MARS RETROGRADE 2016 – April 18th – June 30th

Mars makes its retrograde motion every two years, for about 75-80 days, so last March 2014 made its last retrograde and occurred in the second half of the sign of Libra. The one this years starts on the 18th of April until the 30th of June.

Trying to give a “Polyana” aspect to this planet, is not only useless, but also limiting and not true. Mars impels us to situations and emotions difficult to handle and in retrograde, even more. In 2014 as it walked through Libra, we saw the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 disappeared and crashed into the Sea (though still has not been confirmed) and Russia “took” Crimea, which caused many diplomatic meetings that ended with the suspension of Russia from the G8. 270 girls at a school in Nigeria were abducted.

This time Mars stations retrograde in Sagittarius, the sign that has a lot to do with our powerful ideals ( read religious fundamentalism), among other things, dipping back into Scorpio, the sign of sexuality and death, and taxes, other people’s money (like the Panama hacked papers). Situations that force us into transforming, and I say “force us“ because there is usually some dramatic event that trigger the changes. It starts its retrograde activating the current T-square, in conjunction to Saturn (7 ° orb) and Square to Neptune (9 ° orb) and Jupiter (5 ° orb). This aspect speaks of desires and most intimate longings and our difficulty in manifesting them in our lives. So confrontation with the absolute reality of our possibilities (Saturn) can be hard to accept and extremely frustrating. Depending on one’s age, this process will be more or less permanent and painful. Evading taxes not a good idea at the moment!

At a personal level, the houses activated by this T-square, and the planets being aspected by it, will describe where this tension manifests in our lives. Normally, Mars drives us to action, to initiate, to assert ourselves, to risk, but in retrograde, these plans can encourage us to extremes that bring unwelcome stress . Frustration is typical of these cosmic movements, to extremes that sometimes we can find it hard to handle. As if something prevents us from moving forward, such as walking against a very strong wind which forces us to stop or to slow down. As with all of the retrograde, the intention is to stop and Rethink. there’s a possibility that we need to finish something, before moving forward with the new project, or that we ought to reconsider the project and its consequences or to review the people with whom we want to do it. Or simply if we have enough experience and expertise to carry it out.

If health is sensitive, this may be the time when you feel at your worst and when you will be forced to stop to recover your energies. Impatience, irrational reactions, irritability are all human feelings related to a negative Mars and in retrograde specifically. Unexpected accidents are common, if you work with sharp tools be careful, if you go biking, if you drive too, etc, etc. This is particularly possible in the third week of June, when Mars will form a quincunx (150 °) with Uranus in Aries.

At the end, as always, will be positive, because it helps us to think and to terminate or conclude a stage that has already fulfilled its function, and that will allow us to propel ourselves to the next chapter or project with adequate internal wisdom and proper experience. The Sagittarius idealism, every now and then needs these moments of calm to be able to observe more closely what they are getting involved in.

If you have planets in the last degree of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, Then read this article again, so if you have planets in the early degrees of Mutables signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. By above all do not forget that this period finishes at the end of June. So do not panic!.


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