The entry of Saturn, the second largest planet in our solar system after Jupiter, and sixth from the Sun, in the sign of the Archer, will feel like a breath of fresh air for many, but as Saturn is always Saturn, never mind which sign he finds itself in, we all have important lessons to learn from this new position which will take about 2 and a half years. It begins this walk through the ninth sign with bells and whistles, since at entry is forming important angularities to Neptune and to Jupiter, which happen to be opposite each other, thus forming a T-square among the three. Those who know a little bit of astrology, continue to scratch their head trying to figure out the true meaning of such planetary aspect. Great many books have been written about it.

A T-square, with a Saturn as Apex, which is the role played by this planet, which forms 90º angles to two other planets opposing each other, indicates a need to establish a practical and serious relationship to the great ideals of life, in this case in particular, since involves Jupiter and Neptune , planets that relate to our ideals and our longings, respectively. Obviously, not without great difficulties, especially on the road to professional success, and social prominence, in an individual birth chart. The need to bring order to a apparently chaotic world, is an extraordinary drive and intensely Saturnian. When this occurs in an individual it seems that life forces him to learn the lessons and wisdom of patience, perseverance and humility. It is possible that doubt and lack of self-esteem restricts the person through out his own life. The lack of faith in him or herself often grows from the voice of a very severe, traditional father who does not value the decisions of his son/daughter and hence they feel they have to prove themselves to others all the time. As this is a T-square in mutable signs, since Jupiter is in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius, the tension of this planetary aspect, will be at the mental level for many, and it will be particularly felt at an oficial level that involves paper work and oficial offices, government decisions, etc., clearly seen at the moment in the situation with the migration of Syrians, Iraqis, etc, into Europe, since they will need to organize all their documents in order to legally enter the countries of the European Union. It will produce, or rather it is producing, a general panic, terror of the ‘musulmation’ of Europe, something which many countries oppose with walls of barbed wire and changes in the law, in order to contain the invasion, as Hungary and other countries of Eastern Europe. The positive side of this position of Saturn in a mutable fire sign as Sagittarius, is that it will promote studies, research, changes in the law to adapt to new times and bring education to the 21 Century. It will bring attention to those who create the law, the authorities, judges, politicians; to transatlantic long travel and airline companies, and especially to our beliefs, and to the process of what we do in the name of that which we call God, that nobody really knows what it is, since it remains a mystery and the reasons why so many of us, are willing to die for it, without having actually asked ourselves what is that they are actually fighting for.

Awareness of our social responsibilities, our need for order, of true justice in our environment, to be able to progress as Nations, as individuals, will be another aspect of this Saturn transit through the sign of Sagittarius, as it will be our responsibility with the weather changes and its effect on the Plantet. As Timothy Snyder, Professor of history at Yale University and author of the book Black Earth said: “there can be no freedom without order”. This is the biggest lesson of Saturn and Saturn in Sagittarius, especially. Our freedom of thought must be reinforced by studies, scientific advancements, because there is no Present, without memory of the Past and our visions for the Future. Saturn in Sagittarius will teach us that an excessive optimism leads us to disappointment, that the lack of legalization of any project, may lead to its failure. Whatever we do must remain within the law, it is what allows us to live in freedom. or is it not? Good luck won’t be the ingredient for success, but hard work and opening our mind to other ways of thinking to learn from them, will help. Pleasure trips will be replaced by travels for duty, work and studies. As I mentioned before, the Erasmus system will flourish further, giving the opportunity to thousands of young people go and study other cultures and enrich themselves doubly, by incorporating other ways of seeing life into their psyche. Freedom of religion must abide by the law. Therefore in this migration of Muslims to countries that are not, will  be seriously regularised so that both parties respect the values of the other, enabling them to live together. Our superficial view of religion and our blind obedience to what is preached by the representatives of different religions will be seriously challenged or it should be. We must ask ourselves what is being preached and if the message leads us all to live in a better world with more acceptance, tolerance and peace.

Saturn in Sagittarius, and in its squares to Jupiter and Neptune, will lead us to try and find a way to live with our ideals in a framework of respect and structuring in which nothing might take us to kill those who do not believe in the words of our God. The serious question of what is that we call God, and how this conditions our lives, will be the central theme. The “big business” of educational ”Masters”, which many students today are forced to do paying exorbitant prices, in order to find work, also will meet Saturnian hand, hopefully, selecting those valid ones from the not so valid, especially those where you can get a certificate after a year or sometimes a month of studies, for the price of 3000 euros. It has become an uncontrolled business, in my view.

Saturn is Cronos of the Roman mythology, the God of Time. As Snyder said: “Time is the fourth dimension, which can make the 3 dimensions of space, a little less claustrophobic. Saturn brings also the awareness of historical events, when the power falls and chaos and violence ensues, as it is happening today in several countries around the world. It reaffirms the fact that order, legal order, in this particular case of Saturn in Sag, is indispensable.

Eventually, astrologers understand that Saturn continues to be the most important of the planets  in this earthy life, to learn the necessary lessons to find freedom as individuals and as Nations, which are brought about by limitations and restriction.

For those born between November 1985 until December of 1988, this transit of Saturn through Sagittarius, coincides with the first return of this planet into their lives, which takes place at around 28 years of life, for a couple of years. this is one of the highlights of life, when one makes decisions that will mark the rest of our life. For many people, I included, it is considered the true birth as an individual, when one has sufficient maturity, to re – direct our destiny in the direction we want. The opportunity to choose the true profession and work of our life, away from the influence of the paternal or maternal voice. Away from the values of a society that expects to do this or the other, without taking into account our true talents and desires. A fuller picture of the responsibilities and challenges that means choosing for oneself, so not to blame others for our own decisions. A moment, for many, greatly challenging, but at the same time, exciting, with a sense of : “Finally, I know what to do” or at least what NOT to do. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have steered your life in the direction that your soul asks of you, then this is a moment of structuring, enriching and reaffirming it. If you have not known what to do, and you’ve followed simply the wishes of the family and the environment, then is a special time to redirect your path and get to do what your soul needs to do. From this point until the second Saturn return which occurs at age 58, is the time of greatest professional productivity, time for family, children, therefore, one of the most important moments of your life. So, fasten your belt and get to it. You are starting one of the most stimulating decades of your life.

For those born between October of 56 and beginning of January of 59, this represents the second Saturn return, again, it marks a moment on the edge of an extraordinary change, yet this time, you have probably developed your profession, have had your family and children have grown up; women, have already survived their menopause, so the emphasis that drives us towards the 60’s decade is about the way to give back to society what we have taken from it, passing our knowledge to the younger, to those who need it, fighting for social change, in which we believe faithfully, make sense at the end of our lives, doing something for society and for others. A time sacred to those who have not followed the wishes of the soul, especially in their profession, this is the opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted to do, but you did not know how. If you have mental and physical health, now is the time.

Be curious and observe what happens under Saturn in Sagittarius, journey that will take us until December 20th, 2017. Be a part of it. Consciously.

In the third part of Saturn in Sagittarius, I will concentrate on what will be its effect sign by sign. Breathe deep and take the best possible benefits of this extraordinary cosmic event.

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