JUPITER IN SCORPIO for all of us. Oct 10, 2017 till November 9th, 2018

In the last month of Jupiter in Libra, we prepare for the entry of the giant of our solar system, to the sign of Scorpio, which has not visited for the past 12 years; Scorpio is the second Water sign of our zodiac and considered Realm of the Great Below, as it is ruled by Pluto-Hades, the absolute God of the Underworld. It corresponds to the House 8 of the Astral chart, land of the occult, of the  dark lands of sexuality, of the shared possessions or better said, other people’s money, of death. This is where we confront our most hidden desires and fears, especially those emotions inherited through the familiar and ancestral secrets. Both financial and emotional inheritances are part of this terrain of experience. Extreme emotions, overflowing, not easy to handle. The underground land where our inner power is hidden , that we seldom know in the first half of life-

This will be, not only an extreme, but difficult to handle combination, as powerful emotions will be awaken, with ideals that may get out of control in power struggles that want to win, over those who think differently. The inner search for truth, that which elevates us (Jupiter) moving through the Underworld, with its darkness and secrets, with its surprises and power. Jupiter is not particularly comfortable in the sign of Scorpio, but it impels us to dig deeply into hidden truths, intrigued by the mystery of life and of that, we call God. The adventurer delves  into the darkness of the sea, to search into unknown terrain, in his obsessive need to find the Truth. This is a journey to the depths of the soul, to meet our inner Gods and Demons, to understand where our faith lies.

No doubt Jupiter will cast light on secret issues, considering that Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is in Capricorn, so more government secrets are going to be leaked to the news, and we will continue on the path to discovering the corruption of politicians and government agencies worldwide. More cases of sexual abuse and sexual slavery will fill the courts and we’ll have more religious figures and other people in power brought to trial. Somehow, everything institutional, seems to be falling apart with the passage of Pluto through Capricorn, but as if that wasn’t enough, from December 20th, Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, Lord of Boundaries, the archetype of order, form, in our lives, will enter its own sign, for the first time in 29 years, and it will join Pluto by conjunction in Capricorn in 2020. I’ll write about this later. Only anticipate that our institutions continue to suffer and something in the collective demands a change of Order, to be able to enter a new evolutionary stage, more in contact with the the original laws of Nature, with the feminine, with the Natural Order.

The last time Jupiter visited Scorpio was: October 2005 to November 2006. Do you remember what was going on in your life at that time? In that year, Nasa sent the spacecraft New Horizon (Jupiter) to Pluto, which arrived 9 years later, in 2015, sending pictures of the binary system never seen before; another Nasa spacecraft, entered the orbit on Mars (the other Scorpio ruler) sending photos of the planet; A stampede in Mecca, where millions of pilgrims (Jupiter) gather each year, caused 362 deaths (Scorpio); A ferry in Egypt sank and more than 1000 people died. Israel attacked Gaza. An earthquake of more than 6. 5 in Java, left more than 5600 dead. The fury of Nature that we often associate with Jupiter is unleashed on us and within a few weeks of this entry, just after the total eclipse of the sun, we have seen three giant hurricanes in the Caribbean and the worst monsoons in India in a long time, as well as the earthquakes in Mexico. Without the intention of being fatalistic, Jupiter, the mighty giant, Zeus in Greek mythology, God of Gods, with his thunder in hand, in the sign of Scorpio brings us transformation, but also death. We must not forget that in other cycles of Jupiter in this sign we had the First Balkan War (1912-13) and the Rwandan Genocide (1994).

For those born in those years, who are now about 11-12 years old, they are living their first Jupiter return, beginning secondary education, a major change at the hormonal and social level. For those who were born between Nov 1994 to OCT 1995, this is their second return from Jupiter, which coincides with the first steps to leave home or their dependency on parental support. For many it means to go to distant lands, to different cultures. For this group of people, like those born in 1982, the return of Jupiter, means the need to let go of patterns stipulated by others, in search of their own truths, in many cases there will be a compulsive need to join some heroic cause, like standing for the rights of Immigrants, or the sexually abused, for example. Expeditions to save extinct species are also a possibility as are trips to the bottom of the sea.

The warlike rhetoric we have had between North Korea and the Us as well as in several other countries can become more intense and violent, since in the transit of Jupiter through Libra which concludes now, diplomatic intentions did not achieve the desired effects of peace.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10, at 13.30 GMT, practically hand in hand with Mercury, forming an exact conjunction between these two, on the 17-18. What will surely mark the introducing in the market of more electronic devices, that improve our communication, like for example the new IPhone. There will be an alignment with Venus on November 12 and 13 which should inspire us to express love in a more generous and expansive way, but it can also drives us to  excessive extravagance with money. So be careful.  It will form its first trine with Neptune, on December 2, the most important aspect that will make in its journey through Scorpio through out 2018. It will do it again on May 25-26 and August 19, 2018. This is a contact that brings us all the possibility to look at what is possible in our lives and give us a little momentum to make our dreams come true. It will make us understand that the force is in the Union and not in the division. But above all, it will give us the possibility to understand that our divine nature is what separates us from evil and destruction, and that we must nourish and care for it by listening to it and acting in accordance with the messages we receive from it. God lives in us and not outside and often walks next to Lucifer, to make sure that he is not running wild, to be able to control him better. That is the message of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Of course Scorpio will be the favorite sign of the next 12 months, because you’ll have the opportunity to expand your horizons in an extraordinary way. New projects have the possibility to take you to unexpected places, with doors opening everywhere. Be encouraged to dream and although you must fight to keep your feet on the ground, now is the time to fly and trust your destiny and in what life brings you at this time.

For the other two Water signs: Cancer and Pisces, this is also the time to harvest all that you have been sowing in the last 12 years. You may improve your finances, with great personal achievements and recognition of the efforts made. Do not let negativity blind you to opportunities. Virgo and Capricorn also have the possibility to expand their horizons, initiating new projects that can lead you to progress and learning a lot.

Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, the other fixed signs of the zodiac,  will have to be careful with the exorbitant optimism and the cravings of power and keep your eyes fixed in reality, although the benefits of Jupiter will also be felt, although the slightly more obsessive part of Scorpio can express itself here. Time to remember that we cannot force others to think like us or make them do what we want, against their will. Not for long anyway.  Nor can we make anyone fall in love with us if it doesn’t happen naturally. Time to recognize your darkest emotions, accept them, honor them, and although you may not like that side of you, they are also part of who you are.


For Aries The emphasis will be on finances and especially in financial dependencies. Time to get rid of debts and especially be very careful not to make plans with money that you do not have. Inheritance and profiting through relationships with partners are possible, and with that the painful lesson of what it means to depend financially of others. Time to search the depths of your psyche for ancestral residues of emotional and financial dependency.

Taurus with Jupiter going through your house of relationships, this is a moment, to free yourself from oppressive relations but at the same time it is also a great opportunity to repair old resentments, letting go of tensions and looking at affections from a much more philosophical and true standpoint. New relationships with foreigners are possible or the need to connect with other cultures.

Gemini, this is the time to launch yourself to the search for work that allows you to travel, to know other territories, other mentalities and philosophies, different from yours. Expand your horizons. Go in search for what you’ve always wanted to do and did not find the time to do. Your health becomes more of an issue now, and you will feel the need to look after yourself more than ever, possibly with a new more natural and ecological diet that will change your life.

Cancer This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for,  to unleash your creativity. Time to let go of situations and people, that impede your actions. This is a very creative influence, do not miss it. Jupiter will form a trine (120º) to Neptune in Pisces through out this next 12 months, which could be a unique moment of creativity and self-expression. Say goodbye to what prevents you from freely being you and throw yourself to the adventure of Being.

Leo This is time to expand your horizons and change places if that’s what you want. Jupiter gives you a chance to make things better at home. There may suddenly be more space in your home and you need to redecorate or modify it so you can feel better in it. But it is also possible that fate will take you to other places where you can express yourself better. Are you where you want to be? you’ll find out.

Virgo something drives you to move more this year, and look for other mental horizons, perhaps studying what you always wanted to do and had not had time or money to do. The possibility of finding a way to express yourself in ways unimaginable till now. Search within your mind, you’ll find it. The relationship with brothers and sisters get a chance to improve and it is even possible to carry out projects together.

Libra now is the time to benefit financially from all those projects that started this year, when Jupiter crossed your sign, where it will stay, until next month. Now comes the chance to win a little more even if it means moving around more than normal. It will bring new offers to propel you into new territories, which will help you value yourself like never before.

Scorpio has finally arrived your year and all those efforts of the previous years will receive their reward. If you haven’t been working towards a goal, this is the time to do it and start a new phase of your life, with your dreams as a goal. This year you will understand that everything is possible, if we put love and real effort into it. Take to the adventure and have faith. The Muses benefit you in the next 13 months.

Sagittarius your natural ruler, Jupiter, enters the sign of the darkness of the psyche. Time to delve into the depths of your being and find out what really prevent you from doing what you want or disturb you from within, what keeps you from being everything you can be and accomplishing everything you can achieve. Time to let go of conditioning and ancestral voices that stop you. Spend time alone to find yourself and remember to listen to your own voice.

Capricorn Although you continue with the changes and transformations, this entry of Jupiter in Scorpio, brings the opportunity to work with others towards a social and communitarian commitment. Group work is where the most important lessons of this coming year will be. Search among your friends who want to share with you an adventure that will enrich everyone.

Aquarius this coming year professional opportunities will be on the agenda. Let yourself be carried away by new proposals. If you have been working on  a project you will see the reward, but this is the time to open up to new adventures that allow you to dream and reach goals that you only secretly posed. Work commitments in other countries are also possible. Take off and fly, but always with your feet firm on the ground.

Pisces has finally come your time to be rewarded for your efforts of the past. The opportunities will be around you, don’t let them escape. The world is your stage and you can visit it if you let your most adventurous side guide you. At the end of the day this is the only life you have and you have to make it, the best adventure ever lived. If you can not or do not want to do it physically, you can do it mentally, studying a topic that has always interested you and you did not find time to do. Open your mind to new possibilities.

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