astro_245ast_429_lance_armstrong_2013118.40748.2574Lance Armstrong finally confesses about his lies and his dishonest fight for sporting perfection, in an interview very cleverly orchestrated by the very capable Ophra Winfrey.
I have to say before anything, that no one seems to have the time of birth of Armstrong, therefore in this birth chart we cannot consider the houses, nor the exact lunar position. Even so, this case is almost, astrological poetry.
What first meets the eye in this chart is the lack of Water and when this is clearly heard and seen in this interview, since the lack of emotion of his speech and lack of contact with their feelings are chilling, even when he confesses his more vile actions, as when he brought to trial people who were telling the truth, as the masseuse of his own team, Emma O’Reilly and Betsy Andreun the wife of Frankie Andreu, one of his teammates. The obsession with status and physical and sporting perfection, so characteristic of Virgo, with 5 planets in this sign, is evident in this man, who also survived testicular cancer. Recovering and returning to optimum physical condition, was the only important thing to him, all these years in the form of obsession. This is a very intelligent, yet cold and calculating man, with great difficulty in connecting with his own emotions. Ambitious and with a great need for power, yet, to the point that in his own words: “didn’t handle all this very well”. What a lesson!. “Hubris” again!. Certainly not the first human being and especially not the first man to get lost in the maelstrom of power, fame and money. At the end, it seems that we must learn and accept the fact that we are mere mortals and we can not aspire to more. When we do, the gods remind us of our condition.
The power of concentration and critical vision of Virgo are manifested in his amazing skill for scheming a plan that worked perfectly for all these years. Many people knew he was doped in training. Mercury in Virgo, and possibly the Moon, are the focal planets of a T-square to the conjunction Neptune-Jupiter in opposition to Saturn. The cheating, the doping is concerned with this aspect to Neptune and the fact that he was discovered, with the relentless Saturn and its confrontation with that side of his nature that will stop at nothing, in order to control his life and his destiny. It has been lying for almost 14 years when Saturn, was opposed from Taurus, the position it occupies today and formed a square to Mars, as now, with Saturn in Scorpio. IT was 7 Years ago exactly, when Saturn opposed Mars, that one of his companions, publicly stated that he was taking performance enhancing drugs and reaffirmed that it was Armstrong who initiated him in the process, confession that ended with his sporting aspirations, as they stripped him of his earned title.I wonder what will happen when Saturn returns to the conjunction with Armstrong’s Natal Mars in Aquarius, within 7 years. Will he be allowed back into the sport?,Will be both Armstrong and Frankie Andreu, be allowed to compete again?
Jupiter (that represents the international public) by transit, opposes himself and activates the opposition Neptuno-jupiter > Saturn, from Gemini, just when Armstrong decides it’s better to admit his lies to the world.
The Sun in this chart is in conjunction to Venus-Pluto, the strong need for power and the ability to manipulate of this configuration is evident here, as well as the ability to hide his true intentions, fact accentuated by the action of Neptune as part of the T-square in mutable signs. Once more with Venus and Pluto and/or Sun-Pluto the journey down to the Underworld is inevitable!.
If anyone has the time of birth of Lance Armstrong, from a reliable source such as your birth certificate, please share.



    • I am no sure about this. Joereyes. Iam sure he has lost a lot of money!!!! and he’s now left to explain to his children all this story. I truly don’t think he’s having a very good time. Many companies are out to sue him. so this is not the end for him.
      Thank you for sharing


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