Diplomacia-123RFOK. OK. I’m a little late to write about this full moon and Lunar Eclipse, that is lurking on us and when I say lurks, for those who think negatively, I ask you to please re-thik about it.

Yes, it is true that it already feels as if things are being moved around us, delayed in some cases, but we must remember that this eclipse “closes” or presents a resolution (or difficulty, delay) to topics that began with the new moon in Libra on the 4th and 5th of October
At the time, we talked about the shutdown of the Government of the United States for the inability of the Congress to agree on the “Obama Care”, or “Social Security” ( for the rest of us) in a country that was created by private enterprise. Now for this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, they arrived to some kind of solution or compromise, to the problem (more or less). The same thing is happening in our lives. The question would be. What were the issues that were mobilized for the new moon? and what is it that is happening now?

We all know that eclipses are lunations occurring near the Lunar nodes and which are extremely powerful and that in some way, it affects our consciousness, since they disrupt the normal flow of the electromagnetic waves emanating from the Sun. What new moons begin, full moons conclude. In eclipses, our consciousness directs its attention to the emotions that swim in the subconscious, confronting us with issues that voluntarily or involuntarily we’ve relegated to this dark part of our psyche. Therefore, far from being negative, is an opportunity to resolve issues that we know that we must meet, but that for some reason, we have delayed or denied. The longer they stay in the dark, the longer they threaten us, causing anxieties, fears, disease, rashes, muscle tension, headaches, etc.

As this eclipse happens in the Aries-Libra angle, which for the new moon connected with the Uranus-Pluto square, is therefore confronting us with topics on our ability to defend what is ours (Aries), in a diplomatic way (Libra). How we deal with our aggressiveness, our anger, especially when dealing with issues that affect us deeply. This situations teach us patience and help us to become aware of decisions that we have taken in the past and that we must now confront.

Mercury (already in its shadow zone),since the beginning of the month, stations retrograde on the 21, in the sign of Scorpio and still in orbit of conjunction to Saturn, aspect that was exact, on October 8 and due to the retrograde will form again on the 28 and 29 October and then (with mercury already in direct motion)on 25-26 November. We will feel ourselves forced to solve emotional, sexual, and financial issues we have with others. Secret relationship are greatly affected. Mortgages among couples also, all the the 8th House and Scorpio’s issues, like sexual slavery, rape, forced marriages for economic reasons, bank loans, unemployment, taxes, inheritance, are being illuminated primarily. As it is the subject of pornography on the Internet.
This is the last Mercury’s retrograde of the year and it runs from October 21 until November 11 when it returns to its direct motion. Its shadow period started earlier this month when it was forming a trine to Neptune at about 2 ° of Scorpio and it will leave its shadow area on 27 November at about 18 degrees. Therefore, all those who have planets in the fixed Cross (Tauro-Leo – Scorpio-Aquarius) around the 18º, are mainly affected. The contacted planet describes which are the affected areas of live that are being challenged. I think of Obama, who is Leo with Aquarius Asc. ;-D
Also makes me smile that the film based on the novel “Fifty shades of Grey” which describes a rsado-masochist relationship (very Scorpio and House 8) is being planned and filmed at the moment.

Ultimately, interesting moments, full of possibilities for the resolution of issues that cry out from the inside of our psyche, so that we pay them some attention.


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