Scorpio Solar Eclipse – November 3rd 2013

ImageAbout six days before Mercury stations direct once again (November 10) and three days after the fourth (of seven) exact square between Uranus and Pluto, which this time takes place at 9 ° 26′ (Aries-Capricornio, respectively) will live an Eclipse of the Sun in the sign of Scorpio, just when we have a conjunction in this sign, of 5 vital elements of the zodiac. Mercutio Retrograd and the  Lunar Node at bout 7 °, Sun and Moon at 11 ° 15′, and Saturn at 13 ° 52′.
In other words this is a lunation, or new moon in Scorpio, which occurs near the Lunar node and as we all know, is when an eclipse takes place. The sign of Scorpio forces us to look below the surface, in the dark, to analyze and put a little light or consciousness to less clear aspects of our psyche. About, each 19 years, solar eclipses occur more or less in the same degree, therefore, in November 1994, there was an eclipse at about 11 degrees Scorpio. Reflects where and under what circumstances you were at that time, if you have enough age, to have been alive then.
When we talk about Scorpio, in mythology, we recall the journey of Persephone to the underworld, abducted by Hades (Pluto), but less often we remember  the journey of Innana, the Sumerian goddess, to the same place. The myth of Inanna and its relegation to the great below, reveals a series of deep psychological aspects of our development that also have to do with Scorpio and the 8th House and of course the Feminine. It is believed that this story was created between 1900 and 3500 BC. Inanna is the goddess of fertility (Moon), love, sexuality, war, emotions and the power of female eroticism (Venus), apart from the maternal feminine. It is also called Ishtar, Metis, Isis, and other names, in other cultures.
The story is like this. Inanna has a sister, called  Ereshkigal, who is the goddess of the Underworld, married with Gugalana who, as  Inanna (who had the power to hear the voices of the underworld)had just found out that he had  just died. Wishing to join her sister in her pain, Inanna decides to take a trip to the Great Below, aware of the dangers of the trip, since not God or Goddess of the Above is welcome in the Great Below. Not even Zeus has free entrance to the world of his brother Hades.
Before leaving, knowing full well that few travelers return from this trip, Inanna wears her  Royal clothes and mantle, as protection and leaves instructions to her faithful servant Ninshubur to come and rescue her, should she not return in 3 days and one night. She tells him to alert  her parents, the gods of Heaven to forget their personal grievances and come  to her rescue . Arriving at the gates of the Underworld she meets Neti, the dark place’s “porter”, and presents herself  as the Queen of Heaven and of course Neti does not believe her, so she is subjected to interrogation and then Neti, proceeds to inform Queen Ereshkigal. When the latter hears of the Royal trappings of her sister, enraged, instructs Neti, to let her in, but to slowly take off each of her costumes until she is naked, without the protection of her clothes and the regal  jewelry. So, In each of the 7 doors giving access to the underworld, each piece of clothing is removed of Inanna, until she finds herself totally  naked. Inanna asks Neti, why she is doing this, to which she responds that the “laws of the Underworld so require it”. It is so, that  Inanna is judged by 7 judges and Ereshkigal kills her and hangs her naked body  to a hook , until it becomes a piece of rotten meat.
At the end of 3 days and a night Ninshubur, her faithful servant, goes in search of the Gods of the Sky as the was told and manages to convince some of them, since not all of them wanted to participate in such journey,  and together theu rescue Inanna who must find a substitute, someone who should take her place in the Underworld to be able to return to the Kingdom of Heaven, and she finally finds her ex-consorte who, that in her absence, had already found another and sends him to take her place, something that pleases Ereshkigal, who was not very happy to have killed her sister.
The reason that the symbolism of this story is  relevant now for  SCORPIOS, is because at the time of the eclipse, when the Moon covers the sunlight and shadow spreads over the Earth (well, come parts of it), together with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, and Urano-Pluto square reaching the exact degree,  for the fourth time since 2010,  something seems to be asking us to look within ourselves, go to that place to which we can only travel on our own. unaccompanied and without material possessions, since it’s a spiritual journey to the depths of our psyche, in search of the essential, at the same time, in search of the darker side of our nature. There, where  Ereshkigal lives, our dark sister or brother. That place where we face our most basic intentions in the  hope to be able to judge why we want what we want and if we are prepared to die (transform) for this reason.

Also, to face up to the understanding that our only alternative is the transformation and constant evolution. Everything else, must leave our lives at some point, as Inanna clothes leave her body, on the way to the Underworld. Everything except our own evolution, is a constant in our lives.
Of course none of this has to be a negative thing, everything will depend on our ability to let go of that which no longer serves us or what prevents our growth. Venus which is less than one degree of the mysterious Galactic Center , at 28º of Sagittarius, still in aspecto to  Eris and Pallas, speak to us of the  power of the feminine  as  an obvious element of this lunation. Women must connect with their inner goddess and men too, not only in their personal relationships, but within themselves, to correct this distorted  negative female image  (Ereshkigal), inhabiting the psyche of many of us. It is only when we are able to heal this inner image in our psyche, that attacks against women, rape, sex trafficking, have a chance to cease.  Mars in Virgo (one of the rulers of this lunation),  opposes Chiron, forms a trine Pluto (the other ruler of this new moon) which seems to indicate that helps is on its way, on the journey towards healing  the dark masculine image of our psyche as well and the recognition of this internal wound that makes us suffer.
Even if you’re living the best time of your life, the air of the underworld will knock your door so you can review your priorities and your true values. The journey to the inner hero is fraught with tests such as these – Courage!.



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