Scan 4On August 11 we woke up to the shocking news that Robin Williams, one of the most comic man in the world had committed suicide. The first question that comes to mind is. “How can it be that with this incredible sense of humor, he couldn’t find it in his moments of despair?”
I remember an interview Williams did with Larry King (CNN) ( when he said that when he entered a REHAB clinic, for his alcoholism, he didn’t lose his sense of humor, but on the contrary he really found it. I wonder what happened this time. Rumours of financial problems and the first stages of Parkinson’s could be one of the reasons why he decided to take his life and pass to the other world. What a shame for us! (Of course), because we all think that he still had many other endearing characters to offer us. But nobody knows, what his soul really needed and the reason why he decided to call it quits. I guess we’ll never know.
We can still look at his birthchart and see the different aspects that mobilized its astrological structure at this time. To start, you can see an incredible lack of Air in it (which sometimes translates into an inability to see difficult emotional situations in life with perspective), with only Neptune in Libra(in addition to Pallas and Pholus). Although the Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Leo, shows Mercury bang on over the MC, which describes the need to communicate in his profession and his extraordinary talent or ability to delve into the depths of his psyche to add more reality to the characters. I think that in the film “One Hour Photo” and in “Good morning Vietnam” he expressed truthfully its Mercury-Pluto conjunction.
His chart shows an abundance of Water: Sun, Mars, Uranus in Cancer; Luna, Ceres in PISCES, with an ascendant in Scorpio, which denotes its incredible sensitivity, ability to get in and out of characters, since the variety of emotions that water signs go through, are endless. While in the Mercury-Pluto conjunction,
Mercury is located right on the MC, Pluto falls on the House 9, therefore the voice of the Lord of the underworld sounded strong in the mind of Williams, as if the dark gods constantly whispered in his ears. His incredible Sagittarian humor is also obvious, with 2 planets, including the Sun, and also Vesta in house 9, and with Jupiter in house 5, as a token of his uniqueness.
The Williams T-square that involves a Neptuno-Jupiter opposition, with Mars-Uranus in conjunction in the House 8, as the apex planets, indicates his tendency to take risks, sometimes exorbitant and possibly financial ones. It is this aspect that has been activated in recent years by the Grand Cardinal cross of this year and the Uranus-Pluto square, which still continues. This T-square also speaks of his struggle with addiction and its incredible power to get involved in different projects regardless of the risk. With Saturn transiting his Asc, the confrontation with the reality of his humanity, couldn’t been easy, especially when he reached the heights he did, being admired and loved by millions. This aspect also describes his almost manic humour that contrasts with the Moon in PISCES in Trine to Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 8th, and the need for home and emotional stability. This chart speaks of an almost bi-polar personality, therefore the mood falls of from those great heights, which must’ve come when he was working, must’ve been very difficult to cope with. His Moon in PISCES now activated by Neptune, further awakened his ability to connect with the pain of others and the world. I imagine that looking to what is happening in the world today, must’ve been almost unbearable for him, as it is for a lot of us, except that with Pluto on the MC, he would have felt compelled into wanting to use his position to help and therefore the imminent reality of how almost impossible a task that is, i mean, the task of stopping human collective madness.
His Moon in PISCES in opposition to a Venus in Virgo, also speaks of the need for perfection, transcendence, struggling with the reality of our mortality and ordinary lives. The ideal of a total union with the other (Moon in PISCES, Mars in the 8th, Pluto MC) would meet the inevitable disappointment (Venus in Virgo) of human (especially his) imperfections. While we don’t know what, exactly, inhabited the mind of Robin Williams in his moments of depression, we can assume with this chart that a high degree of paranoia would’ve visited him often (with the grand cardinal cross activating his personal natal T-square by transit), due to the emotional tsunami that all of that must’ve meant. But I tend to think that the confrontation with his human reality will have been the pill more difficult to digest, if as his wife said, he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s. With a Sun progressed on his natal Saturn, with a moon progressed from 8th house, also on the way to the Saturn square and this god of time’s transit over his ASC, for a few months, the absolute reality of his mortality was inescapable. All this is in contrast to a Neptune beginning its transit over his natal Moon, something that only happens once in lifetime and that was triggering his natal Moon opposition Venus.
Progressed Mars had been crossing his MC and his Mercury-Pluto conjunction for a few years, reviving his journeys to the underworld of his psyche, something very difficult to cope with, without one intense spiritual life.
The Full Moon in Aquarius, activated this angle and these aspects on his MC-IC, which offered perhaps the final push to “return home” that Neptune over his Moon promised, possibly due to a call from Moira, difficult to ignore.


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