The Cardinal Cross of the 21-22 of April 2014

ScanWhen we speak of the Cardinal cross, we automatically think of something disastrous that might happen and this fills us with fear. In reality, anytime we are in dire need of change, the thought of venturing into the unknown, to an uncertain outcome of events, fear invade us. But the alternative is to stay as we are. Knowing that what we have, what we do, the daily routine also cause us unhappiness and discontent, but above all things it makes us feel like we are betraying ourselves and we are not living the best possible version of ourselves.
When this happens, we automatically get to blame the environment, others, politics, politicians, the crisis, he, she, them. Creative frustration, makes us blame others for our lack of courage to actually dare to change. It takes guts to change, admittedly.
This Cardinal cross that is not going to act, ONLY this week, since it actually has been more than one year, that we are being confronted with the fact that there are certain things that we can not struggle with anymore. We have tried and tried thousands of way to fix it and it does not work. Some situations, people, version of ourselves simply don’t stimulate us anymore.
This is experienced as an inner push and pull that do not let us rest and that whenever someone asks: “How are you?” and we respond “Fine, thank you”, we know we are keeping something in the pipeline and that there are a lot of other words that would better describe how we really feel.
“Well” “Fine, have no meaning, is a rather poor way of expressing how we are and everyone should find another word, even to ourselves, to describe how we feel, really.
Often, the simple action of finding a word that better explains our true feelings, “clarifies” the situation, sheds some light in what is going on inside us, makes us aware of what is actually happening inside of us.
By saying “fine” we are often avoiding a confrontation with ourselves. Without that confrontation, we can not get out of the cloud that prevents us from seeing clearly.
One of the best formulas to help us tune in to ourselves is to ask: “How do I feel NOW?”
NOW, is all we have. It is only when we remain hooked to the past or worried about the future, that the anxiety begins.
All nationalisms that divide us are still engaged in the “before”. and “before” only chains us to the grudges, the divisions, the hatred, we or our ancestors have felt.
The most challenging part of this cross and that’s why is a CROSS, is that we feel the urge to produce change, to liberate ourselves from what it oppresses us, but in many instances we can not, just yet, because on this cross Uranus and Pluto which are collective and generational planets, are involved, and that makes feel that external circumstances are preventing us to move on. It feels as if is not simply up to us.
But the change should be internal. The outside will change automatically when we change our inner chips. If there are things that we put too much value on, like a house, precious objects, money, relationships, and we think that without it we would not be able to survive, then those things have an enormous power over us, but if we suddenly look at it in a more detached fashion, and realize that we could actually survive without it, then, we have already changed.
As Bob Marley said: “emancipate yourself from mental slavery”, because all that enslaves us, is mental. It is our cultural conditioning, our beliefs, what designs our daily reality, if we can let go of some of them, we have already changed.
One of the phrases that we must eliminate from our vocabulary is “I CAN’T”. There is no where to go from there.
We always have options, ALWAYS.
Astrology teaches us, that everything is or are “possibilities”, and our free will allows us to choose the most appropriate one for our present moment.
Often in our fight against our own destiny, it is that we find our true destiny and this sometimes is not what we thought we wanted, or what we expected of ourselves, but if we look at it carefully and let it flow with love and dignity we understand that that is exactly what we needed. And that is the magic of life. Our Fate should surprise us continuously, if there is no surprise there is no creativity. If the artist knows exactly how it will all end, then there is not art. Creativity is not something safe or predictable.
Use the power of this cross to understand your options, your chances and hopes that your soul will be able to choose what is best for you.


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