Full Moon in Virgo – Hoy y Mañana!!!!

Asteroid with aspectsHere comes this full moon in the sign of Virgo which like all lunations comes loaded with unique qualities to this particular one and somehow concludes issues initiated in the last new moon in PISCES on March 1st.
The opposition VIRGO (Moon) PISCES (Sun) activates this energy angle of astrological symbols that impulse us in search of the bridges between water and earth, mental and the intuitive, dissemination the limits, with the application of them. Between the practical and the Ethereal, the divine and the earthly, humans and gods at all levels. We confront with the difference between the non academic knowledge of Pisces and the analytical more academic scientific ways of Virgo.
Virgo approaches life in a rational way and Pisces from the emotions. Virgo, scans the other before they jump into love, PISCES jumps right into it and enjoys the madness of love. Virgo takes care of his body in an almost obsessive way, PISCES prefers to get drunk that confronted with the everyday and the rational.
Dance, cinema, photography are some of those bridges between Pisces and Virgo. Dance from the obsession of putting shape and form to express music, cinema, a collection of technicians who try to revive the imagination, photography, in the use of technology to capture a moment that is not repeated and that we can only see when we connect with the ephemeral. Everything that needs some kind of technique to express the Ethereal, is a bridge to Piscis-Virgo. Michael Jackson with Virgo Sun and Moon in PISCES is a perfect example of this.
But Pisces and Virgo are also found in hospitals in doctors and nurses, who are dedicated to the service of others, especially in health. The ability to understand and tune in with the pain of others, maintaining a rational and intellectual approach to it is a Virgo-Pisces combination. This is the perfect combination for those working in ongs. This angle also reminds us of the importance of caring for our health and find the formula to enjoy life without exceeding and punishing the body. This angle evokes the House 6 and 12 of the chart House. The importance of recognizing ancient fate and the possibility of differentiating from it.
This full moon is formed in the prelude to the eclipses of Moon (15th) and the Sun (30th) of the coming month, which happen surrounding the formation of the Grand Cardinal cross, involving Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. At this moment Mars is retrograde and away from the cross, but the other 3 planet continue to form the cardinal T-cuadrante, which describes the current time so eloquently.
If you are Sagittarius or Gemini these days are a reminder of the issues that need resolution, if you are a Pisces and Virgo, these are magical moments that you have to use to understand your mind and listen to your heart with care. Virgo tells Pisces: “without hard work and technique you’ll never arrive to any degree of excellence and Pisces tells Virgo: “I rather have a little less excellence and enjoy life a little more”.
The Saturn- Sun trine and Saturn Sextile to the Moon, is still on, helping us to be more patient and demand justice. This chart of the lunation is raised to Barcelona, Spain, putting the angularity of the Virgo-Pisces in the first and seventh House, evoking the need to recognize our need for personal relationships, without sacrificing our independence and our personal mission in life. This Moon is also forming squares to the Galactic center which is at about 27º of Sagittarius, this immense black hole that marks the center of our Galaxy and that emits huge radio waves, X-ray, infrared radiation and gamma or so we think.
Jupiter in Cancer, the traditional ruler of PISCES forms a large trine Neptune, the modern ruler of this sign, and Chiron, both in PISCES, so something tells us, that we have within ourselves that quality that our soul needs to heal. Search within yourself and learn to listen to your heart.


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