M13.2HydraWith the advent of the Summer for the Northern Hemisphere and Winter for the Southern Hemisphere, we come the New Noon on the first Water sign of the zodiac: CANCER.
There are several stories in Greek mythology, about the origin of this constellation in the heavens, one of them is seems insignificant at first glance, about a huge crab, sent by Hera, who hated Hercules, to prevent him from carrying out his labor, which was to kill the Hydra. So the crab jabbed him on the foot when the hero was in full fight with the divine animal and the mortal son of Zeus consequently stepped on it and killed it. Hera, Zeus’s wife, promised him, to place him in the sky as the constellation of Cancer and so she did. Another, slightly more interesting is Crios, a crab who was responsible for the care of some sea nymphs and for peculiar reasons cannot do it. While both stories speak of the nature of this sign, since in the latter, he is the “caregiver” of some nymphs, and in the first, he is sent to weaken the hero, both issues actually talk about the darker side of the sign of Cancer. The struggle for the liberation from the power of the mother (or rather the darker side of mother), who subtly, with her devotion and care weakens the inner hero in her son or daughter, is a difficult and constant issue in the life of Cancer. Especially those with the Moon, the Sun or the Ascendant in this sign.
But Cancer is the first sign of the Water element, from which all life emerges, according to several versions, including the Koran or the theory of evolution. In the past, since is the beginning of House 4, governed by Cancer, was considered the point of the beginning and the end of life, where we begin our life’s journey. It is considered a parental House, not only of the Mother, but of the Father too. For many, especially the astrologers of antiquity, 4 House is the House of the father, as it is HE, who provided home and name to the infant. But the Crab was for many, (for instance, the Egyptians) the point when the soul entered the body. Birth.
Although Venus is considered to be the goddess of creativity, or Leo, the sign of the creativity, it is really the sign of Cancer which is the most concerned with the process of creativity in their life. The difference is , that Leo´s journey, is more about to express what one carries inside, that distinguishes us from others, what is authentic to each person’s heart and soul. On the other hand, Cancer is more concerned with the creative process per se. For Leo, is not only the creative process, but what one might discover and express through it, whereas for Cancer is the process itself, which fascinates them. That’s why often find cancerians, beside very creative people, who already have somehow solved the issue and create with ease. Cancer looks with fascination as the other develops it. Often, Cancer falls for the artist, and takes them time to realize, that perhaps was not the person who they actually found fascinating, but their ability to create.
But being the 4th House ruler, the search for home is an intense issue for Cancer. Finding that “place”, which the can be called ‘home’, where you feel safe, protected and above all, that grants them with the sanctuary needed to create, or take care of her offspring, themselves, is one of the main themes in the life of the Cancer. With work and consciousness, they discover that that Place lays in the inside. Even the most conservative and traditional of Cancers, even when they seemingly have everything stable, in the apparent ‘home’ (House or country where they live), always exists that unease and doubt about if that is the right “place”. After all, Cancer is the second Cardinal sign, and they need action and new projects continuously. Capricorn is who often expresses the dark side of Cancer, which is the impulse to connect with people of high rank and stable bank accounts. However, this is only the beginning of Cancer’s need to discover themselves and understand their personal journey.
Co-dependency, is also a Cancerian issue, in their need to be associated with those who need them, because the feeling of being needed is the gasoline of this sign. But also, just until they can find their own way and their own creativity and the way to express it, although this is often a lifetime process. It is curious that as I’ve seen it many times, Cancers often have no children, and when this happens, then they are surrounded by many other people who come to them for comfort, support and inspiration. If you need an injection of self-esteem and an appreciation of your talents, talk to a Cancerian and you’ll surely get it.
This new moon today, is still in opposition to Pluto and therefore really marks the end of many things and the beginning of many others. In the Shamanic Wheel, it places us in the East, that place of beginnings, of encounters with new possibilities.
A confrontation with our feeling nature rather than our thinking one. Cancer says: “I feel, therefore I am”. Also the Sun and the Moon form a trine Neptune, which gives us a glimpse to the possibility of some of our dreams become a reality. And why not?. Making our dreams come true is often a simple matter of “changing a chip”. We begin to believe that it is possible and understand what we must do to achieve this and then we are faced with the reality of the price which such action requires of us, so that perhaps we can understand that despite wanting it, maybe we are not willing to pay the price. And that is OK too. At least it helps us to understand why we have not achieved it, yet. The pursue of dreams often requires a dedication and sacrifices that not all of us are willing to endure.
In the first week of July, Vesta the goddess guardian of the divine flame, and Ceres, Goddess of agriculture and nature, mother of Eleusis, and for me, also ruler of Cancer, get together at 22º of Libra, along with the node North of the Moon. Wherever this combination falls in your chart, it will be an area of inspiration and possibly struggles with feminine, since this conjunction opposes Eris in Aries. Relationships between mothers and daughters, co-workers, men with their wives, girlfriends, etc, will have a chance to look at their differences with sanity and restraint and above all with an immense respect for feminine, if you have the wisdom of being conscious of all this, but possibly it will simply mean a golden opportunity to put the cards on the table. This conjunction takes place only every 18 years and obviously, not always in Libra, and much less often with the Node, therefore, is also a unique moment of our lives. Pay attention, let it flow and learn from it.
The Cardinal cross that has been shaking us for the past four years, is also revived by this new moon, giving us more opportunities to recognize what must change in our lives, what or who we must say goodbye to , and which is the way to go,(never mind how much this scares us), to live in harmony with our inner values and our evolutionary needs.
Let your creativity flow these days and you’ll be surprised. Trust yourself and remember that there is no one like you in this world and what you have to offer to the world and others, only you can do it.


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