Here we are on the eve of the full moon in Capricorn of the year, as it is the norm in the month of July, when the Sun transits the sign of Cancer.

We always say that the full moon concludes a cycle, which has begun in the previous new moon, which in this case was in the last degrees of Gemini,  on June 16. The angle Cancer-Capricorn speaks of the need to let go of the paternal patterns to find the way to nourish ourselves without having to focus on the needs of others (Cancer) and learn to find our own limits, (Capricorn), without the need to fight against authority “outside”, in the form of “bosses”, institutions, etc. Whereever it falls in your chart this angularity is where you must visualize these lessons. With the Sun in Cancer traveling hand in hand with Mars, and the Moon in Capricorn holding on to Pluto, the encounter with institutions or the bosses, parents, or any authority figure is possible. Something will remind us of what can not escape of, what we must pay if we have not done so, laws we must follow, even if we don’t like it, the work that we must do even though is difficult, the limits that we must put to our children, so that they are not consume by doubt, etc. All these are issues that will be illuminated for this full moon, to help us to see more clearly where we are deceiving ourselves choosing to blame others, instead of finding within ourselves the reasons for our predicaments.

This full moon in Capricorn coincides with the conjunction Venus-Jupiter in Leo, which is  exact these days around the lunation, actually if you look at the sky at dusk, you can see them almost together, in a beautiful dance, since they are the two brightest planets in the sky, after the Sun and the Moon. It is said that it was a conjunction like this that the Magi were following when they were looking for the place of birth of the new King. To complete the romantic air of this lunation, the Sun which is aligned with Mars in Cancer, it is or rather, forms, an exact trine to Neptune in PISCES, as if to remind us that life is not only the reality of every day, but the world of our dreams and aspirations is just as real as paying the mortgage. The part of our nature that dreams, longs and searches for perfection or Eden on Earth, does not leave us even for a moment. If you have important aspects of Neptune in your chart, you know what I mean, even if you work in a bank or at the offices of some call center, there is always a part of our psyche that does not surrender to this reality and remains in a dreaming state: what we would like to be, what we would like to have, in other words, thinking or our dreams, the place our soul longs to reach. To complete the dream, the conjunction Venus-jupiter is located in trine  to Uranus, which we can bring innovative ideals, surprises that will stimulate our intellect or simply help us find ways to enjoy pleasure in a slightly more intellectual way. Seminars that help us expand our consciousness are a good idea for this weekend. As Venus makes its retrograde motion from July 25 and begins its apparent reverse motion,  it will be forming this conjunction to Jupiter for about three months, being exactly  on August 4 and 5, 6 days before Jupiter  moves into Virgo and also on October 25, but this time both planets in the sign of Virgo.

But the spell will not last long since this full moon, i.e. the Sun with Mars and the Moon in line with Pluto, form a Grand Cross with the Lunar Nodes. Planets that are in square to the nodes, normally find us at the crossroads between repeating  old family ancestral patterns or evolve. A part of us wants to conclude certain issues, to be able to move forward and another part of our psyche stops us and keeps us repeating family history. This is another opportunity to take a look at what we need to conclude at this time, to be able to evolve, to move to the next chapter. This moon can bring us the clear vision of what we must do to achieve this.

Pallas opposes Mercury which adds even more fuel to the need of experience our intellect. Pleasure needs not be divorced from learning. Vesta also forms a T-square to this lunation, in some way, reinforcing this idea of retreating towards our interior and find pleasure in a renewed way, through the search for the inner paradise to discover its incredible wealth  of information and creativity and find true pleasure learning to be who we really are. There is no bigger pleasure that the feeling of being aligned with our Center and the Universe, with the certainty of being on the right path.


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