Here we are in the last Full Moon of the year 2012, and it falls in the sign of Cancer, the first water sign of the Zodiac, and symbol of the Great Mother and the myth of Eleusis. Cancer, among other things, represents the myth of the mother and the daughter, and the eternal struggle and separation between these two sides of the same coin.

All those with the Sun, the Moon or the Ascendant in Cancer live this eternal story of separation from Mother. In antiquity they only spoke of the mother and the daughter, when they referred to this myth, without giving a name to any of them. The archetype, was conceived as an only archetype consisting of two deities, they rarely made the difference if they were two gods or two goddesses, although everyone knew that it consisted of two female deities. Was Homer and before him, Pamphos, (according to Carl Kerenji) who first included the name of Persephone, as the name of the daughter, in a poem. Before that, when they referred to her, she was called the “Kore” or “the Maiden”. The name of Demeter (Ceres for the Romans), arose as well, as the “other” deity, older, therefore the image of the mother. The mother of the Earth, of the grain, of agriculture, of the daughter. The history of Eleusis, talks about a daughter who is “stolen” from her mother and then returned to her, only with a prior arrangement made between the God of the Underworld, Hades, (Pluto) and Demeter. The separation of the psyche of the mother, is the Fate of all Cancer, an inevitable journey for both Mother and Daughter.

This full moon, picks at about 7 ° of the angle Cancer-Capricorn, and therefore coincides with the Urano-Pluto square, since the Sun is in conjunction to Pluto which is now about 9 degrees of Capricorn and Juno, 3 ° of Cap. This constellation, including the Moon at 7 degrees of Cancer, form a T-square to Uranus, at about 4 degrees Aries 42′. Once again we find the theme of separation from the traditional. How to separate ourselves from that which gives us form and contains us? How to free ourselves from what we believe we need, to have some kind of order in our lives?. How do we separate or liberate ourselves of that, we worked so hard to maintain? Who will win, the strength of independence or tradition and the known order? How de we separate ourselves from mother? Perhaps the answer is a little in the middle. We only strive to make ourselves independent of what we believe different from us and maybe the solution lies in understanding that we are all one, and we can still operate independently of something bigger we belong to. That something that complements us, contain us, but without being absorbed by it, by that something which seems to want to govern us. we must respect the fact and the importance that both parties must exist for the maximum evolution for all parties. Whether the two parties are: mother-daughter, Republicans and Democrats, Spanish PP and PSOE, Professor and Students, Catalunya and Madrid, Big Companies and employees, etc.

We only have this illusion of the separation in order to learn faster, the different human possibilities. Everyone nourishes everyone. We all have something important and unique to contribute. We are ALL indispensable, and yet, nobody is. We are all the drops that form the ocean. No drops, no ocean, never mind how insignificant they seem to be.

With the asteroid Juno wrapped up in the full moon, by its conjunction to the Sun and Pluto, and opposition to the Moon, the theme of personal relationships, the power of the feminine, is a relevant topic for this lunation. Pallas Athena, at 26 degrees of PISCES, is also in a T-square to Mercury at 26º of Sagittarius, and Ceres to 24º of Gemini. By the way, if you go out to look at the sky now, you’ll see Jupiter, majestic next to the Moon, shining from Gemini. Vesta is located nearby, reminding us that the cry of the feminine, is heard deafening in human nature and we must respect it, to not awaken Lilith, or Medusa or Ereshkigal. The power of the dark side of the feminine is even more powerful and as in the case of Medusa, who turns to stone anyone who dares to look into her eyes. With only her own Reflection could her head be cut off, and avoid being petrified.

The mixture of these archetypes in a lunation and especially at the end of the year, a few days after the Solstice of winter and summer, reminds us that we must confron our own shadow, to grow, to recognize our own power, to be aware that there are things that should be changed, so that we can evolve, and let those the around us do their own evolution. Reclaiming our authority is another issue, as it is to learn to respect our chosen role, in the comedy/drama of our personal relationships. What role have we unconsciously accepted to play? are we getting tired of the role and calling for a change? We must accept that to make it happen, everything must change, not just a part. Nothing will be as it was and that’s OK. What does not change is destined to die.-In fact, everything is destined to die, including each one of us and we must also accept that. We must respect our own roles in our personal relationships, and understand that for the relationship to evolve, the roles of both parties must transform and evolve as well. While you are a mother, you’re mother and wife, or only mother, if you’re not with the father, but when the children leave, you’re not just mother any longer and that must also be respected.

Cancer, like most water signs, quickly learns that nothing remains the same for a long time, and if you’re one of those Cancer with much Leo in your chart or other fixed signs, then the fight for letting changes flow and keeping everything as it is, is exhausting. Change, always wins at the end and we must accept it or we are destined to die in life. We start to die, when change passes us by and we pretend that everything remains the same. Even if we don’t use Facebook or Twitter, we need to know what it is, or we have begun to die and disconnect from the changes that are happening. I give this example, only because that is very common. We cannot afford to ignore the changes and the advances of technology. But echoing this powerful Jupiter in Gemini, i feel we should be informed, to be able to continue to live life fully, instead of letting it pass us by.
Happy New Year to all of you from the bottom of my heart.

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