For this sign, the 3rd and 4th are affected for this Retrograde of Mercury, during June, therefore the relationship with siblings and deep family issues can suddenly affect you more than ever before, forcing you to RE-view your relationships and wounds of the past.The relationship with neighbors is also affected, it could be that any pending issue with them must be solved. The primary studies and your mind in general seems to be stimulated and forced to RE-evaluate various topics. If you write and have blogs, expect some kind of interruption in them. None of this is negative, a simple stop to look at things more calmly and to seek solutions. Search in the depths of your minds, although painful at times, is always necessary and purgative.
For this sign, the topic of this retrograde may be financial in appearance, but if you look inside yourselves, you will see that it has more to do with your system of values than with money.What price you give to your talent, your dedication, your training. How do you price your work and if you value what you have to offer, is certainly the subject of the next few weeks.Of course that you can begin the process, with some kind of delays in payments, postponed jobs. You will have to consider if your work gives you pleasure or is only an obligation and what you have to do to include more pleasure in what you do.Take more care of your body and your environment and assesses whether it is beautiful enough to feel good in your own skin.
For this sign this retrograde is tremendously shocking because Mercury is its ruling planet. Communication is vital, since without it, Gemini cannot function in life. Any delay in them, means a world full of anxiety and sometimes the lesson of this cycle for you is the fact that there are moments that one should cut a little excessive communication and contact the depths of one’s being. Talking less and more meditation, is a good formula for this month. Pay attention to what is said and above all, check if those around you are a positive or a negative influence. Check out how many negative words come out of your mouth in one day and try to change it to the positive. If you have something to sign and you can not postpone it until July, then you are going to have to find time to read all the small writing.
There are times in life when new projects are to be expected or at least need to be studied with more patience, more consideration etc. This is one of those moments. Depending on the work you do, this will be more or less notable. Something in you, pushes you to look into the past and think about why you do what you do, and if that is what you have come here to this life to do. Sometimes it is a matter of aiming in the right direction. The issue of whether we have achieved our longings and our expectations, is a vital point of this cycle. AM I what believe to be or do I always hope for more. A good look at the root of our own expectations is a good medicine for this month. RE-flect on what is important for you and check if the unrealized expectations are your or others´ (your family, father, mother)expectations of you. Many changes are taking place and it is important for the beginning of this new cycle, to keep your feet on the ground and open your consciousness to your own talents and abilities. These are very creative moments, believe in yourself and let it flow. You will be surprised.
Relationships with friends, groups and the community is an important issue for your sign in this retrograde. It always is but now even more so. Disappointment with a group or friends, misunderstandings, are all possible. If you have outstanding financial issues this is a good time to sit down and analyze the situation, look carefully at the best possibilities and try to find the solution. Do not forget that the way that we relate to the others is influenced by what we experienced within our family and ancestors. Many issues are passed on from generations to generation and it takes time to understand all this. So this is a good moment to reflect on these issues so that you can understand that many of the situations you have going on with people, are your own doing, and then the question would be: what for?. If you can answer this, half the work is done. Is rarely the others, mostly ourselves. Time to withdraw from situations that make you feel imprisoned and prevent you from progressing.
Your sign is also ruled by Mercury, so this retrograde that begins in Cancer and in the House of friends, seems to dip back into the House 10, of our profession and social image. If you’ve been working in a group that has stopped helping you grow, maybe is time to meditate about it and clean the garage of not-much-needed people and things in your life.If you’ve been working alone, is perhaps the moment to realize that you can’t do it all alone, and that while “not perfect”, that there are many people that you might help you do a better job and perhaps benefit from the knowledge and talents of others. This is also a good time to RE-consider if you are in the profession suitable for your soul’s needs or not. If the work you do and the hours you spend doing it, do not fulfill or express your soul, you can always open other doors. The search for the balance between what gives you a good reputation and what your you need to do to grow as a human being, it is the issue of this month. The delays you may experience could perhaps help you re-evaluate your professional life.
All the delays and misunderstanding you may be experiencing now, words wrongly spoken or not said, that are disrupting your profession, may be the cause of a too rigid state of mind; you may be in real need to let new ideas in and new points of view enrich your path.
This Mercury retrograde, is perhaps inviting you to Re-consider how you do your work and what is that you’re missing, to feel 100% in your profession. You may need more training, more knowledge, or simply to open your mind to new possibilities to take full advantage of it. If you have outstanding legal issues it will be necessary to take the time to find the best solution, to put an end to problems. One of the most positive aspects of this cycle is that it forces us to RE-think and look at the situation in a deeper and more honest way, to be able to stop being a victim of the events and become Master of your own life.
Nothing happens unless you allow it to, consciously or unconsciously. Do not seek the opinion of others, and strives to make your own decisions. Let yourself be advised by people you really trust.
This retrograde of Mercury affects the House 8 of the chart which is your exclusive territory. Sexuality, the occult, other people’s money: mortgages, inheritance, dole money, debts, credit cards, etc. This month, is possible to encounter debts that didn’t remember you had, such as traffic fines, for example. If you’re waiting for the answer to a mortgage, is possible that you experience delays or at least that you have to sit and read a lot of fine print, which you should do, before you sign anything. With the obstacle comes also the solution, so pay attention to what is happening this week particularly, since perhaps in the delays the formula required to solve them is hidden. Trust yourself and your inner wisdom and try to be honest with yourself. This could help you find the key to open those parts of you that know more than you think you do.
This retrograde Mercury brings certain conflicts between the emotions and the deepest part of your feelings. Couple issues will force you to RE-consider about your daily life and the sacrifices you feel you do daily. Your innate desire for freedom and adventure, are often difficult to reconcile with the needs of a stable relationship. There are many ways to be free within a marriage and that’s what you have to achieve. No matter the amount of time that you dedicate to your partner and work in your life, at least an hour a day must be for you only. To do what you like, your hobby, your sport, whatever it is. The events this week especially and most of this month will make it clear to you what are your priorities and what needs to change in order to be happier. Financial issues between the couple, is another of the outstanding issues, so be careful with what you say, sometimes your incredible frankness is too much for others. Mind your words.
This RE-trograde of Mercury affects your opposite sign of Cancer, and returns to Gemini, your area of the chart that describes your health and your daily work. One of the possibilities is that some health issue prevents you from performing your normal daily tasks, but also perhaps a good look at your daily schedule is necessary, for you to RE-consider if you’re doing too much or if you can handle the stress of work in a healthy way. There are moments when you have to stop or just go slower. This is one of those times, when the circumstances seem to force us to take things more calmly. You might have a project delayed or customers postponing meetings, but it all seems to suggest that you need to take a moment to reflect on what you’re doing. If you have more than one job, perhaps you should focus your energy in the one you most enjoy doing.
This retrograde Mercury begins in the area of your chart that has to do with your health and your job and returns to the House 5 which speaks of the children, romance and how we have fun. It also has to do with our creativity and the way we express ourselves truly. The question here is if your daily work allows you to express your creativity and if you enjoy doing it. If your health deteriorates, this is the moment to pause. RE-flect on how much free time you have to do what you love. Even if you are lucky enough that your work is what you most love to do, one must make time to have fun, relax and recover romance with your partner if you have it, and if you don’t have it, open yourself to the possibility of having it. If you work with your partner, then ideally find the time to have fun together also. The difficulties that may arise with the children, will show you where you are doing too much and where you should put more limits. Some of your children may go away for a while, leaving you with more time for yourself.
This retrograde affects the area of the your chart that links the romance and creativity, with the home. The question and the possibilities here are to RE-think and meditate on the place if you are where you really want to be. Is this the ideal place for you?; Do you relate with your surroundings and others?Does the place where you live reflect your own idiosyncrasy?. Is this the place you call home? Some circumstances may force you to Re-pair the place where you live, Re-decorate, or simply Re-flect if this is where you want to be. If you have children, it is possible that any situation with them will force you to stay more at home, if you don’t have them, you may suddenly realize the need for romance in your life. It will also confront you with the need to create or rather express yourself creatively. These are some of the issues that this retrograde of Mercury will confront you with at this point in your life. If you write, you can perhaps experience what is commonly called writer’s block. This could be when you realize that a house is not a home. Home is a place within our heart.


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