La Luna Nueva en Piscis y los asteroides en la Carta astral de Vladimir Putin

astro_245ast_151_vladimir_putin_201432.42883.35866For this New Moon in Pisces of yesterday, he asteroid UKRAINA opposes Mars (the army) in Libra, and the CRIMEA asteroid completes the Grand Cardinal cross, opposing URANUS in ARIES (Revolution), forming the square to JUPITER in Cancer ( the people) and Pluto in Capricorn (power struggles between institutions and Governments).
Following the advice of a friend, I’ve picked up the birth chart of Vladimir Putin to see that role he will play in this situation in Crimea and Ukraine and oH! surprise!, i was suddenly reminded that his Sun in Libra is exactly at 13º of Libra, exactly where the current cosmic cross that will be exact during the month of April takes place.

So i preceded to put Ukraina and Crimean asteroids in his natal chart and found that Ukraina is in conjunction to his natal Pluto, which in turn is in conjunction to his MC, all in opposition to the Lunar node in house 4 and forming a t-square to Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th House. We can read this as a clear conflict of power in the area of the House 10, his position in power, with the 4th House, his territory, which he calls ‘home’, and international relations described by Jupiter on 7. At the same time the asteroid Crimea, is leaving his house 8 which is actually the House 5 from 4, the children of his land and we see the serious conflict in which this part of Ukraine, feels more related to Russian culture, rejecting the liberation movement that just happened in Ukraine.

If we return to the chart of the new moon in PISCES in my previous article, we will see that the asteroid Crime is now a 9º of Libra, a few degrees of the Natal Sun of Putin and activating the cosmic cross already affecting him. An eloquent aspect of why Putin is involved in this conflict. At the same time, the asteroid Ukraina is located at 21 ° of Aries, activating the natal constellation of planet: Saturno-Neptuno-Merucurio in Libra in the House 12 (secret enemies) by opposition. The question would be: “Will Putin act accordion to his planet in Libra, sitting down to talk and negotiate or will he act by force?”

The Cosmic April Cross, takes place just after the total eclipse of the Moon on the 15th, and before the Annular solar Eclipse on the 29. Eclipses are known to coincide with the beginning of wars. I wonder if the strength of Mars in Libra which tends to resolve conflicts in a fair and diplomatic way, will reign in this process.

I give you this to ponder and comment on it, if you feel like it!

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