moon-in-zodiacal-sign-geminiYesterday we had the New Moon in Gemini, reaching its peak at 18:00, Barcelona time. A new moon at 18º in conjunction to Jupiter also in Gemini, in his tour through the last four degrees of this sign, before entering Cancer on the 26th. Airs of mental stimulation, renewal, optimism and expansion, all concepts that have to do with the majestic Jupiter.

A new moon in the element Air, at a time when we are all experiencing an extraordinary Grand Trine in the element of Water, formed by Venus (Cancer) – Neptune (Pisces) – Saturn (Scorpio). The Cosmos would seems to be willing us to understand our feelings, so that we can analyze them with a clarity of mind that allows us to take advantage of the richness of our instinctive knowledge. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is now traveling through Cancer reinforcing this message from the Cosmos. Three days later, Venus forms a square to Uranus (Aries) and an opposition to Pluto (Capricorn), thus becoming a cardinal-T-square’s apex. Many relationships come to an end, many emotional situations, not necessarily within personal relationships, find the possibility of putting a bit of geography between the two parties. Juno completes this feeling, as it forms a square to the two Lunar nodes, reminding us that in a relationship, power struggles are as intolerable as necessary. The ‘other’ helps us express “our” internal struggles, becoming the mirror we need to truly look at the whole of our personality. The problem starts when we allow ourselves to become victims of the situation, rather than acknowledging our responsibility in that war, as if we would like to remind ourselves that in the fight for psychic and spiritual survival, we get lost often in that pitched war between the sexes. Unfortunately many of us lose the North in this fight and we forget to look in the right direction. Pallas in conjunction to Mars and squaring Neptune might aggravate the need to blame the other, instead of looking within ourselves. It is important to remember that that person with whom we fight, is our emotional mirror, and also the fact that at some point, we fell in love him/her.

It is necessary to throw some light to relationship issues and this is a good opportunity. The new moon in Gemini, helps us put the necessary distance, be it physical or mental, so we can clearly see what is actually going on. Jupiter which is located next to the lunation adds his indomitable curiosity about what happens beyond our immediate environment, beyond our neighbourhood, enticing many to run away, leaving behind their emotional issues. As if that were possible! What is certain, is that distance, at times, is often required, to see with clarity. It is important to meditate and spend a moment of the day alone, separate from all that makes us confused, so that we can find the North once again.

Neptune in its retrograde motion from yesterday, on the eve of the lunation, returns to meet Saturn, on the 11th, in the second of three exact trines formed by these two planets, the first was on 10 October 2012 and the last will be on July 15 of this year. This aspect gives us the opportunity to find a way to realize our deepest dreams, in a real and earthly way. It also brings us closer to our ancestors with their loud and clear message. Allow yourself to dream and learn to listen and decipher your inner voice.

Jupiter leaves Gemini on June 25, and it will not return to this sign until May of 2024, therefore the natives of this sign, should aim accurately and go out in search of what they want for this new moon, and the time right after it, when the doors will be opened for this sign in a unique way. Other mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, also have doors opened waiting for them. Use your intuition to find that desired North. With Mars and Pallas also in this sign, the impulse to take risks, looking for new adventures will be undeniable. If you are a Gemini and have been working hard toward a goal, this is your great opportunity to reap the fruit of your efforts. will Nadal win the French Open? He is of course a Gemini.

For all signs, this is a time when we have the opportunity to check the immense power of communication in all its facets. If you do any Mercurian activities, such as communication, radio, trade, the post office, writing, etc, this is the moment you were waiting for. Don’t miss not taking advantage of it.

For a reading on the influence of this new moon in your individual chart, go to:


2 comments on “NEW MOON IN GEMINI – TODAY

  1. Just wondering Christina, does Mercury rule painting? I am an artist, that is why I ask. Thank you for your wonderful insights and blog! I enjoy these posts very much. :0)


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