The Shootings in Orlando and the Asteroids


The difficulty of knowing the exact time the shootings started, since many say at 2 o’clock in the morning, others at 2:15 makes it difficult to get a firmly true ASC degree. Whatever the time, it was around 2 o’clock in the morning of Sunday, June 12, since the clubs close at that time in the United States. He, who unleashed his wrath at the people in the disco, shooting indiscriminately, had been preparing this for a while, so I have decided to use 2 in the morning, as the time of the beginning of the shooting, which gives a 29º of Pisces in the ASC, with Neptune and Jupiter as the ruler of the event which brings the emphasis back to  the angle of the mutable cross which has been so strongly felt in the past  few months,  with Chiron in conjunction to the ASC, and  Pholus, the other Centaur, asteroid which has its orbit between  Saturn and Neptune, two of the planets involved in this Grand Cross, placed in conjunction to the MC and hence in square to Chiron. The Aries ASC, would also be very significant, because as Eric Francis said, gives us Mars as the ruler of the event, during its retrograde in Scorpio and the cardinality, the quality that denotes action. Ultimately, it could be either and that is when we refer to an ASC on the cusp between two signs.

Aspects of planets and their positions in houses, remain unchanged, and we can clearly see the power of this Sun-Venus conjunction  in opposition to Saturn. I think that beautifully describes the nature of such an act. The tension of such opposition being part of the Mutable Grand Cross, is re-activated by the passing of the Moon in its first square in a Crescent phase by the position of Jupiter in Virgo and the angle of the Lunar nodes, forming opposition to Neptune, Pallas, Eros and Nessus. All in square to the Sun-Venus-Saturn opposition. It has to be someone in their Saturn return, who becomes the detonator of this action and as we can see in the birth chart of Mateen, someone who is in some way activating the archetype of Pholus, the guardian of the “ancestral wine”, or “family and/or cultural madness” or the “repressed energy” of his family or culture. This is a perfect example of the power of asteroids and their archetypes in the human psyche. Let’s start from the beginning: Moon activates Jupiter (our strongest ideals and our sense of mission) which in turn is in opposition to: Neptune, (our sense or desire of union with something more grandiose than ourselves), Mateen said he was acting in alliance with the Islamic State (ISIS), Pallas: the most powerful Virgin of Olympus, who definitely does not indulges in sex and is among other things the goddess of strategy and war, it evokes the eloquent possibility that Mateen was a homosexual repressed by his family and his culture, so that make him hate that part of himself and therefore, homosexuality in general. Eros, the God of sexuality and eroticism,  something that we cannot control, who is the son of Aphrodite/Venus, which is part of this Grand Cross. Eros is who drives us to fall in love or become erotically obsessed, describes where Mateen chooses to unleash his sexual frustration, and last, but not least is Nessus, the other Centaur, whose orbit is between Saturn and Pluto, as the most imminent vehicle between Moral judgment and the underworld of human hidden sexuality.

If we look at the birth chart of Mateen, taking into consideration the lack of time of birth, we can also see Venus and Pluto conjunct in Scorpio, which describes secret erotic desires, hidden love affairs with Sun, Mercury and Ceres, also in Scorpio, of course with Mars retrograde by transit, retreating towards the Sun of Mateen, which has been activating all those planets in Scorpio since January of this year. This Act of terror was not organized in one day, but that is the result of this unresolved tension. The T-square in his natal chart, formed by Sun opposition Moon and both in a square to Mars in Aquarius, speaks volumes of his unresolved sexual tension. Eros is in contact with Mars and Pholus with the Moon, if he was born in the morning. In any case, Pholus is opposed his Mercury in Scorpio and we mustn’t forget it is Hermes (Mercury) who takes the souls to the underworld. Chiron in Gemini, talks about his inability to communicate his feelings and the duality of his mind. It is also curious to see how Pholus by transit has been activating Mateen’s progressed Sun, which is in Sagittarius. Pluto from Capricorn, has been forming a square to the Lunar nodes angle, and of course Uranus in Aries, has also has been activating his nodal angle since 2015. By transit Jupiter also opposes its natal position, describing his idealistic excuse when it comes to such act. The transit of Neptune by his Natal Jupiter, also describes his idealistic adherence to a movement that professes to represent a religion.

It should be clear, that all this astrological poetry can take place AFTER an event occurs. If Mateen had visited an astrologer in these months, one could have spoken of the tension taking place inside, and the possibility of an explosion that it may have ended in violence, or depression. But it would have not been possible to imagine that he would take this course of action by simply reading the transits. A possibility of suicide, could have been read, and somehow that is what he did, prior decision of taking 49 souls to the underworld with him. When I say underworld, I do not mean Hell, as many think, but simply to that place where all souls go when they first leave the body, according to the mythology of various cultures.

I think Chiron-Pholus square is quite eloquent in this tragedy, since it describes the accumulated ancestral  tension (Pholus), when the family and hence personal wound (Chiron) is not brought up to consciousness.


2 comments on “The Shootings in Orlando and the Asteroids

  1. Several years ago you posted personal things on my facebook page, for all to see. Another time you said I was going to get cancer. Then you told other astrologers that I did not pay you however YOU chose to post those things I NEVER asked you to so therefore I owe you nothing. I suppose the language barrier is the cause of this confusion. Please be careful what you advise. Thank you.


    • Dear Patti, you obviously mistake me for someone else. I have never posted in your Facebook, i never speak publicly about personal cases, and i certainly would never say to anyone they will get any kind of illness because that’s not my kind of work. So, you must be thinking of somebody else. so you must pay attention who you are writing to.
      with love


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