The Cardinal Grand Cross and the Lunar Eclipse of the 15th of April

Cardinal_Grand_Cross_SqBefore I say anything, it is very important not to panic, as many tend to do, thinking that something like the end of the world will occur or a disaster without solution.
This extraordinary Cardinal cosmic Grand Cross, which is formed by two oppositions or aspects of 180 °, between Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn and the other between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries, which means that these four planets are at a distance of 90 ° between them, forming 4 right angles, as seen from the Earth. All what this cross will bring to our lives at a personal level, is already on the table. We already had what appeared to be a final rehearsal with all the costumes, at the end of December or beginning of January of this year, as you prefer to see it, and now will have as I said in my previous article on the new moon in Aries, the Grand Opening or Grand Debut, as you like it.
Whatever is urging us to find a way out or a resolution in order to be more in contact with ourselves, to feel in the path to our complete manifestation, or more in line with the needs of our soul, is what this cross brings at a personal and global level. If we look briefly to the Archetypes of these planets, we know that Jupiter in Cancer (which has been in square to Uranus in recent months and has brought so many rains, flooding, overflow of rivers, landslide, etc), and at the international level has somehow fostered the sense of home, family, expansion and patriotism to a new level. Uranus in Aries, has lead us to understand the true meaning of revolution, unexpected explosive events (Fukushima occurred the same day that Uranus entered Aries), urgency of change and liberation. Pluto in Capricorn, brought us this financial world crisis in combination with Uranus and Saturn. The same year that Pluto came into this sign, we saw the fall of The Lehman Brothers and the beginning of this crisis, which of course, is not only a global financial crisis any more, but a very important change of consciousness. Pluto also connects us with the evolutionary need for the collective, beyond our control, with what we need to develop as a specie and what must die in order to evolve. Under Urano Aries-Pluto in Capricorn square the “start-ups” began to flourish around the world. Mars, the Warrior, action, war, the assertion of identity, is making its retrograde motion in the sign of Libra ( Ukraine, the Northern and South Korea, Venezuela, Egypt, Syria, are all situations that we can attribute to this Grand Cross and it is possible that we will see some sort of compromise and resolution in these areas or what is worse something may explode.
At a personal level it is important to look at the chart itself, to see which houses are set in motion by this cross and what planets are affected by it. If you have planets around the 13 ° of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, certainly you are being confronted with issues that overwhelm you, situations created by decisions made in the past and that you should resolve to be able to evolve in life. In this type of aspects, we cannot deceive ourselves anymore. We can not wish for the best. the more you escape it, the more it overwhelms you.
It is also true that Uranus, allows us to see things that we did not see before, big ideas can arise from this combination, ideas that can change our lives and take us along paths never before dreamed.
Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra, has to do with our identity and sense of purpose in life vs our relationship with others, especially personal relationships, therefore many couples will be faced with the choice of whether to continue in a relationship that means a heavy burden at this time or which confronts them with the difficulty of combining home life with our professional lives. There is need to find ways to deal with it, building a bridge between our purpose in life and the compromise with the other person, allowing the two to follow their own professional path.
The combination of Uranus with Jupiter brings to the table climate change and the need to be aware of this and find solutions, NOW. Awareness also leads us to understand that the inability to put an end to wars has god do with our commitment to nationalism and its negative effects. We must find a way to maintain our cultural identity, without separating us and dividing us. We must put and end to wasting resources, energy and lives to assert our diversity. Struggles for territory and autonomy of countries and languages, only separate us more and more.Animals of all species communicate without language, how it is possible that we have lost the ability to read ourselves and connect even without need to talk? Nature is connected in a perfect way, and our incredible quality of having developed a verbal way to connect others should not work against us, but for our benefit. The more we learn to listen to ourselves, the more we’ll be able to listen to others and thus understand the similarity between humans, rather than the differences.
The divisions from country to country in terms of laws prohibiting homosexuality as those who are legalizing gay marriage, are another feature of the Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto is our contact with the inner Beast whose only concerns is to eat, survive and perpetuate the species. Is that part of ourselves that is terrified of gay marriage, as it could pose a danger to our survival. But, what century are we living in? I wonder…: “what will it take for us to accept human nature in its entirety?” I wonder: has it ever been a time in history where there were no gays among us?I don’t think so. It is part of our nature. Period. Enough is enough!
Yesterday New Moon has begun the process but what will detonate the Cross will be April 15th Lunar eclipse. Although we have never had a cross identical to this, in 1934, there was a T-square between Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer, which marked the rise of Nazism and Hitler as its leader. Go to and have a look at what was going on that year in the world and perhaps we can have some idea of the similarities with the present time. We must not forget that Pluto is stationing retrograde just after the eclipse peaks, and will begin its “reverse motion” until September 23, when it will station direct.
If we look at the chart from the eclipse of April 15, will see the Moon in conjunction to the Lunar node (required so there is an eclipse) in Libra and along with Ceres and Vesta, opposed to Eris, Juno and the Sun in Aries, aspect which should be called “‘anger management”. The lesson will be, to retrieve our projections and stop blaming others for our problems. It is never the fault of others what happens to us. We do have “Some” “free will” at our disposal.
I find it interesting that Noah, the movie comes out at this time when according to history, and the old testament, to the imminence of the end of the world, Noah, decides to hop on a boat with a pair of each kind! Perhaps we can find many answers are in this allegory, which speaks to us of that no matter what kind or nationality you are, we all have to get on the same boat to survive.
Fortunately Neptune, Venus and Chiron in PISCES form a trine to Jupiter, perhaps reminding us of the fact that only if we think as ONE, we can save this fabulous planet in which we live. If we listen to our inner nature, there are no differences, we all need to eat, touch, communicate, fornicate to procreate and to not feel alone, everyone must learn the lessons of how to live with another, who comes from an ancestral story different from ours, since we all seek to find love. The folklores and traditions that separate us, are nothing compared with our points in common. Neptune has also lead us to awareness of deceptions, the disappointments, the fraud to which we are subjected constantly and must learn to handle.
Without the slightest intention to predict, we can expect more of this in this extraordinary times, that far from being negative, is helping us to bring these issues to the consciousness and understand that it is only in our hands solve them. We can no longer say superficially: “Well, everything will passband will return to be as it was…”
Nothing will ever be as before again-.
If you want to know how this Grand Cross personally affect you, go to:


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