MALALA gets a well deserved Peace Nobel Prize!!!

astro_245ast_486_malala_yousafzai_20141010.32899.18233Malala Yousafzai was born only 17 years ago, on 12 July 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan, and according to Astrotheme at 8:15 hrs, and today she makes history for being the youngest person ever to receive a Nobel Peace Prize, and absolutely deserved.

This girl, now a young woman, was taking the bus to go to school like every day, exactly 2 years ago and a few Taliban hopped on the bus and after calling her name they discharged three shots in the head, of which one only reached destination.

The rest is already history, after recovering sufficiently to be able to be moved to Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where she miraculously recovered, decided to continue in her struggle for the right to education of girls at home and then in all those countries where women still do not enjoy this basic right.

The most impressive thing about this young woman or adolescent, who I have heard in several interviews is that nothing of what she says, seems to be a rehearsed speech, but you can immediately sense that her words come directly out of her heart and that extraordinary mind she has, both, mind and heart united in the belief that what she is doing is what she should be doing. Few things are more powerful than this. The certainty that one is on the right track, that one is living one’s own destiny.

According to Astrotheme, this time of birth was facilitated by Malala and her family, which leads us to see a Sun in Cancer in the eleventh House, which can not be more descriptive of her extraordinary struggle to improve humanity.

The conjunction of Moon with Mars in Libra is astrological poetry. A born Warrior, who will not give up her journey even after being shot in the head, a journey she transmits through words, diplomacy and peace – but, this combination is part of a T-square involving Saturn, opposing the Moon-Mars conjunction, two malefics (as astrologers used to call Mars and Saturn) in Cardinal signs and both forming a square to the Sun. This speaks of the dramatic event which almost sent her to the world of the dead, aggression at the hands of the masculine, a karmic violence I would say, that expresses the war between the masculine and the feminine. Vesta in conjunction to Saturn, talks about her relationship with her father and her focus on this extraordinary arduous task of defending the rights of women in a country like Pakistan. Chiron opposition Saturn, another example of astrological poetry, since she was born in a culture where women are dominated by the masculine, her deep wound, that drives her to fight against it. Her Sun in Cancer, would say: “you won’t win with me”, a true expression of the cardinal energy.

In this chart, there are two T-square, typical symbol of people who are Warriors and fighter, both containing a Sun-Saturn square, and without delving into Malala’s psyche in this article, something I will do later, her struggle is supported by her father, who doesn’t leave alone for one second. He is her mentor, inspiring agent and somehow the engine behind her fight, she is the carrier and writer/director of her father’s ideals.

Venus and Mercury in Leo describe her natural talent for public speaking and have everyone fascinated when she does. Her Sun opposite Neptune, speaks of their high ideals and longings to be the “lamb” even if that means that she should be sacrificed for the cause. She knows that it is not yet safe, and that at any time the taliban can return to attack her, as they have expressed it publicly via Twitter more than once.

It is also significant that coinciding with the moment in which her progressed Moon joins her progressed MC in the House 10, of her public image, she is granted this important award and since everything is in Gemini, obviously not by herself, but in the company of another, Kailash Satyarthi, also an activist, who has saved thousands of children from labor slavery.

With Jupiter in house 6, of work and health matters and which has to do with the expansion, traveling abroad and publishing, last year, when this great planet by transit passed over her natal Sun in Cancer, Malala published her book, with great success at the international level. Now in Leo, passing over Venus, ruler of the MC, she gets a Nobel Peace Prize.

To conclude this brief overview of Malala chart, I would add that she was born with Juno in conjunction to the Sun, a wonderful expression of female power that places her at the forefront of this struggle for the education of young women, with only 17 years old. What a girl!

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