Once again we have proof of how difficult it is the prediction game. Most American astrologers predicted the victory of Hillary Clinton, giving detailed information of why they thought so. However, if look at Donald Trump’s birthchart, we can see a progressed Sun, an aspect that occurs only once in lifetime, exactly in conjunction to the ascendant in Leo, which loudly speaks of one of the supreme opportunities in life, to express who one really is. And that he will do. For better or worse for the country. For better or worse of himself. The Sun will continue to move to Virgo the sign of service, and that he’ll have to do too.


But perhaps the most interesting thing in this chart, is to see that Donald Trump was born with Pholus, (the Centaur that speaks to us about the unseen forces in the collective, kept in a sealed jar), in opposition to his Venus-Saturn conjunction in house 11. And what is clear is that HE has really taken the lid off the pressure cooker of the country where racism, despair, the discontent, have been hidden, disguised in the fantasy of the “American dream” and Celebrity world. A Venus -Saturn conjunction, denotes a wounded self-esteem that in his case, he disguises, using the charisma and energy that emanates from his planets in Leo, by a continuous self- praise , as if that by magic, could turn off the voice, in his ear that says that he is not the hero of the family, but his father was. This aspect speaks of a critical parental voice which he surely endured as a  child and young man. Constant self-adulation works as a medicine that helps him balance his inner secret sense of inadequacy . Pholusin these past two years, by transit, has been opposing the solar position of Donald Trumpwith his Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini (The photo describes this beautifully) in the 10 House, of one’s profession, and what he has been doing is really, “taking the lead off the pressure cooker“, that contained fear, paranoia, racism, fear of losing one’s identity, which lurks in the psyche of many people. The same thing happened with the Brexit.

His progressed moon in his birthchart is traveling through the 11th House of communities and groups and that Mercury in Cancer and his nationalist and patriotic rhetoric has resonated strongly, with the masses. The sense of a paternal image that  solves everything  and protects them, worked beautifully in his favor. His cancerian voice, acting through his 11th house. 


But…, actually a great BUT, Trump will take the Government of the United States with Saturn by transit opposing his Sun-Uranus in the House 10, which is a good description of climbing to the top job, but that only marks the beginning of a period in his life that has not happened before, where all its most important planets will be touched by the Lord of Karma , Saturn, and actually, the phrase: “careful what you dream for, because it might come true will make more sense in his life than ever before. He will now know  what he has gotten involved in, because Saturn will play the rol of the System, which he will not be able to handle as easy as he managed the discontented masses of the country. His superficial and baseless rhetoric will now have to manifest itself and will be fun to watch as it manages to build the wall with Mexico and make them pay for it, as he promised, cancel the Nafta deal, block all Muslims from coming into the country, and all of those things which he based his rhetoric to get to where he finds himself now.


In 2020, when in theory they should be voting for his  re-election or not,  he will have Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn (the world will), for the only time in his life, opposing his Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer,  so it will be interesting to watch, if the  masses of people who have voted for him today, are still on his side, since it will be a time of reckoning.


  1. Count your so-called lucky stars and all that jazz, change is all that is ever happening. You can pre-dick all you want what will happen, that doesn’t make it true. As you clearly see, We The People have spoken. And that’s one thing you can count on. Amen. If I receive another such dis-taste-full of feces, I will trump it and unsubscribe to your rhetoric and hate. At your service, a Virgo with Leo rising and Aries moon, tone 13 Mayan Akbal.


    1. hey Aurelia, sorry i didn’t see this comment before. I can sense your Aries Moon in your comment. I had no intention to offend Trumps voters, i was simple stating the fact that he was elected!
      Thankyou for taking the time to read it!


  2. Hate to think that must wait for 4 years for this day of “reckoning.” Hopefully we will see more than a bit of reckoning in the “time” between now and then.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


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