Eclipses occur in the same degree and sign, every 19 years, therefore, in April 1995 there was a solar eclipse about 9º Taurus, like this one happening now. Were you alive then? ;-D If so, What was happening in your life then?

Taurus is the first Earth sign and as such, it connects us with the material, or with matter, it represents the second House of the horoscope, which speaks of how we earn our living and what we do to obtain a sense of security, protection from the hostile environment; what we do to provide ourselves with food and shelter. What do we do to sustain ourselves during our lifetime and our ability or not to do so. What we really value in life is an evocation of the 2nd House and Taurus. And of course money, because one way of providing for ourselves and our family, has to do with our ability to make money and how to use it.

Yes, Taurus is ruled by Venus and the theme of seduction and pleasure also are included in this archetype, but that aspect of Venus has more to do with the 5th House. In the House 2 and in Taurus we learn to work the land and take advantage of its resources and learn what to do with them. For the creative Taurus, to create, to paint, to dance, sing (specially) is a way of expressing their innate talents but making money out of it, is their main struggle. In Taurus, art for art’s sake is a contentious issue. Their love of beauty and aesthetic, also brings us to money, simply because to surround ourselves with beautiful things one should make money first. If we want to own beautiful objects we see and do not generate money then that takes us to the opposite house and sign, to the 8 House and Scorpio and other people’s money and of course to another topic in the life of Taurus which is their ability to attract the resources of others.
Working with the Earth and what the Earth gives us is also a vital theme in the artists of this sign. Clay, metals are all materials they love working with. This aspect of Taurus seems to describe certain qualities of Ceres. But the latter is mother and Taurus has a little more of problems with it. Taurus seduces more than it cares for others. Taurus struggles with its tendency to seduce almost all their life and understanding the implications of this is a lesson that this sign must learn. Aging isn’t easy for anyone, but especially for Taurus. Thomas Vinterberg, the Danish film director,comes to mind, a Taurus, author of films such as “the Hunt” or “The celebration”, where the subject of sexuality and sexual abuse are constants in his work.

But what would we do without the thousands and hundreds of thousands of creative souls who were born under this sign?. Try to name some of them is unfair to everyone else. They are so many! The wonderful voice, with which many Tauros are gifted, have inspired our lives through great songs and unforgettable singers. This is really a sign that exudes creativity expressed in endless ways.

Venus, its ruler, is in PISCES for this eclipse, and as I have said in my previous article, in a semi-square to the new Moon and Mercury in Taurus. This combination can help us find new ways to make a living, or generate money. New strategies and ways to promote our talents, to be able to attract buyers of our products or to make our work public in some way. New techniques that could best help us to express our creativity and of course get us closer to the dream of making money from our talents rather than a simple ’employment’ where the daily work does not include the growth and improvement of our talents. The theme of the adaptation to change is also one of the major challenges for Taurus, since being a fixed sign, the comfort offered by daily habits are interrupted throughout their lives, again and again. Very especially if any of the personal planets make an aspect to Uranus.

During a solar eclipse, the power of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun daily, is interrupted during the time the Moon casts a shadow on Earth and symbolically confronts us with the possibility of looking at the shadow side of our psyche and become aware of what we must work on to live in a more harmonious and complete way. This eclipse is in a trine to Pluto, therefore the need for change appears much less conflictive than during the Lunar Eclipse on the 15, and as the Cardinal cross is beginning to wane with the advancement of Jupiter in the last degrees of Cancer, while it trines Saturn, we´ll begin to see that perhaps what it seemed so difficult, we now realize has many avenues and that we only need to find which one is the most advantageous for us and for our evolution as a human being.

We must abandon the idea that hard work is what enslaves us and begin to understand the true liberation occurs in our passage from Saturn to Uranus, through that wonderful archetype of Chiron which operates as a road or bridge between these two powerful concepts and teaches us that through self-healing and hard work, true liberation comeseclipse.


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