LIBRA NEW MOON today and tomorrow

SWe finally arrived at this new moon in Libra, which reactivates the current Uranus-Pluto square and also forms a square to Jupiter, so forming a Grand Cross cardinal, dynamic, which gives us one more opportunity to address issues of injustice in our lives and emotional situations we are struggling with and we have headlines like these:
“First hour of Tuesday, all public United States agencies, from le Department of Defense, through NASA, public museums, national parks, centers of research, to the White House and the Capitol itself, have begun to implement the plans to deal with the closure of the Government which came into effect last midnight to the inability of Democrats and Republicans to reach an agreement on the budget”.
I.e.: the closing of the Government of the United States, just because they cannot exercise the LIBRA’s principle par excellence which is sitting down to speak, in order to be able to agree on something. I only mention the situation in american politics, simply because it is the most obvious and known by all, rather than the local issues of smaller countries, but I invite you to share in this space, any local news that reflects this need to come to an agreement by two parties. As Saturn, Venus and the Lunar node in Scorpio continue for this lunation, the topics remain around issues of the use of public money, shared money, money from the husband/wife, child support in divorce, our debts, payment of taxes, inheritance, etc. i.e. themes of the 8th House and Scorpio.
One more opportunity to review what it really means finding an agreement in regards to custody of children, since for this New Moon, Mars is still in Leo and squares Venus in Scorpio (which is also the Ruler of this lunation in Libra), also, the right or not to inheritance, the right or not to pensions, and in the case of the United States the right to use public money to solve the famous “Obama Care”, that just means social security for all Americans, like France and Spain, and England and most European countries have.
But we must not forget the fact that Libra is traditionally ruled by Venus, the planet named after the goddess of Beauty, Seduction, Money and as you notice, I don’t use the term goddess of Love, since for me, Venus is not the goddess of Love. Or at least not of Love as most of us understand it: monogamous, faithful, devoted and patient love, or the love for our children. Venus in Scorpio has a particular experience in Sorpio that reminds us of Persefone or the modern version of her in the fiction character of Miss Anastasia Steel and her Hades, Christian Grey of the now so popular novel, “Fifty shades of Grey”. When you translate the title into Spanish, the inuendos that are reflected in its original title, are lost, and the fact that the name of the main character agrees with its irresistible gray eyes, an essential part of its charm, as well as the power, irresistible to a virgin, and his beauty and money, all themes Venus in Scorpio. Domination, submission, masochism, sexuality, etc. In the book they also sign an agreement (very Libra) before entering the world of Hades, which is what they do in their sexual journey. If you found this book in the last month, you now know why.It is curious to see, that the english actor who will play Christian Grey, gorgeous Charlie Hannam has the Sun in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra in his birthchart. Coincidence? Surely, he will play this role like no one else.
Fortunately, Saturn forms a trine to Chiron, so the issue of finding a solution to the deep wounds and the real reasons for our emotional imbalance, has a glorious chance of success. Searching in the depths of our psyche and the confrontation with our darker motives is undoubtedly one of the main themes of this lunation and absolutely vital to find a just settlement to the involved parties. Good time to put all the cards on the table and try to find a compromise, which will benefit all those involved.
This new moon in Libra is directly and almost exactly opposite Uranus, therefore unexpected events arising from a situation that is already on the table are expected, and as I am writing the terrible accident on the coast of Italy, where more than 300 immigrants have lost their life in the saddest of circumstances, remind us of the power of Pluto and Uranus. In short, an opportunity to solve current issues that must have prevented you from sleeping well lately and an invitation to a more comprehensive look at the interests of those with whom you disagree.
Themes that have been triggered by the Urano-Pluto square, are the ones we need to close. This New Moon in Libra reminds us that we can not simply decide to forget about it and that instead we need to find that desired emotional balance through resolving the situations with fairness, honesty and consciousness. Search inside you, in the depths of your being and don’t forget to see the other’s point of view.

One thought on “LIBRA NEW MOON today and tomorrow

  1. ‘opportunity to solve current issues that must have prevented you from sleeping well lately’ The stalking has been going on for many years. I’ve never met any of the many people involved but assumed they are loved ones of the main character’s. This involved peering into my life via internet watching and phone tapping. People showing up wherever I go, including on vacations and when I had a breast biopsy! I may not never feel safe or not paranoid again. I cannot begin to understand much less forgive those who I’ve never met.


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