Full Moon in Taurus and Chiron and Neptune station direct!

As expected in a Mercury retrograde period, in the past 4 weeks I’ve found it very difficult to sit and write. Despite the fact that Mercury has stationed direct last week, it won’t leave the shadow zone until the 26th of this month.
As everyone will have experienced, the themes of communication, our mobiles, computers and paperwork, the signing of contracts, and with this retrograde in the sign of Scorpio in particular,also inheritance money, unemployment payments, social security, mortgages, credit cards, etc, have been delayed. Best thing to do under these circumstances, and we should remember this, since we’ll start 2014 with another retrograde of this planet, is to ensure that everything that has been planned, decided, arranged, signed, it has been read a thousand times before signing, and every points discussed in detail. Check, check, check. Verify everything, the functioning of the personal vehicle, is also an issue. When you have a verbal agreement with somebody, make sure that you two are on the same page, that the other has understood what you wanted to say, don’t just assume he or she has, because it is more than likely that it has not been so etc. In the end, this is what we can do, but that doesn’t mean that we completely avoid the effect of this imaginary motion of Mercury, a motion that seems retrograde, as seen from Earth. But like with everything in Astrology, this is mathematical imagination, which works almost with the same certainty of pure and hard mathematics. Those of us who investigate and work with this type of cosmic geometry and mathematics, check it and verify it daily.
What we are also learning from this Scorpian period is that the angle of its opposition, meaning Taurus, is where the message to be discovered, really lies. The point where the solution may be found.
And this brings us to this lunation that we have all experienced this week end and that somehow, it concludes the cycle started by the eclipse of November 3, which we all had the opportunity to feel in all its power. Especially in Phillipines. What really happened?. Scorpio opens the door to the darkness of our psyche, to face up to our real motivations, to our need of survival and what we must do in order do so. We were confronted with our little- or big power struggles we have with other people and with the emotional toll that this has on us. We have also been confronted with our financial dependencies, with our deepest fears, our doubts and terror of abandonment, with the need to survive by ourselves, with our emotional attachments seeking to curtail the freedom of the other. We have come face to face with the consequences and responsibilities of the excess of Venus, i.e., to let us be seduced by pleasure, sensuality, gluttony, etc ( Taurus department). And so, what does Taurus offer us then? As I have said on several occasions, the cusp of the House 8 (Scorpio) is called the “entrance to Hades’ and the cusp of the House 2 (Taurus)”the exit from Hades”. In other words, all that money we have access to but we have not earned with our own work takes us straight to Hades and the money we have made with our own efforts, offers us the escape from it. Taurus is an Earth sign and Scorpio is Water. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Mars and Pluto. Interestingly, for this full moon, Venus is in conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. All of this seems to remind us that the Taurean fear of change and their materialism, finds in Scorpio the lesson that changing or even death, simply mean change,and it doesn’t mean the end necessarily, but simply a chance to start and discover a new dimension of our psyche. It teaches us that without these changes and renovations we perish and we disconnect from evolution. Life goes on and never mind how comfortable we may feel in a particular stage or period of our life, this will come at the end, to make way for other, a renewed period or situation more in tune with the rest of the world and of evolution. In the same way, Taurus, seems to offer to Scorpio, the lesson that in order to survive and to find stability in our lives, we nee to develop our own system of values, our creativity and above all, our self ESTEEM. We do not need the money of others, or seduce another to be able to support us, we need to believe in ourselves and connect with what makes us special, since WE ALL are. There isn’t another like us, despite our similarity with rest of the pack. We must find what is that we do better than anyone else and how we can translate it into a form of survival. I’m thinking at this point that “someone” has spent 142 million dollars in a painting by Francis Bacon, (http://www.clarin.com/sociedad/Record-US-millones-Francis-Bacon_0_1028897167.html) this week, when in the Philippines people do not have water, or means to feed their children, put a roof over their heads, and bury their dead. What does that tell us about ourselves? Something is out of balance completely. And 43 million in a diamond! With that money could solve the life of almost all Phillipinos, who have suffered this unfair tragedy. Venus Pluto in Capricorn?
It is clear that the passage of Venus by Capricorn has activated the current and famous square between Uranus and Pluto; Ceres, mother earth, next to Vesta, complete the T-square, opposing Uranus in Aries, from the sign of Libra and forming the square to Venus-Pluto in Capricorn. Once again these events bring to consciousness what still must be changed in this world and our desperate need to find a balance, allowing us all to live better, more at peace with everybody else. What a Libra lesson!
Jupiter in Cancer seems to be responsible for this amount of floods, tsunamis, excessive rainfall around the world, seems to remind us, the power of the feminine and course of Nature.
On the 19, tomorrow, Chiron will station direct and Neptune has done so on the 14th of this month. As in all the retrograde cycles, they lead us to reflection and the awareness of the power of the archetype they evoke. These two are in PISCES, therefore, according to where this sign is in your chart, it is where you are bringing to conscience these archetypes of disappointment, redemption, as well as the opportunity to find the elements that help us heal these wounds. It is there where perhaps you have suffered major disappointments due to your ability to connect with your imagination without looking at reality. On the other hand, it is also the place where your dreams may come true if they are brought down to earth and to consciousness.
Ceres and Vesta were in Trine to the Moon for this lunation, reaffirming the power of the feminine in our lives. Perhaps a chance to find a healthy balance between the masculine and the feminine within us.
The message of this full moon in Taurus, seems to remind us that we must respect this duality in the interior of our psyche, and give expression to these two parts of our being, to be able to provide security for ourselves and regain our self-esteem that surely has more to do with our power to survive, in an honest and full way, than with our ability to seduce another to do it for us.
We must not forget that Venus, the ruler of this full moon, was born of a castration, of the decision of a son of freeing himself from the parental bond, to discover himself and thus meet the Goddess of Beauty and Love through his own creativity.
Just as this full moon peaked yesterday, a large plane crashed in Russia. Tornadoes and high wind are hitting several parts of the world.


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