LeonesenamoradosHere comes the new moon in Leo of the year, and like all lunations, with its particular characteristics that make it different from all the others.
Interestingly, as I write, I hear that the United States, closed several of their embassies, due to new threats of possible attacks from Al Qaeda, precisely when Jupiter reaches the same degrees, where it was when the fateful September 11. The first return of this huge planet to the point where it was then, for those terrifying attacks on the Twin Towers, when that powerful opposition of Saturno (structures, finances) in the sign of the Twins, Gemini, to Pluto in Sagittarius(our beliefs).At the same time, on the following day, on August 7th, Jupiter will make the first of three exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and on its way to form the first of the three squares to Uranus, on 21 August. Another event that re-enacts this square between Uranus and Pluto which we have been living with, for the last 3 years.
The spirit of independence, revolution and the desire to fight for our rights arises once again. Once more opportunity to have a good look at what should be eliminated and transformed to be able to evolve. One further push to disarm the structures that oppress us and prevent us from moving forward. All those who resist change or see it as a fad that will end soon, before everything goes back to the way it was before, is in for a shock. There is no turning back!. Everything that is moving away from our lives, will not return. It cannot be like before. But at the same time, Jupiter, continues being part of this incredible Grand Trine to Saturn and Neptune, therefore our compassion and the desire to help others, are still strong and they transform our life, filling it with love and forgiveness.
This new moon is in exact conjunction to Vesta, opposition to Juno and another conjunction to Ceres. The power of the feminine, will be felt. Meetings of women, like therapeutic encounters, like Family Constellations, give us the opportunity, to learn how to operate, from the depths of the female psyche, both in men and women. Vesta is the guardian of the divine fire in the home. Represents like no one else, the journey of Leo to find and express their creativity, or better said, to find the way to shine through their creativity. Leos, need to express themselves creatively more than most people, but most of all, they need to discover, connect with and express their own inner fire. Ceres adds his maternal dimension to this lunation and the relationship with children may become an enriching and exciting dimension . The need to understand how to feed our own inner fire is also the task of Ceres. Juno, shouts from the opposition, the need for equality within our personal relationships and above all, the importance to give space to one another, to nourish and express our own creativity. Living as a couple, does not mean sacrificing our individuality. Or it shouldn’t be. Pallas is in exact conjunction to Jupiter, his father in Greek mythology, remember?, she emerges from the head of his father Zeus, already grown and fully dressed as a Warrior. And a warrior she is. These two bodies together, oppose Pluto, and what a wonderful allegory of the full expression of the female power, not only from seduction, as Venus does, but from the intellect and wisdom. The face of Malala, the Afghan girl who was shoot by a Taliban, for fighting for the education of women in Pakistan, comes to mind. But of course, this planetary aspects can and will revolutionize the crowds, again, from now, up to the full moon in Aquarius on August 20.
This new moon in Leo is a splendid opportunity for all of us, to show with confidence, what we have learned to do and which allows us to express a part of our soul, and nothing else. The Sun and the Moon, also form a T-square to the Lunar nodes and a wide square toSaturn, which calls us to look within ourselves, especially those who still don’t know it, for that thing that allows us to express our heart and that sets us apart from others. Listen to your inner voice during these next few days and you will find the courage to believe, to have faith in yourself, and let it flow, whatever is in your heart, that is asking from the depths of you mind and soul, for expression. Dare to be you.


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