SUPERMOON, NEW MOON AND SOLAR ECLIPSE in Pisces – 8 and 9 of March

We are on the threshold of the first of three consecutive Supermoons, and also the first eclipse of the four of this year.
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is opposite the Sun, and the moon shadow falls on our planet. A solar eclipse is only possible in a New Moon because it’s the only time that the Moon is placed between Sun and the Earth. Most of the time, however, the new moon appears to pass North or South of the solar disk, therefore there is no total solar eclipse.
The plane of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth is inclined 5° to the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Half of the month, the Moon orbits Earth in the North of the ecliptic (orbital plane of the earth around the Sun); and for the other half of the month, the Moon orbit the Earth South of the ecliptic. Twice a month, the Moon crosses the orbital plane of the Earth at imaginary points called Moon Nodes. If the Moon is traveling from North to South, we call it descending node, and when it goes from South to North, we call it ascending node.
When a new moon occurs while the Moon is appreciably near one of its nodes, a solar eclipse occurs. This time, the Moon reaches its descending node or South just 5 hours when the Moon is exactly aligned with the Sun.
March 8-9, 2016 we have a New Supermoon, bigger than normal, which will pass in front of the Sun and it will totally block the solar disk. Although you have to be in the right place on Earth to witness the total solar eclipse, which will not be in Europe, but it is a band of space much larger in the world who get to see it in different degrees. South and East Asia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hawaii and Alaska. If you are in one of those places and can see it, good luck. Be careful with your eyes.
But what makes this event so special Astrologically?. First, takes place in the sign of PISCES, at 19º, so it falls in the of decan of Aquarius. So the Moon, Sun, Chiron, Ceres, and Neptune, all together, are exactly opposed to Jupiter in Virgo, which is located in its retrograde motion at this time until May 10, when it will resume its direct motion, and as if it wasn’t enough, Saturn from Sagittarius, forms or rather completes the T-square,forming angles of 90 ° to all them. The Lord of the Rings and Karma as it is commonly called Saturn, appears to be preventing us from doing what we want. Something does not allows us to find the solution to certain issues, which although not in the same fashion for everyone, it puts us all mortals who inhabit this planet in a terrible dilemma . It seems that we are in a situation that divide us and brings conflict into our lives and which we find difficult to handle or manage. “The feeling is:” I want this to happen, but if it happens, then I lose that, or risk this other thing. Sounds familiar?. If you’ve made decisions too quickly, in the immediate past, now you are confronted with the result of these decisions, and Saturn forces us to RE-consider in order to restructure. Versions of this dilemma are endless, as beings on this planet, but we all seem to be faced with this dilemma. If you think that you can find the answer on other people’s opinion, you are mistaken, this must be resolved by each one of us, engaging in a genuine dialogue with our soul. A good medicine, is to accept that we are where we are because we need to learn this lesson and we cannot escape it, no matter how much we want to avoid confrontation, as hinted by the Neptunian side of this equation, but escaping does not resolve the situation, only delays it.
So we are called to work it out, to open a dialogue with ourselves, to find answers to this dilemma that bedevils us. If we want freedom, of a situation, but that means that we lose with this, security, then we will have to assess which of the two things is more important for us at this time. If we want a bigger house, but that puts us in debt for much longer, we also have to think about it. It is clear that the most important thing we must remember is that fortunately, nothing lasts forever. This planetary aspects which seem to have us caged, will fade towards the end of the year, allowing us to see the solutions with less conflict. Then the T-square will happen between Jupiter (which already will be in Libra), activating the Uranus-Pluto square, about which I’ve written extensively and still refuses to dissolve, although also is on track to do so, although they are now once again to 1º of orb, for this eclipse. Clearly, we see this almost comical situation in politics around the world. In the United States, Donald Trump is causing terror in the Republican party, because its rise in popularity, to the most conservative, means aiding Hilary Clinton. In Spain, they fail a coalition to be able to govern, as no one has sufficient votes. No one achieved the minimum required majority. The PSOE wants to get together with CU, but they don’t want Sanchez from PSOE as the representative of such coalition. The fall in the price of oil worldwide, helps us all consumers, but not the global economy, and therefore that also harms us.So, which is your dilema at this moment? Where Pisces and Sagittarius fall in your birth chart, will be in the areas of your life where you are divided, seemingly without answers as to how to solve the problem.
In short, thanks to Astrology that helps us view more clearly the dilemma, and see it with more mental clarity, which leads us to accept the situation and enables us to put us on both ends of the apparent division and see which alternative will do us best. It is ideal to find the compromise, the balance between these apparent divisions and with feet firm on the ground, try to resolve it, accepting, our limitations and our possibilities. There will always be that element of risk, which is necessary to make something remarkable happen. But we can take risks that do not destroy us. After all we only seem to learn when we are wrong and make mistakes that we must correct. Over and over again.
Juno from Scorpio, squares Pallas Athena in Aquarius, aspect that speaks clearly of the dilemma of staying in a relationship without abandoning our individual journey, or return to our professional career, without damaging the relationship. A balance between continuing to grow individually, without sacrificing time with those important to you. Difficult but absolutely necessary and vital. If we ignore Juno, we suffer, if we ignore Pallas we also pay a price. How to find that balance? Pallas tells us: “the other half is inside you” and Juno says: “Need your other half to feel complete”. As I have been invoking Pallas for years, I listen to her and prefer to find my ideal inner partner inside, rather than seeking it outside. The other, can be any type of relationship and not necessarily a personal partner. It can be a creative partner, a companion on your professional path, that will help you find the best in you. Those who challenge us are our best friends, though.
Mars, just entered into Sagittarius, also forms a square to Mercury and Neptune in PISCES, which increases our sense of victimization and prevents us from being direct and specific. The impulse is to cause an argument rather than go straight to the point and say what we think. It also forms a square to Venus in Aquarius, so be careful how you handle issues with your emotional partner.
Chiron, which is closer to this eclipse, fortunately reminds us that whatever the dilemma we are living, the answer lies in the acceptance that this is what our soul needs to evolve.
If you’re a Virgo, PISCES, Gemini and Sagittarius, you’re in the middle of all this, but remember that this aspect affects us all those who walk the Earth with our own personal load.


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