challenging situations too. They truly feel they must fight for everything, but unfortunately, quite often, companions get tired and abandon the fight. It is important to be aware of this and remember that there are people who function differently. We are not all equal.
Chiron and Neptune continue to operate from the 12th house, connecting Aries more than ever with the ancestral knowledge and wisdom passed through the different generations that form your generational tree, as a shaman would say: “with the voices of your ancestors”. So meditate and listen, since great secrets will be revealed to you from the depths of your psyche. This is particularly interesting, since in this next year, perhaps the most important lesson is to realize, that the values, cultural conditioning, which so far has ruled your life, now feels like a cage from which one must escape, to be able to break with old concepts that no longer enrich your life but rather limit it.
This can be a challenging but successful year if you know how to comprehend the karmic lessons coming from the Cosmos.

Taurus has been since 2008, undergoing a profound transformation, with the arrival of Pluto to Capricorn. It has been “suffering” the changes, because this first Earth sign, is not much given to changes. If things could be always the same, Taurus would be happy. But fortunately, that is not the case, and the only thing that we can count on safely, is with the fact that everything changes constantly. Changes lead us to renewal and transformation, both processes, necessary for our evolution.
This year begins with Jupiter in Gemini, which benefits Taurus at the monetary level, attracting more possibilities to make money. Starting in July, the need for training in order to promote more personal work will become apparent. Short trips will be or continue to be an incentive for the profession. On April 25 there is a full moon in Scorpio, which is also a partial lunar eclipse, which will bring some kind of questioning to certain financial associations that Taurus might be involved in . On May 10th, the new moon in Taurus will also be an annular solar eclipse , which coincides with Venus leaving Taurus, after 19 days sweetening their lives. The solar eclipse also coincides with mercury and Mars in Taurus, therefore the confrontations can reach its most eloquent point.
2013 begins with a Saturn well-established in the opposite sign of Scorpio. Time of re-structuring, hard work and a lot of consciousness. Personal relationships will reach a point of no return. Both marriage and breakings are possible. Relationships which have begun 7-14-21 or 28 years earlier, will suffer the biggest challenge, but it is essential not to think in negative terms, as this planet, so limiting and hard, at times forces us to awareness and therefore, to true freedom of the soul. Even though, is true, that Saturn being Cronus in Greek mythology, is also called the Lord of Karma or God of Time, specifically of our time on Earth, in this incarnation, therefore, its largest mission is forcing us to the recognition that we have only certain time left. How much we have, what we’ve done with the time spent, what we need to do, are all questions that arise, each time that this planet, enlightens us with its light and its energies. It also helps us see clearly the path to follow, and however hard it seems, at times, it helps us grow, like no other.
On November 3, there will be another hybrid Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, which means that a part of the eclipse is partial and another total. A phenomenon given due to the curvature of the Earth and the modality of the path of the eclipse. The eclipsed new moon, connected with Saturn in Scorpio on November 3rd and the full Moon on November 17th in Taurus, may suddenly be particularly tense and decisive for Taurus, full of important events which may give definition to the whole year.
In general, this year, marked by the transit of Saturn, with the help of Pluto from Capricorn, may be one of the most important years of this sign, whatever your age.

Gemini starts the year with Jupiter in its own sign, opening doors to expansion and great possibilities. Still the opportunities must be recognized and helped to become a reality or they can pass us by without us noticing. The work remains the challenge for Gemini, which must understand that it is possible to combine variety, with stability in a job. If you are in sales or you are a teacher or a professor, the variety is included in the work. One of the major problems of this sign is that you get bored quickly, therefore it is essential to incorporate the variety of people, and projects within the same daily work.
May is a pleasant and active month for this sign, as Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter will transit through it, especially in the second half of the month. Use these energies to connect with new people and open possibilities for work and expansion even within the same line of work. Venus conjuncts Jupiter on May 27-28-29 days, event also formed in June 2012, but that will not happen again until July 2036. They will briefly meet in May 2024, but not exact as it will be on May 2013. Before June 2012, it had not happened exact, in this sign, since May of 1989. Therefore it is a fairly rare and positive event for Gemini. Some people think that it was a Venus-jupiter conjunction, the star that lit up the 3 Kings Journey towards birth of Christ.
During June, Mars will walk through Gemini, almost in hand with Jupiter, infusing an extra burst of energy to start projects and finish others. Although the conjunction between Mars and Jupiter does not form exact, the influence of these two energies in Gemini, will be felt in the life of the twins of the Zodiac, with lots of positive and optimistic energy. Good time to get to new adventures. The need to keep our feet on the ground will be enormous, to avoid excesses and too hasty decision-making.
Power struggles with regard to money within the relationship, family, partners or official entities, debts, will continue, while Pluto remains in Capricorn and in the area of the 8 house. These are important lessons to be learnt, about the fact that one can not lose what is not ours, for starters. All money that you did not make with your own effort, but to which you have access for one reason or another, also has its price. This global financial crisis, particularly applies to Gemini, in the sense that this sign fins it difficult to save, and maintain stable jobs, for their own need of constant change. This does not mean that Gemini people cannot reach a financial stability in their lives, but simply that this is a challenging issue, where Gemini learns many fundamental lessons for the development of their soul.
Finally, with Neptune and Chiron traveling together now in the area of one’s profession and career, the creative element is fundamental to Gemini now. Neptune will teach Gemini to operate a little bit more from intuition than from the mind, so that we may learn to trust our inner knowledge.


This sign has been confronted since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, forcing it to change and to learn to live without any financial security. Fortunately, this first sign of water of the Zodiac, is also a Cardinal sign, quality that receives changes with open arms, often unconsciously. The T-square between Saturn in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto, in the summer of 2010, forced Cancer to the confrontation of one’s limitations and the possibility of re-invention. The transit of Saturn through Libra of the past 2 and a half years, reminded this sign of the Crab, of the consequences of decisions taken in the past, perhaps to lightly, or perhaps because of lack of experience, but that nevertheless, does not escape the winds of Karma. Saturn has the ability to confront us with the absolute reality of our lives, so that we don’t only live in the imagination, so rich in this sign. Despite this period so hard, that it has forced many Cancer to re – locate, re – structure, to meditate on what does really means “loss”, since may cancerians have lost one of both of their parents, money, profession, values, appreciated and admired in the past.
Things continue to change, above all, for those born on the second ten days of the sign, since the Urano-Pluto square will be exact again, at about 11º of Aries-Capricorn respectively, on May 20-21, and once again in November at about 9 degrees. The intense struggle for the liberation from certain conditioning, being familiar of cultural, which were once a secure container but have now become a prison, are issues to be solved by this group of people. For those who do not know what this square is all about, go to: http://www.astrologiaarquetipica.com/2012/07/27/the-uranus-pluto-square-sign-by-sign/
The first decan of this sign already enjoys the trine by Saturn transiting through Scorpio, what will be a blessing for Cancer. Saturn by trine is the moment when Karma gives back the result of the efforts made in the past. It will be the opportunity to express themselves creatively, but in a concrete and financially viable way . The decision of which road to follow creatively, will come effortlessly this time, giving Cancer the opportunity of reaping what was sown through the years.
Jupiter joins Cancer on 26 June, where it will stay until July 16, 2014. Although the conjunction between these two planets does not occur in Cancer this time, Venus will be transiting Cancer in June and leave it to enter Leo just as Jupiter makes its entry. Those who travel for work, will find themselves traveling even more, opening opportunities to connect with other cultures and expand the soul to levels beyond the mental understanding. Jupiter connects to Saturn and Neptune in Pisces forming a Grand Trine at the beginning of July, which will give Cancer the possibility to express themselves without effort, above all to reminding this sign that sometimes it is better to let things flow rather than control everything.
This is a decisive year for Cancer in many respects, with changes and interesting proposals, which will energize the Crabs that are used to walk sideways,giving them a push forward, which sometimes will be difficult to keep control of. Neptune which begins its transit through Pisces together with Saturn in Scorpio, will induce Cancer to philanthropic and spiritual paths. Spirituality becomes a real experience for Cancerians.

This sign ruled by the Sun, begins the year with Saturn in Scorpio forming a square, especially to those born in the first ten days of the sign, which turns the winds of personal Karma. Even though Confucio said, that high and illuminated souls rise above them, I have not known any person who does not suffer and benefits from the Saturnian experience. As my friend Antonio Polito, says: These are times of Tears-Sweat and Smiles. In that order.The transits of Saturn always end smiling, when we understand in depth the lesson to be learned, as defining moments in our lives. Saturn brings more accountability to the table, often a family member, like one of the parents becomes a burden or a greater responsibility. The need to adjust the financial belt continues, although in the first half of the year up to June, with Jupiter in Gemini, there are possibilities of sharing creativity with people from other cultures and/or other nationalities. The number of foreign friends seems to grow. Starting in June, with the Jupiter entry into Cancer, the need for a spiritual retreat will be necessary to recover lost energy and mental health, due to obligations toward others.
Changes continue at work for Leo, and the need to rid oneself of small power struggles with other classmates or other fellow workers grows, especially in the month of May and November, when the two eclipses of Sun and Moon in Taurus and Scorpio, pushes Leos to stress and awareness, due to the realization of the need of putting limits, necessary to avoid that people take advantage of Leo’s natural generosity. Leo is an extremely generous sign and loyal to its friends, but when he decides to put an end to something, they do it, but not free of pain.
Uranus from the 9th House of education and teaching, the House of long-distance travel, studies and multicultural projects, religion, politics, law, universities. Global projects with people from other cultures, idiosyncrasies and languages, will enrich the life of the Leo. This is also an ideal time to go back to school or study via the Internet.
January adds more energies to personal relationships, sometimes so much, that it will be difficult to control and the discussions seem to increase, with the entrance of Mars into the opposite sign, of Aquarius.
The slope of February can be hard to Leo in the financial aspect, when entries do not equate the outputs of money, causing an unwanted stress. Still stimuli will appear to come from the work itself. For those Leos which are not defined in your profession, the struggle between the professional definition and escaping the routine by training in other fields, will be a modality of this year.
September could be a crucial month also, with the entrance of Mars in Leo, throughout the month and until October 14, connecting with Saturn in Scorpio between the 7-8 and 9 September. Intense days with issues that come to the boil and being forced to resolutions. The Martian energy enriches Leo, adding that “je ne sais quoi” that increases the natural “charm” of Leo, to the maximum.
The lesson from this year, tolerance and acceptance of what is different.
For the Virgoes of the first decan , things don’t seem as clear as usual. An unknown and mysterious force, represented by Neptune in Pisces, leads Virgo to abandon that control and perfectionism, to try more spontaneous and creative ways of being. Neptune will be in Pisces, opposing Virgo until 2025, transit that happens for the first and only time for all those who are alive today, since Neptune takes 165 years to go around the Sun, therefore, no human ever experiences the return of Neptune in the birthchart.
The oppositions of Neptune, once they have passed, are remembered as moments of much confusion, creative necessity and enhanced spirituality, that can lead to loss of psychic and physical control in the form of psychotic experiences and mysterious illnesses. Great difficulty in assimilating reality, whatever the case. While they last, they can be periods of our lives connected to another type of reality, where the Saturnian sense of reality like human laws, financial and family responsibilities, seem to lose importance, to give rise to other values, more enriching at a spiritual level . Conversion to a religion is also possible. The need to help the more unfortunate also intensifies, becoming part of an NGO, is possible, as it is the abuse of alcohol or drugs, even prescribed ones.
The need to express themselves creatively increases considerably, and for those who were born with the Sun in conjunction to Venus in Virgo, falling in love, is a strong possibility, but also, the emerging of a new part of the psyche that seems more interested in creativity and spiritual matters. People who need our help seem to appear out of nowhere at this time.
The freedom from the economic dependence of a family member or parent, is also the theme of the year, with the square between Urano-pluton affecting the 8th and 4th, respectively, of the Virgo horoscope. It can also be the husband or wife, or partner’s money that one becomes free of.
Virgo also begins the year with Jupiter in Gemini, which stimulates the progress and the ambition to progress professionally, travel for work or connection with foreign people through profession, but above all, induces Virgo to open doors beyond the neighborhood, beyond what is known.
The sextil Saturn from Scorpio, increases Virgo’s conviction and it provides the energy needed to do what he intends to, despite how difficult the project may be.

The beginning of the year for Libra seems a good prospect, as the influence of Jupiter in Gemini, injects this sign with immense enthusiasm and optimism encouraging them to make the necessary changes to be able to continue to make progress in life. Travel and studies take up a good part of the day, but Libra knows, that underneath, there is a current of change that has not been completed yet.
Being Libra another cardinal sign, continues to be influenced by the square formed by Uranus – Pluto in an important and dramatic way. And I say dramatic, for the intensity of it and not as a synonym of catastrophe. Otherwise, like Aries and Cancer, Libra celebrates the departure of Saturn from its own sign, where it was for the past two and a half years, which were filled with limitations, liabilities and nuisance, but also of great personal satisfaction for some. The second decan of this sign, is still in the liberation struggle from relationships that no longer work, which limit more than help grow. Situations at home, call loudly for radical changes. The departure of the children, is a possibility, either to form their own families or going in Erasmus to other countries, which give sufficient freedom to Libra to begin a new stage in the lives.
Jupiter will be in Gemini until June 2013, and then will enter the zone of the chart relative to our professional and social image. Professional progress will be to the most important thing in the second half of the year, responding to the needs expressed by Saturn in Scorpio, which confronts Libra with the importance of financial security and the immensity of this. The eclipses of May and November may bring a need for defining one’s own sense of security in a financial sense as well as spiritually.
Opportunities to grow, to study and embark in some kind of vocational training, can greatly enrich the life of Libra, in this next year. The possibilities in this respect are particularly strong until the end of June.
Health can be the weak point of this year, it is advisable to have a good check-up and perhaps venturing to alternative medicine as prevention of any imbalance in the body. February is particularly sensitive to this, perhaps due to stress at work or responsibilities overload.
For many Librans the worst has already passed and now they can apply to their lives, what they learned in these past two years. For others the greatest changes are about to happen, it is important to stay calm and deeply understand the importance of farewells and changes in order to grow and continue with the teachings that the soul needs.

For the first time in nearly 30 years, Saturn has come to Scorpio, therefore for many it is the first experience of this planet in your sign, as it was for Libra in the past two and a half years. What is essential is to befriend this energy so important in our lives. Saturn makes us grow more than any other planet, reminding us of our responsibilities and obligations. Definitely it is not a fun moment full of shallowness, this doesn’t work under the Saturnian energies. On the contrary, it is a very serious moment, full of confrontation with the important things in our lives. The short way and trying to escape responsibilities, useless now. What is being asked of Scorpio in the next two years and a half, is the absolute confrontation with reality and the taking of responsibility in our relationships, in our journey towards our own development in general. If you are studying this is an ideal time, because Saturn relates perfectly and supports strongly,any serious project, which demand hard work and responsibility, and if you do what you have to do, without cheating, the rewards will be enormous. These are moments of Tears, Sweat and Smiles, in that order, said Antonio Polito, an astrologer friend. I always think of the image of having a policeman at the fron door of the house and every time that you open it to exit, it reminds you what you should do. At all times, without exception.
January is a particularly delicate month for relationships with children, if you have them, with the passage of Mars through Aquarium, where the confrontation of egoes, can be strong. One of the big lessons here is, that we cannot force anyone to do what we want them to do, or to love us. But above all, the recognition that all earthly experiences are temporary and that once the lessons that the soul needs to evolve are learned, we must let go of things and people that no longer play a role in our lives. Love deeply, without expecting to stay together forever. Love without the fear of being abandoned. This is a particularly difficult one for Scorpio.
Eclipses of the month of May and November will particularly affect Scorpio, being those months key moments for awareness and growth, either by the confrontation with loved ones or the simple recognition of our own responsibility in the situation or predicament we find ourselves in. Victimization does not work with Saturn. Consciousness and hard word do.
The Uranus – Pluto square is also promoting change of values and mental concepts of the Scorpio, providing opportunities for real growth. “Freelance” still the best choice of work for many, with an apparent instability, which would enrich the creative capacity of this sign. The first part of the year, can be full of financial support, from relatives or companies and starting in June, possibilities for own personal expansion are countless. Jupiter from Cancer will bring many opportunities for progress to Scorpio. This can be one of the most important years in the life of many Scorpians.

With Jupiter in Gemini until June, the beginning of the year for Sagittarius, promises great opportunities for creative liberation and professional expansion. The need for creative freedom will be more intense than ever, although financial security could be threatened. Even so, finance does not present a bad picture, since with the passage of Jupiter in Gemini to Cancer in June, financial support may come from official entities, family business, inheritance, etc. It is important to keep this in mind if you preparing a project for which you need official help. If you don’t ask you won’t get.
Unexpected support can come from young people, perhaps students if you are a teacher or eve from your own children if you are a father or mother. Separation from the children is also on the horizon for many, with the subsequent conclusion of one of the most important periods of the life of any normal human being.
Saturn from the 12th House points to awareness of our connection with our ancestors and the weight of our cultural conditioning, the awareness that perhaps we are all much less freer than we thought we were. Personal relationships with foreigners and people from other cultures are the best source of learning . Understanding that we are more manipulated than we believe, helps us to liberate ourselves, oddly enough, since it allows us, to take decisions based on what we feel and want, rather than doing what we are suppose to do, to be in harmony with the herd.
This is a good year for the recognition of our inner enemies, perhaps facing up to the fact of the need to do some kind of therapy, to throw light on the underworld of our psyche. Family constellations and/or meditation would be a good choice for Sagittarius in this year.
February could be particularly challenging, because nothing will seem clear and will be difficult to point the arrow in the proper direction. Irritability and restlessness are possible. Mercury will have its first retrograde of the year on this month from 19 º Pisces to 5º Pisces, what will add more restlessness to the Centaurs.
March begins with 5 planets in Pisces which is never easy for Sag, you may have to take care of a family member, or a situation at home , which does not particularly appeals to you. Even so, Uranus from Aries, is still whispering freedom!, freedom! in the ears of the Sagittarius and providing many opportunities for creative and exciting, adventures that will keep the Sagittarian spirit on a high .
June brings even more opportunities for adventure and perhaps the expansion of one’s horizons by the encounter with new and stimulating people that will truly inspire you. Beware of this if you have a steady partner, as it may cause some uneasiness on the other. August and September, will be months of great satisfaction, which can give meaning to the whole year. Beware the excesses.

Like Aries, Cancer and Libra, Capricorn climbed on a roller coaster period, since the beginning of 2008, intensified in the summer of 2010 and for many goats it has not reached destination yet. The transformation is such that when we looks back, is difficult to recognize where we were and what we thought before now.
This year represents another chapter in this process of transformation. The Capricornians of the second decan, are those who are most shaken this year, when Uranus and Pluto meet in exact square twice more, of the 7th encounter that occur between 2011 and 2015.
The need for absolute freedom of action collides with the innate need for stability and structure of Capricorn. How to recover individuality and independence, without feeling completely outside of the society that surrounds us?
With Saturn in the 11 house of groups and community, this struggle can be expressed in the cry of freedom of the group which you belong to, from an apparent oppressor. Local activism, flows in your veins in this year, and the cry for independence becomes you.
If we continue identifying ourselves with a group in particular, with a race, a religion, a nationality, a culture, before recognizing and respecting our needs as individuals, then independence is not possible. Although we can not stop being who we are, we must recognize that the place of birth and our family descendants, is not so one-sided as we believe. In the majority of us there is mixed blood of more than one race, more than one religion, of more than one nationality, and how can we separate those parts of ourselves, those ancestral memories form our psyche?
With Jupiter in Gemini until June 2013, work is still flowing, and the possibilities for expansion too. But in June, Jupiter eventually enters Cancer where it will be until July 2014. Relations then have a chance of improvement, since the Capricornios will be more open minded and willing, to reconciliation.
March can be particularly hard, with the passage of Mars in Aries and igniting the Urano-Pluto square. The awareness of our personal baggage and limitations, is indispensable to avoid large confrontations with members of the family. This aspects tend to mobilize the internal contradictions and the result is that we end up projecting one side of our inner conflict onto others, in order to resolve our own contradictions. Capricorn has to continue with hope, as it does naturally. One of the most wonderful qualities of this sign is that they recognize life as the roller coaster that it is, and understand that the ride is never free.
This sign starts the year with Mars, the planet that represents our inner Warrior, at 5 degrees of Aquarius, so we can safely say that the year begins with a “bang!” or a “pam!”, if you prefer. This planet’s energy is what is needed to start a new year, full of optimism, willingness to fight for what we want and to new beginnings.
Jupiter in Gemini, something that will not happen again for another 12 years, form a trine to this Mars in Aquarius. It would be impossible to imagine a better combination. The innate optimism of these two planets in combination can be unstoppable! But… Saturn from Scorpio, provides the necessary brakes for all this boundless energy, so that it is contained in some way and a little more controlled. In everyday life, this can be the Aquarian child, full of energy that wants to try everything without considering the consequences, as for example, fingers in plugs. But there are Dad or MOM (Saturn) controlling what they do. This translated into the lives of adults, manifests itself in always having someone by your side that plays the role of Saturn, to help you control the extraordinary energy of Marte-jupiter in combination. It’s an interesting process for Aquarians to discover who plays the role of Saturn in their lives as an expression of their own psyche. Therefore we should be careful of not judging those people who seem to be stopping us from going over the top. They simply play a role that our psyche needs. This situation can also manifest as the experience having all the talents, ideas and motivation necessary, but for some reason, feeling extremely incapable of carrying out the project at hand.
Mars gets out of this aspect in February, when it enters Pisces and the second House of Aquarius, to meet with Neptune and Chiron, stimulating the need to embark on the search for that dream they so badly want to be able express their creativity and their spiritual needs that include understanding the real journey of the inner hero in Aquarius. Where are we going? What are we doing what we are doing for?
The Urano-Pluto square confrontsAquarius with the need to free themselves from their cultural conditioning to be able to think and act as an individual and not as a cultural puppet. The single concept of Cultural puppet, is evident for Aquarius, now more than ever. Although everyone can love and identify with the culture we come from and appreciate the values instilled by it, sometimes is necessary to step out of it, in order to see and experience other points of view. We are part of a cultural fate, but we also have to deal with our personal fate, and without fulfilling the later, is difficult to feel any sense of accomplishment or happiness.
The Lunar and solar Eclipses of May and November activating the Taurus Scorpio angle and therefore re-enforcing the action of Saturn for Aquarius, could be decisive and eloquent months for this sign.
If things do not seem to go as you want at the professional level, think of the Saturnian formula of Tears-Sweat and Smile and concentrate on the last part because it will arrive for sure. Saturn never leaves you without the final gift.

PISCES has the incredible opportunity to live a moment, not all of us get to live, which is the experience of having the ruler of our sun sign, in this case, Neptune, in its own sign, something that happens for the first and only time in the history of all us who are alive today. The last time that Neptune was in its own sign, was in 1849, a few years after having been discovered in 1846. Therefore the first time that makes its return after having been discovered. What does all this mean? we don’t know, because we have not lived it before, but we are going to find out. We do know that when a planet is in its own sign, it acts in a more relaxed and comfortable way as we feel in our own home. It makes their influence be felt in a clear and convincing way, and being a collective planet, for the duration of this particular transit of Neptune around the Sun, it will affects not only the individual but also the collective, the human community in general.
One of the characteristics of this sign and itsruler Neptune is the need for redemption, so that we can bear the pain of being embodied, incarnated. Something which means a vital struggle for the majority of Pisceans. Have you noticed that Pisces people always complain about some physical pain, usually the feet, or their back? Incarnation does not seem to be the favorite state for this sign, unless they find a creative outlet that allows them to connect directly with Neptune and thus the Source and the Glory of creation. Pisces finds happiness on that bridge that allows you to cross from the real to the imaginary and return.
This year Pisces has discovered his passion for fighting for an ideal community and justice that they feel it escapes us all. 2013. Can be a profound resuscitation of the struggle for a cause that will give a sense of mission to your life.
With Jupiter in Gemini until the month of June, the ideals and the need to do very big things is a constant inspiration, the question is: “How?” The answer is probably: “an unwavering conviction and a sense of unwieldy mission”
Pisces starst a journey of reconciliation which will heal their soul and push them into directions they never even thought possible. This year Karma gives back. Learn to receive and accept.


2 comments on “2013 FOR ALL THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC

  1. Wow, that Taurus scope is way out ahead, talking about the eclipses for the year. You mentioned the Stellium in Scorpio during the Nov 3 solar eclipse, so I decided to look at the chart:


    That is really interesting. That stellium in Scorpio is all within 6 degrees. And it’s at the base of a Yod to Uranus.

    Then I checked out the May 10 eclipse, it is equally interesting, with the Taurus stellium just opposite where the Scorpio eclipse will happen. As a Taurus, this is making me a bit nervous.

    Now I’m going to have to check out the astronomy calculations. Am I correct in observing that solar eclipses always happen near the North or South Node?


    • No charles, you are not wrong. that is exactly how the nodes were discovered and understood. Precisely because the eclipses happen when the luminaries are close to the.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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