Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse – May 24-25, 2013

Eclipse Lunar en SagitarioThursday, April 25 was the first of three lunar eclipses in 2013, which was visible with greater precision in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

A lunar eclipse occurs when our satellite – in its monthly rotation around the Earth — passes into the shadow that projects our planet in space.

This phenomenon can only occur when the Moon is opposite to the Sun, in its full phase and when they are close to the Lunar Nodes. This one, was in the sign of Scorpio and was particularly strong by the opposition Mars-Saturn which were close to the Sun and the Moon, respectively. Boston bombs occurred a few days earlier and the collapse of the building in Bangladesh.

The Solar Eclipse takes place when there is a New Moon, near the nodes, the one on May 10th in the sign of Taurus brought us the release of the three teenagers from Cleveland, kidnapped by Ariel Castro almost 10 years ago.

The next weekend is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of this month, which is the one before the last lunar eclipse of the year, which occurs on October 18th.

For this one the Moon is at 4th Sag 08′ and the sun at 4º Gemini 08′ which encourages us in the search for truth, in search of experience vs. intellectual understanding.

Today while I was having breakfast, watching the news, I noticed that they are now starting to emerge videos on You Tube and Twitter, about what happened the night of April 19 when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, younger brother of the two Boston bombers and the last in being captured. It’s beginning to emerge the facts about the policeman shot dead in the stand off against the brothers, and the fact that it wasn’t the brothers who shot the serviceman but the Police. Neighbors at the event, took these videos from their homes and now they have published them, where it is clear that they were not the brothers but the same policemen who lost control in the middle of the excessive shooting. Also, videos of the atrocities occurring daily in Syria are coming to light, reminding us that we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes of the past and that our beliefs instead of freeing us they make us slaves. Instead of making us see other compatriots as simple human beings and brothers, we see them only as the enemy. The sad thing is that, they are neighbors or in many cases, members of the same family, as it is the case in almost all civil wars, as it happened in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century.-Now, more than 50 years will be needed, to heal these wounds being committed today. Two generations of people enslaved by hatred. This is the perfect example that when we are afraid or feel threatened, Pluto which in my view is the connection with the inner beast, overwhelmed our mind and the only important thing is to survive and morality disappears.

Ultimately, the truth always emerges, as Sagittarius teaches us. Eclipses are a good example of: “men proposes and God decides”. I would say: “we propose and the Gods decide”, which puts us one more face to face with the theme of “free will”.

Eclipses of the Sun or new moons initiate projects and situations or eclipses of Moon and full moons, bring, in many cases, resolution or at least, awareness. This eclipse activates the Mutable cross, which particularly affects those who have planets or the ascendant in the first 10 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and PISCES). It reminds us once again, that the key to our survival is the awareness that we are ONE. If we refuse to see this reality we will not survive, we will create wars and destroy the planet. If the Earth gets sick and dies, we die, we will end as a species. A simple sneeze from the Earth, as it is in the case of an earthquake, for example, and thousands die. The truth is knocking on our door is that we must not only find a solution to this global financial crisis, but instead a deep investigation on who we really are is needed to reinvent ourselves, in view that our current systems are collapsing and we need to find a new way of being.

Until when, i wonder, we will use public money to strengthen the arsenal of weapons, or continue nuclear tests in our seas, possibly causing earthquakes and tsunamis to neighbouring countries, as North Korea has just done. We must pay attention to the next few weeks and see what happens, in Japan or the coast of Hawaii, as it has already happened in the past, after these tests.

These are moments consciousness needs readjustment and we should express our opinion. Speak out, write, protest. We are the majority and in spite of the apparent power of the minorities, we are a bigger crowd of people.
Unfortunately this eclipse is in square to Neptune , and by this I don’t mean that Neptune is a bad planet, much less now that it receives the trine of Saturn and Ceres and Vesta. But Neptune doesn’t let us see things clearly. so while these energies are wonderful to express ourselves creatively, they are not so great to make important decisions. For this reason, it is better to wait. On the 21st, within the next 3 days, the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, becomes exact again. The third of the seven squares that these two planets will make between now and the end of the 2015. Issues that we have in our hands manifest themselves more clearly and we have no choice but to accept our situation and think carefully what should be done.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, still in Gemini, joins Mercury and Venus 3 days after the eclipse in the last 10 degrees of Gemini, forming a trine Juno in Aquarius. Perhaps another clear example that the truth, nowadays emerges through technology and social networks.This is a positive aspect, full of optimism and will help us find the light at the end of the tunnel, in search of the truth in our lives, our relationships, our profession and our place in the society in which we live.

Remember that even if don’t have the Sun or the Moon or the ascendant in Sagittarius, this angle Geminis-sagitario falls somewhere in your chart. It is there, where the answer you are looking for may be during this eclipse. If what emerges is conflict, is where pair should work find the harmony that your soul needs.

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