2nd Summer and Winter Solstice !!!!! and the end of 2016!


So here we are on the second and last Solstice of the year 2016For the Northern Hemisphere, the onset of Winter and for the Southern Hemisphere, the beginning of the Summer.


We end up with “other killer truck” , this time in Germany, which has opened its doors to refugees from Syria and parts of Africa. Although it is not known who have perpetuated such action, we are all quick to assume that the murderer, because that is what it is, who was driving the truck, emerges from those that the country has let in or so we think.. In fact, we do not know it. One wonders what can haunt the mind of a young man, who surely is the perpetrator of such action, to get on a truck and embark on such killing mission. Vengeance? religious ideology?


Astrologically we do know that we are once again in the midst of a T-square in Cardinal signs, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra Uranus in Aries. (The previous  one was in 2010-2011, when the Arab Spring emerged). Completes the picture a Trine from Saturn to Uranus which is at the same time aligned with Eris and Ceres. It is strange that being Eris, the “uninvited one“, which caused the Trojan war, which ended with the destruction of that culture, after 10 years of conflict with the Greeks. It is hard to believe that despite having been “invited” into Germany, where they are taught German and given shelter, someone decides to perform such action for Christmas. But the theme of “feeling included”, “being part of”, “belonging to”, are all topics Cancerian, which is the leg that is missing in this T-squarePerhaps the theme of “patriotism”, that which makes us feel so proud of the  place where we have grown up and which gives such sense of identity, of belonging, to a country, a culture, a region, is what you should considerIf we could raise above the horizon and look at the map of the world, without political divisions, we would just see a beautiful planet, full of green and blue. Humans, before dividing us into cultures and Nations, are the only race that inhabits this planet, enriched by our particular cultures, which have much to do with Nature and the climate of the part of the world where we come from, long before flags, buildings and Nations. The world existed long before that we divided ourselves into Nations and they were forged with many wars and massive deaths. All to defend “our” way of life, our way of eating, work, celebrate. Everything that enriches us as a species, used to divide us, to kill and die for it.


As a reminder in 2001 when the Twin Towers were brutally brought down, Saturn in Gemini opposed Pluto inSagittarius. In the 2010-2011 Saturn in Libra was in square to Pluto in Capricornand in opposition to Uranus which was accompanied by Jupiter in Aries, and when, the sign of the leg of the great cross that was missing was Cancer, same as now . 2020 Saturn in Capricorn will form a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn, initiating a new cycle of these two planets. The last time that these two formed a conjunction was in the 1980s in the sign of Libra, in 1982 to be more exact. So  the next conjunction in 2020  will form a square that conjunction of 1982, practically in the same 24 ° – 28 ° degrees. If you were alive, remember that you happened in your life then?. Those born in those years, when there was a large conglomeration of planets in Libra now have an opportunity to really change their lives and steer them towards places more in line with the wishes of their souls. The word Change that so terrifies many, means a new chance to reset. A new opportunity for the soul to be aligned with its desires and deepest needs.


Instead of celebrating our differences, we use  them as an excuse to kill each other. Religions which in theory should unite us, since the word religion comes from the latin verb “religare” which means, “unite”. So? how come  that we use religion to kill each other? We only have the excuse of survival. If we were all to live in the same places, where there are more natural resources, for example, then we would finish them faster, and as a result, we will end our killing ourselves for that reasonRecalling what happened in South and North America, where the indigenous population was virtually eliminated by the conquerors, or relegated to small territories, before the invaders had time to enrich themselves from the wisdom of the  culture of the people from that land, who were in special contact with the environment, with Nature. Thuswe have lost our ability to connect with everything that surrounds us, with nature, with the soul of animals, the souls of trees, rivers, as they did these tribes of the North and South of our planet. Shamanism  re-connects us  with everything that sorround  us, if we could only learn to listen and feel that we are part of everything around us and understand that if we hurt the tree or kill elephants for their ivory, we are only hurting ourselves.

We’re in 2016, but it seems that we do not find a solution to these issues that only lead us to kill each other and move us away from our wise nature, giving rein only to the inner Beast that is desperately and brainlessly seeking to survive.
Therefore I propose a profound meditation on this Solstice, the last of the year, to the re-union with “alma mundi”, with all that that unites us, with the magnificense of our planet, first of all,  with our differences, our beliefs, which only enrich us, because the only truth is that none of us on this planet,know what we are doing here,  where we are going and how much time we have left. In this precarious existence, we need to find meaning in our every day, and above all to live  with love and patience and respecting this mystery, that only makes us incessantly search for meaning, with different methods, techniques, and sciences, to be ableto give some kind of explanation to this that we call LifeNone of us have the Truth about the origin of life and the reason why we are here, in this extraordinary planet we call home. The only HOME we have. It is curious that defending our borders, the small regions that we call ‘our country’, we continue damaging the planet. We defend the neighborhood and destroy  our home. The more we keep disconnected from Nature and stay bonded to the inner beast, out of ignorance, less likely we are to  appreciate the beauty of this environment we are so lucky to live in and the privilege of being alive, even if, for an instant.
I take this opportunity  to wish you all those who take the time to share their experiences with me and read my astrological mussings  that I always approach with deep respect and love for this science, the study of which, has brought and brings so much spiritual wealth  into my life, the most sincere greetings for Christmas and the New Year, with faith that we will gradually reflect on our role in all this experience we call Life, in search of that which we call Home, in this Cancerian search for that  place, that for all of us IS the face of the Earth, and  IT IS precisely this planet, I mean, this wonderful planet, we all have the privilege of inhabiting.

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