The disappearance of flight MH370 of Malaysian Airlines

astro_2ast_527_flight_370.39117.25946Exactly a month after its disappearance, still no traces of flight 370, that inexplicably vanished from radars and contact with base control(or so it seems). No one seems to know anything of the fate of this aircraft and all its passengers and those who love conspiracy theories, have already imagined all kinds of scenarios. What is certain, is that there is an incredible confusion and the theories of the fate of the plane change daily and the most reasonable of them all is that finished at the bottom of the sea.
Sea, confusion, dubious actions = NEPTUNE in an astrological mind.
So, to quench my natural astrological curiosity, I decided to raise the flight birth chart for the take off time and here’s what is what i found. The flight left Kuala Lumpur, at the 12: 41 am on Saturday March 8.
Without surprise we have a Sagittarius Asc, which describes an international flight, with people of various nationalities in it. The Asc ruler is located in Cancer in the 8th House in opposition to Pluto and both forming squares to Uranus, what is actually happening to absolutely everyone at present and is part of the Grand Cross, which will be exact on the 21st of this month, when Mars in Libra joins this configuration. Even so, in this case it is particularly significant, considering what happened, and also taking into consideration the fact that is the Asc ruler that falls into the 8 House here, which we all know that it has to do with death and our journey to the underworld. This when this aspect takes a clear and terrifying meaning, describing unexpected events and probably explosives (Uranus), causing the death (Pluto)of a large number of people of different nationalities (Jupiter).
The strangest thing maybe that Neptune is located exactly in the IC, describing the confusing nature of the disappearance. This is a good example of what happens to these generational planets when they are in conjunction to the angles of the chart. Moreover, this was the night that the Moon, which is also exactly in the DC, meaning in exact opposition to the Asc, formed its first quarter with respect to the Sun, which puts it in exact square to the Sun located next to Chiron and Neptune and the asteroid Poseidon, that it is the other name of Neptune, and both are the gods of the sea. Thetis, mother of Achilles, and the goddess of the sea is also in conjunction to the Moon, but something more: next to the Moon is the asteroid MOIRA (the other name for Fate, which means, what is has been allotted to us) which is next to the asteroid China. Next to them are asteroids Oceana and Incidence. Everything in the 6th House, speaking about the technical part of the aircraft performance. Next to the Moon is also the asteroid Coco, in this case representing the Cocos Islands, route believed to have been taken by the plane after it turned and disappeared and close to the area where now they are getting signals that are believed to be from black box.
Mars in the 11th house of groups, conjunct the Lunar Node and Vesta and Ceres forms a square to Venus in the 2nd house, what describes to me perhaps a conflict of ideas and values inside the plane.
Saturn from the 12 House of secret enemies, is in square to Mercury in Aquarius in the House 3, which seems to be related to the difficulty in communications to the aircraft with radars, and theories that someone disconnected from the inside of the plane all the communication system. HM!
No doubt many flights possibly took off at that time, but not exactly like this and from that place, that has placed Neptune and the Moon, in exact angular position.
Ponder on this for a while, on this clear example of the potential of the asteroids in a chart and I invite you to comment in whatever it is that you see in the Charter of this flight, which we have not yet found and share your vision of it. – See more at:


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