FULL MOON in Scorpio and the second MERCURY RETROGRADE of the year.

Full-Moon-on-FlickrHere comes the Full Moon in Scorpio of the year.Today, tomorrow and the day after, exact on April 22nd. Usually the words Full Moon and Scorpio in the same sentence seems to tell us something about the dark side of our minds coming to the surface, and this “scares” almost everyone. As if we had to be good, angelic, kind and compassionate all the time. As with most lunation this moon in Scorpio is special, since it opposes the Sun in Taurus and is aligned with the asteroid Juno, which could also be related an archetype of Scorpio. Since Juno was the wife of Zeus and their infamous power struggle marriage is well known to all.

But lets start from the beginning: Taurus is the sign where we learn about the importance of this physical life, the extraordinary experience which is to be inside a body, and beauty that allows us to live through the 5 senses. Listening, smelling, seeing, taste and especially touch. Five aspects of the physical experience, absolutely wonderful, and commonly taken for granted, forgetting the value of it. This sign is the symbol of the archetype of Venus, its ruler, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Desire. It is through this archetype that we can enjoy the beauty of the world, especially in Nature and the value of our existence. Scorpio for its part investigates the why of everything. It is through Scorpio that we learn about the depth of human nature. Our innermost desires, the side of our nature closer to the beast. The Taurus-Scorpio speaks of the Beauty and the Beast aspect of our psyche. Jekyll and Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scorpio, with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in the eighth sign.

Juno, or Hera, married to Zeus, and archetype of the “wife”, was also his sister. This asteroid is correlated with the sign of Libra and Scorpio, as talks about the wars of power in marriage, and teaches us the difference between ‘being in love’, something very Venusian, and “being married”. Juno in contact with the Moon, as it is for this lunation, tells us that our sense of security and emotional stability are dependent on having a stable partner. We all know how complicated this is. Searching for emotional balance in others does not seem a very wise decision. But as it is always the case with symbols, we can venture to say, that the right thing to do would be to find that inner Juno and therefore that stability within ourselves. With the help of Chiron in PISCES which is aligned with the Lunar Nodes, aid can come from understanding this concept in depth, so that in the middle of all the instability that may be in our lives at this time, we can discover that the most important relationship of our lives is not with another person, but with ourselves. Finding this harmony within us, it kind of works as a very strong inmune system against all the disharmonies that may exist around us. As if nothing could really touch us or make us unstable.

But perhaps the most important aspect for this full moon is the T-square between Saturn-Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune are similar archetypes, because both have to do with our ideals, fantasies, exaltation of our Ego, the way in which we fool ourselves, believing that we are more than what we are, or that we know more than we know. The two drive us to escape our reality and our limitations, to avoid confrontation with the ephemeral nature of our lives and the insignificance of our existence. But both are connected with Saturn, the Lord of “reality”, precisely that, which confronts us with the time we have, with our limitations. It is not surprising that in September 2015 when this T-square first formed, we had a stampede at Mecca, a place of prayer (Neptun-Jupiter) and where more than 2000 people were killed, we also found out that Volkswagen had cheated on their tests of the emissions from their cars. Self-delusion and confrontation are the main characteristics of this planetary aspect. We have now had the Panama Papers (ha!), another confrontation with deception of people in high positions of authority and power. The darkness of Neptune can be penetrated by Saturn, which forces us to open our eyes and see the reality. Neptune in its own sign is also correlated with awareness of the exorbitant effect of our beliefs and religious fanaticism that we are seeing at the moment. Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, brings the consequences of such self-deceptions and above all the poor interpretations of the sacred word in which religions are based upon. During the end of the 2015 we also had earthquakes of magnitude 7 in Pakistan and the attacks in Paris by Isis. Now we have had earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan again. On the positive side of these combinations of Jupiter in Virgo, sign of service, with Neptune in Pisces, sign of compassion, is the awareness that the main problems that humans have to deal with today are not local, but global, like poverty, gender inequality, clima change, etc. So with people leaning to help other countries and institutions dealing with global calamities grow as in the case of The Red Cross, Doctors without borders, to name a couple, who have played an unimaginable role in the situation with migrants from Syria. The other danger of the T-square is the fall of the financial markets once again. These are very complex few months, “thus on Earth as in Heaven”.

Yesterday began the pre-shadow period of the next Mercury retrograde at about 14º Taurus, which will station retrograde on April 29, at Taurus 23 ° 34′, and this does not help the financial situation either. Almost at the same time that Venus enters the sign of Taurus, which it rules. It will go back to the 14 ° Taurus, when it will station directly on May 23. The period post shadow ends June 7. So from now on, our internet connections go crazy, probably slower than usual, our mobile will behave strangely. The romance online may bring about many confusions and misunderstandings. Love situations that we believed had finished can prove us otherwise. RE-vising our finances and investments is virtually an obligation. To risk is not the best idea at the moment, except if you can afford it. A re-evaluation of what we really care about in life is in order. Everything that is on your mind all the time, is what is important to you. Take the time, to see more clearly what you need at this time to be happy. What you need and what you have. Although the first retrograde of the year in January also was about our relationships, at present our perspective have changed and we now have the opportunity to perform with the experience gained in these months and as a result of separations and modifications that have occurred.

The full moon in Scorpio confronts us with the intensity and depth of our feelings and emotions, which far from being negative, enriches us and gives us the opportunity of feeling and being, everything that we were born to be. If you love, LOVE, even if it hurts, if you are separating, walk forward, with your head high, because you have loved. Oddly enough, the pain of love is the most wonderful thing about love. Live it and leave hatred and resentment for the unhappy, for the lost souls, for those who cannot LOVE like YOU.

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