mother-child-botswana_3661_990x742As always, after the new moon, comes a full moon in the sign opposite to where the Sun is, therefore this lunation occurs in the angle Capricorn (Sun) and Cancer (Moon).

As with all the full moons, this one has it’s own message. It peaks at about 26° and it’s part of a T-square, which happens when a planet that is at a 90° angle from the planets opposing each other, in this case, the Sun and Moon. That planet in this particular case is Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture and Harvest. The symbol of Mother, named Demeter by the Greeks, who, together with her daughter Persephone, they are part of the myth of Hades (Pluto) one of the most important and relevant of Greek myths which has deep significance in our psyche. Ceres represents the archetype of Mother, the one who cares, feeds and protects us. The mother-daughter relationship, described in this myth, especially at such important period of our lives that is adolescence, when the daughter, falls in love and begins the process of separation from Mother. Although in the myth, Persephone, is raped and kidnapped by Pluto, is in the process of living in the Underworld, as Queen of the World of the Dead, who discovers her sexuality, her need for separation from Mother and her own power as a women, since for the first time she feels desired so this helps her understand her power over the masculine.

With the intervention of Zeus, Pluto (Hades) and Ceres, reach an agreement, whereby, Persephone, spends six months of the year with her mother “on the surface”, of Earth, which coincides with the Spring and Summer and the other 6, in the underworld as wife and Queen of the Great Below, which is the beginning of the Autumn and Winter. Although, nobody asks the young Persephone anything, for such an arrangement, she discovers that when she is with Mother, she is Daughter, therefore does not have any power, instead, when she is with Hades, she gains her full power as a woman, since she desired and Queen. Although the myth of Ceres has to do with the sign of Cancer, Persephone, adds the Scorpian energies to the story.

Next to Ceres, which is about 26° Libra, is also Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth and guardian of the divine fire (23°), and Mars,God of War (18º), therefore these three are the focal planets of this T-square, and from a distance, the Grand Cross is completed by Eris,which is at 21° of Aries. Mars at the same time forms an exact square to Venus that is in retrograde motion in Capricorn, which on February 2 will be n an almost exact conjunction to Pluto.

So we can safely say that the female element is powerful in this lunation, with the focus on issues having to do with the feminine and therefore with Nature and the Earth. It is a reminder of the importance of finding a (Ceres, Vesta and Mars in Libra) balance between the feminine and masculine in ourselves and in our society and the urgency of the return to the Goddess, that is to say, going back to respect natural cycles. What we sow, what we produce, what we get from the Earth, the food we eat each day, what we feed our children, and above all, how we care for each other, ourselves, our bodies and our land. A good reminder that it depends on all of us, the fate of our planet and of our lives. The Earth and piece of land left to us by our ancestors, also enters this symbolism of Ceres, disputes over borders and nationalism are therefore expected.

Cancer and Capricorn, represent the Archetypes of Mother and Father, respectively, and it is through our relationship with these two people who gave us life that we learn about the world of emotions, to love, to hate, to care, to protect and to know how to provide to ourselves in life. The cracks that exist in our relationship with these two figures, will manifest themselves in our relationship with others and above all with our partner. Therefore the relationship with any of these two people is illuminated at this full moon, which we can already feel strongly, since it re-enacts the Grand Cross, formed by Urano-Pluton-Jupiter and Mars in the signs Cardinal, as it was for the new moon of January 1.

If our parents are dead, this process occurs equally, because they live inside us forever. Our relationship with father and mother, continues, even when they are no longer in this world. If we have become adults, and we no longer feel “daughter/son, something that does not happen by “default”, but rather it requires a lot of work, the relationship continues nevertheless . Different, but equally real.

Just as the Full Moon peaks, Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Libra form an exact square. This will revive the theme of working together to find harmony in our personal relationships. Mars is located in the sign ruled by Venus, emphasizing collaboration over the fight. Diplomacy above war solutions is the sign of the time. I wonder if the Shias and the Sunnis, the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Catalans and Spaniards, will ever, come to accept each other and collaborate rather than compete with each other, to strengthen their region rather than weaken it.
Self-analysis is required, to find where our real power lies. this the subject of this lunation, how we care for and how we feed our loved ones, physically and emotionally. Cancer and Ceres, are symbols of Mother, therefore, it has much more to do with the mother and father in all of us, rather than with the actual parents. Search inside yourself and ask yourself who you really care for.

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