computer-errorAs I said in another of my articles on this subject, much has been written and is written on the retrograde of this small planet that it takes 88 days to go around the Sun. Therefore in one year it completes about 4 circles around our star.
We already know that this retrograde motion that occurs about 3 or 4 times a year,does not actually mean that Mercury goes back, but it is an optical illusion, whenever Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth. Since it moves faster than us it gives the impression of moving backwards, in degrees, for about 3 weeks. For those of us who have observed this phenomenon many times each year, we already know that a series of events, that really have to do with communications, trade, oficial proceedings, bank statements, etc, are affected, very often in a negative and also comical way, whenever this occurs.
But of course often coincides with the re-envisioning of issues that we have been putting off and which we must resolve. We have already mentioned on other occasions also that it coincides with a period in which in one way or another we must Re-structure, RE-inspect, RE-claim, Re-calibrate, RE-think, RE-plan, RE-estudy, RE-evaluate, RE-flect, etc.
This cycle in particular (the retrograde previous to this was from February 7 to March 1 of this year.) begins with Mercury at 3º Cancer 10′ on 6 June, when seen from the earth it seems that it stops to start its motion backwards, and stations direct, or kind of stops again to start its forward motion on the 2nd of July, at about 24º Gemini. Although the setback period lasts about 3 weeks, its shadow period begins on May 26 and the post-shadow ends on July 20, therefore the complete cycle lasts 8 weeks. AT the beginning of this cycle Mercury is forming a square (90 °) to the Moon and Mars in Libra and opposition (180 °) to Pluto and forming a trine (120 °) to Neptune. Mercury, this small planet that represents our mind, our way of communicating, of thinking, study, also our primary education, our relationship with siblings and neighbors, official procedures, contracts, etc. in the sign of Cancer that speaks of home, motherhood, our need to care for and feed others, can confront us with issues that have to do with all of this. The relationship with our tenants or landlords, review of mortgages, lack of payments in home we rent out or problems with neighbors for things in the community where we live. The renewal of contracts in general, should be postponed until past this cycle, when the situation has been analyzed more carefully. Otherwise it is a good idea, to spend a good time reading all the fine print of what we are signing. With the Moon and Mars in Libra and all contact to Pluto, relations with women may be more difficult than at other times. Power struggles between brothers and neighbors for reasons that have to do with the sharing of a house, are also possible.
A common conflict of these cycles is the deterioration of communications, misunderstandings, the malfunction of our communication devices like mobiles, computers, internet, etc, but the positive aspect of this is the possibility of RE- thinking a particular situation, such as contracts, verbal commitments,etc, in order to resolve these issues ina more harmonious and healthy way. This time Mercury “moves back” from an emotional sign like Cancer to Gemini,a more mental sign, as if to indicate the path and how to look at things in a less emotional way, to rationalize it and analyze it in a more mental way. Sometimes this is more advantageous than the reverse, which would mean to quiet the mind to listen to the heart. Not always this last option applies. Venus from Taurus, forms an almost perfect trine to Pluto and Pallas, intensifying relationships and the way we relate to others in general. Uranus opposes Mars, Vesta and Ceres which are together in Libra, all in square to Pluto, therefore our sexuality or rather the object of our attraction might feel different to the ordinary. It might as well relate to moments within a relationship when one wants it and the other doesn’t.
On June 19, Mercury will connect with the Sun on its way to Cancer, at about 28 ° Gemini and both will form a square the Moon in PISCES, so that people born between 18-19-20 March, June, September and December, will be more vulnerable to this point where you emotions and the mind seem to disagree. It is important to remember that this is a fairly short cycle and that we must use it to look at things more carefully.
While I was writing this article, Elliot Rodgers, an American student, 22 years old, went in a killing spree in his fabulous BMW, in California, and in videos he published in You Tube, he only spoke about his loneliness, rejection by women and the fact that at his age he was still a Virgin. I say was, because, he ended up shooting himself putting an end to his short life. The day before, the Moon from PISCES, formed a square to Mercury in Gemini, and the Sun, newly entered in Gemini began its square to Neptune in Pisces.


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