GEMINI NEW MOON and the Mutable Grand Cross – 3-4-5 of June

Here we are on the threshold of the New Moon in Gemini of the year. This will be one of those that we will not forget easily, since this lunation is formed at 14 º of Gemini and being a new moon, means that the Sun and Moon are in exactly the same degree and sign, and this time Venus joins them, meaning there is a conjunction of Sun-Moon-Venus in Gemini. These three planets activate the mutable T-square that we have been under, since November of last year and that has been felt increasingly strong from March this year. A T-square, as we all know is formed from two squares and an opposition i.e. two angles of 90 ° and one of 180 °. In this particular case it is Jupiter in Virgo that opposes Neptune in Pisces and they form 90 ° angles to Saturn in Sagittarius. All of this on the 13 ° – 14 ° of each sign. A T-square in mutable signs brings great mental challenges and above all, decision-making on projects hovering in our mind which are seeking expression. The planet that makes the two squares called the Apex, is the one that receives most of the tension of this planetary formation. Being Saturn, archetype which represents institutions, the system, our limitations and insecurities, order, the law, etc, many of us we are faced with the dilemma of how to give shape to our projects with the awareness that somehow, we must deal with institutions and the system, if we want to make a living out of it. Comes to mind, Messi’s trial, which starts today, who seems to have “avoided” or “evaded” the paying taxes. This is only one of the expressions of this cosmic aspect.

The tension generated by the T-square , often finds some kind of answers in “missing leg” that completes the Grand Cross, i.e., in this case, planets in Gemini. So that is exactly what we are getting for this New Moon, with Sun-Moon – Venus in Gemini, giving some sort of outlet for the tension of the T-square formed by Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn. These aspects drive us to action, and usually we live this sort of tension as if the obstacles come from outside ourselves.. Specifically, some of the ideas or mindset we may have towards a project at hand , which we may plan or intend for long period of time or may have great importance in our lives, seem to encounter opposition, restrictions from others . Think of the millions emigrating from Siria and Libia and Africa and the obstacles they encounter once they arrive to Europe. With Jupiter and Neptune in contact with Saturn, which curiously walks through the sign ruled by Jupiter, we are driven from the deepest parts of our psyche to make a statement in society and provoke the birth of new ideas and that we strongly feel might improve everything that has to do with our beliefs and education, above all. Our own hesitation, our insecurities and doubts are met with difficulties and obstacles that force us to think over and over again, different ways of bringing into effect what we want to create.

The most interesting thing about these planetary formations is that we always seem to be in situations where we are located at one end of the T-square and we find the other two ends expressed by others. For example: if I’m on the side of Jupiter and my ideals and faith in my own abilities are out of sink, then we find Saturn in the one who tells us, or asks us: “but , can you really do this? Are you qualify to do this? What studies do you have?” If we take the side of Neptune, then suddenly reality becomes unbearable and our dreams tend to become completely out of reach: ” no matter what I do, this will never become a reality because the world is not prepared for it”. If we stand with Saturn , then we become  “cynical” and we criticize the ideas and dreams of others with an exaggerated realism without offering an alternative. Sound familiar?

It certainly is great fun to see this pattern, when politicians argue in TV among themselves in a desperate search for votes. The Neptunian and Jupiterian ideas and behavior may seem too versatile, too crazy and too inconsistent for the Saturnian mentality. And the Saturnians appear too critical and old fashion for the other two. So, what is the solution? Perhaps we should wait for Jupiter to come off from this planetary formation before it enters Libra in September. But this new moon offers the possibility of finding some answers in this Gemini trio of planets during the June 3-4-5 days. Gemini suggests we keep an open mind, continue to seek information and options on several different fronts. This planetary formation in mutable signs talks about how to stay true to our ideals and longings, but always with our feet on the ground and looking for the balance of all this within us. Is the planning of our project, correct? Is it possible that we should need some re-structuring of it, more in tune with our possibilities and talents? Is this project aligned with our deepest values? Is there a possibility that it does not correspond with our skills and our ethics? It is imbued with love and benefit for the community or is something that will only satisfy our ego? These are all questions that are relevant at the moment and everyone will get the answers that we need or can understand. Whatever the answer, we must not forget that Neptune in PISCES is speaking to us of universal unity, of the fact that, although we may come from different cultures, we are of from the human race. We must try to work out the difficulties that prevent us from mingling with and accept those not akin to our culture. In spite of speaking different languages, savoring different cuisine, having opposite beliefs and customs, we are all affected by the same problems and we suffer for similar things. Perhaps the message of Gemini is about embracing diversity, to welcome what we do not know, and open our hearts to those who frighten us and challenge us. If we are all the time with people who think like us, our mind accommodates itself in a series of increasingly less varied habits and we end up becoming bi-dimensional, bitter and cynical beings. Contact with other cultures and idiosyncrasies enrich and add dimensions to our life. I could not imagine life without Sushi. ;-D

Jupiter forms a trine (120º) to Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus, and something tell us that the solution or the key to understanding lies deep in our psyche, so we should keep looking. Mars, which has dipped back into Scorpio, until August 3rd, also forms a trine to Chiron, which suggests that this is not time for victimizing ourselves and abandon the fight, quite the contrary, it is time to remember that this journey of life is the only one we have and the opportunities are there, for those who can see them and have the courage to grab them. Comfort kills creativity. Life is a constant risk and the T-squares are the perfect example of this.
Enjoy this New Moon and if you feel like sharing your experiences of it, please feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page: Astrología Arquetípica.
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