The descent into hell for an extraordinary athlete that reached the Olympus only few month ago!astro_245ast_437_oscar_pistorius_2013215.61921.21048

Although we don’t have the time of birth, we are humbled by the hand of the Lord of Karma in the chart of this young man.
With Saturn going through all his planets in Scorpio, including Venus, Pluto and Mercury, for the first time since he was born as it prepares to its 1st Return, this man with an extraordinary will power to overcome his physical limitations and having succeeded at it, finds himself literally in hell, as Saturn passes over these planets getting ready for the beginning of his retrograde which starts on the 19th, and that will take him back over this stellium in Scorpio. Pluto, by transit, probably makes a quincunx to his Moon, although, without the time of birth is difficult to know exactly.
His progressed Sun begins a long conjunction to natal Juno, goddess that present us with the predicaments of maintaining a relationship in spite of infidelities and power struggles.
Jupiter by transit, also opposes natal Saturn, activating even more the archetype of encountering our own personal Karma and the result of our actions of the past.

‘He has descended into hell’: Oscar Pistorius ‘on suicide watch’ after being charged with girlfriend’s murder

16 Feb 2013 10:35
Police in South Africa are said to have concerns over the Paralympian’s mental state after he sobbed uncontrollably during his first court appearance

In tears: Pistorius weeps as he appears before judge
Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius has been placed on suicide watch after being accused of murdering his model girlfriend in cold blood.

Police in South Africa are said to have concerns over the Paralympian’s mental state after he sobbed uncontrollably during his first court appearance yesterday.

The 26-year-old is charged with shooting 30-year-old Reeva Steenkamp at his luxury home in the early hours of Valentine’s Day.

He was refused bail and is reportedly being monitored closely in his police cell amid fears he is struggling to cope with his emotions.

A source said: “Oscar feels as though he has descended into hell. He is absolutely devastated.”

During a preliminary hearing in Pretoria yesterday, the court heard Steenkamp was blasted four times – in the head, arm, waist and one bullet smashed through her fingers as she put her hand up to defend herself.

It was also revealed that, according to some reports, she was shot through the bathroom door.

Pistorius looked dazed and red-eyed as he entered the dingy and sweltering Court C from an adjoining cell at the Pretoria magistrates complex.

Tears: Pistorius wept uncontrollably throughout the court hearing

Shoulders heaving and tears streaming down his face, he cut a lonely figure – surrounded by a scrum of reporters, court staff and members of the public straining to get a glimpse of him.

Some who could not get inside pressed their faces to the windows of the courtroom door.

Pistorius, in a black suit, crumpled blue shirt and black tie with white stripes, sank deeper into his seat, hands pressed tight together as if in prayer.

The red-bricked room with its broken clock and faulty fluorescent lighting was a sharp contrast to the plush surroundings of his suburban home in the exclusive gated community of the Silver Lakes estate, where Reeva met her horrific death.

Pistorius did not speak an no plea was entered as a court official stated: “This is case number C13/255/13.

“It is the state versus Oscar Lennard Pistorius, arrested on one count of murder.”

Chief magistrate Desmond Nair asked: “Is the crown arguing pre-meditated murder?”

One of the prosecution team confirmed that they were.

Still Pistorius wept.

The 40-minute hearing had attracted unprecedented attention as crowds gathered to see the double amputee, born with no bones in his lower legs, who had become a symbol of hope and determination for millions around the world.

Scuffles erupted outside as people fought to get a better view.

Oscar Pistorius -1711471



  1. I’m just learning astrology so forgive me if I get it wrong. I believe transiting uranus is also pivital. Uranus is 150 degrees to both natal venus and pluto; uranus rules aquarius (his first house) indicating the personal nature of events, aries natural house is also the 1st reinforcing this; uranus is also square natal neptune in capricorn (capricorn’s natural house is the 10th also indicating his fall from grace). Uranus square neptune indicates drugs and alcohol. Uranus is also trine the moon in the 7th of relationships, indicating 7th house emotional upset and the moon also squares venus (both the moon and venus being aspected by uranus as well as pluto). Transiting Uranus being the planet of unexpected explosive events seems to influence a lot of the personal planets at this time. Also, on 28 Nov 12 there was a lunar eclipse in gemini 7degrees (his 5th house of love affairs; ruler mercury also sitting in scorpio on the MC in the 10th) which sits neatly between his venus/pluto at a 150 degree aspect (indicating endings (venus his sweetheart in a pluto fashion) and jupiter was conjuct this gemini position on valentines day triggering it. It appears to me that there was an explosive act caused by Transiting Uranus aspecting (150 degree) both pluto and venus which was triggered by transiting Saturn. Also of note is that if you look at Reeva’s chart she has Neptune at 26 degrees Sag and Pluto at 27 degrees libra which gives her midpoints as scoprio/taurus: Algol 26 degrees – a very bad position.


    • Thank you so much Helen! You are quite right!, i didn’t get into a deep analysis of his chart, since i wanted to publish quickly and plant a little seed for investigation and that’s just what happened!
      Thank you for sharing!


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