Edward Snowden “on the run”

astro_245ast_209_edward_snowden_2013625.33299.3614Eric Francis Planet Waves, is who published the time of birth of Edward Snowden, E.F. says he bought the birth certificate, where of course, being American, has the time in which it was born.

Although we always have to be careful with this type of info, it is true that if we look at this birth chart, we realized that it describes this man and what he has done quite handsomely.

A double Gemini, with Sun-Mars-Node, Ascendant and Mercury all in the sign of the Great Communicator. The triple conjunction of the Node to the Sun and Mars in this sign, in the first House, speaks to us of a person that the need to communicate what he knows is stronger than everything else. Mars, is without doubt the Warrior and the Knight. The fact that everything is in opposition to Neptune, also reaffirms the fact that the ways of getting the information may be not very clear and with a strong sense of mission. The ruler of this chart is Mercury which is in the 12th house, of exile, confinement and family and ancestral secrets, in opposition to Jupiter and Uranus, which speaks loudly of his extraordinary intelligence, applied to his work (House 6), but reaffirm the fact that what has been published is a secret. Chiron and Vesta also in the 12th, intensify his Fate of confinement and loneliness as a vehicle for learning his most important lessons and soul purification.

Venus, is the ruler of House 12 and right now, by progression, is located in the House 4, activating the opposition Mercurio-Urano Jupiter, forming a T-square to it, which tells us of his current situation of having, unexpectedly, to keep secret his unstable (Uranus) home situation and at the international level(Jupiter). Since his natal Moon is in Scorpio, which is a good example of the secretive nature of this position , explains the fact that it is probably quite normal for him, to find himself having to keep secrets. Pallas is the 8 House in Capricorn, so the fight for the institutional secrets is a topic in its history karma. Saturn, the ruler of the House 8, is in conjunction to the natural ruler of this House, Pluto. They both forms a trine to his Sun-Mars-Node conjunction, which shows how these energies work, in the fate of a mere mortal, especially at this time when these two planets are in mutual reception, Saturn in the sign ruled by Pluto and Pluto in the sign ruled by Saturn.

Despite its dual nature (4 planets and Asc in Gemini), since surely Snowden should have signed an agreement of silence and secrecy, when he agreed to work for the Agency, and its subsequent decision to break that contract at the cost of his own freedom, speaks of a certain idealism and conviction that what he has done, it was what he “had” to do. Yet, the opposition to Neptune in house 7, also denotes that for sure, there’s much more than we know, wrapped in his decision to break his contract.

What is somewhat comical, is that Ecuador which is not known for its “freedom of press”, is to offer asylum to these people who are fighting for this same cause.

Please comment on your opinion about this birth chart. Thank you


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