The New Moon in Virgo of September and Chiron


As is usually the case, in  September we have  the new moon in Virgo, each year, coinciding in the Northern Hemisphere, with the end of the holidays for many and the return to work and studies.  I can’t think of a better  time  to return to these type of activities than a new moon in Virgo! Every  lunation has its own characteristics and this one is no exception. It peaks  almost at an exact opposition to Chiron, the only immortal Centaur, who decides when to die and it does so by changing his immortality to save Prometheus. Chiron is an extraordinary figure, since  despite having suffered two great injustices in his life, the first being, the rejection of his mother, when she realizes that has given birth to a half man, half beast, (for which he had no blame whatsoever, since his parents, Saturn and Philyra, change themselves into horses to avoid being caught, in their sexual act, by Saturn’s wife, Rhea) and the subsequent abandonment by her. Then already adult, being wounded by his own disciple and friend, Hercules, wound that he could not heal, despite being an extraordinary healer for others. Yet, this Centaur, is no victim. In spite of  the injustices  committed against him,  he does not live his life as a victim. He even decides when and how to die. This extraordinary mythical character, who represents a small asteroid that has its orbit between Saturn and Uranus, between the limits of human existence (Saturn) and our projection towards the universe and understanding of our capabilities further than the boundaries of the human experience(Uranus), connects us with this intimate wound, that prevents us from moving forward, that compels us to limp through life, especially when it comes to show our best. Chiron works as a kind of bridge between the experience of  the limitations of the material world (Saturn) against the freedom of the spirit world and other intuited but unknown dimensions of our existence (Uranus and other outer planets). That is to say that we connect with this Centaur, the most civilized of all the Centaurs,  when we are called to the awareness of this connection between the extraordinary dimensions of Uranus that invites us to disconnect from emotions, feelings and physical realities, and the inevitable  discomfort of the saturnian reality  in our return to the  body, the emotions , family, work, etc. Chiron takes 50 years to go around  the Sun, so all those who are around this age, are on the one and only return from this asteroid in one lifetime, unless you live over a 100 years, and this gives us the opportunity to have a good look and the necessary recognition, to this aspect of our psyche, and at the same time a chance of heal. Only in the recognition,we find great peace and healing. Still, this is a process that needs time and work. So the return of Chiron in our birthchart, gives us the opportunity for redemption, of salvation. Great time to participate in a family constellation, if you’ve never done it. Chiron is a Grand Trine  to Jupiter and Saturn and the North Node of the Moon, which provides us with the necessary “Temperance” to decide which is the best course of action. This lunation forms a Sextile (60 °) to Jupiter in Cancer and a Grand trine to Pluto and the South node and also a quincux (150th) to Uranus, which suggests the opening of a door to a new dimension, as if a last good bye was the intention. A glance at what we know that we must leave behind, before crossing that door to the new, and an unexpected event will give us the last push in the new direction. If you are starting a project, this is a magnificent moment to do so, especially if you need great precision, analysis of the different possibilities, with an awake and critical mind allowing you to correct and elaborate on different ways of doing so. As I write this I think of the situation in Syria and the decision to bomb strategic locations in that country. Hopefully Obama will get back to his senses and decide to wait. For PISCES, especially, but also for Gemini and Sagittarius, this is a great encouragement and a decisive fact in this year, and for Capricorn and Taurus a good time to resume projects that have been delayed or postponed for reasons beyond them. Resume your work, with optimism and strength and meditate on the things that you must leave behind before the leap to the new. It is essential to say thank you and goodbye before departure to whatever or whomever you are leaving behind.

2 thoughts on “The New Moon in Virgo of September and Chiron

  1. Wow! Not only am I saying goodbye to my mother by laying her ashes to rest, but last week I had to relinquish a relationship that was not progressing. Pain and hurt, but yes, I am looking forward to a “new” life.


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