We begin this month, with the opposition Jupiter-Uranus in all its splendor, with Mercury just entered in Libra, and with Venus and Mars about to join the 18 degrees of Virgo, which will form a trine to Pluto. These are aspects that help us to re-connect with our need to participate and collaborate with the social order, to find in ourselves, that desire for power, that all humans have. Power in the animal world means having more food and protection, it means survival. The more power, the easier it is to find food and the less chance of being attacked by others, the more likely it is to survive. They are not necessarily negative feelings, and they are much more normal than we realise. The problem begins when we do not recognize the rights of others and see ourselves as kings of the jungle without being it, with the Truth in the pocket, without the elements to prove it. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition arrived at its last contact. The first was the 26th of December 20 2016, the second on March 2 of this year and the last time, on the 28 of September, so we are in the tail of this aspect that has been accompanying us since late last year. The houses activated by this opposition in our birthchart, will be where we live this unexpected cry of freedom and restructuring, based on new ideas and desire for renewal. If this affects, the natural houses of the signs in which it falls, which are Aries-lLibra, therefore, the 1st and the 7th houses, a new dimension will have entered into the personal, or social relations, a desire to affirm our individuality, leaving behind the identification with the other, as a form of emotional survival. It means leaving behind the sense of security provided by being in association with another.

At the global political level, this opposition has left us with Brexit, Trump, the exodus of the Rohinshas in Burma,  the Kurds and the Catalans Referendums, the crisis in Yemen, the rise of the ultra right in the German elections. As all oppositions, these movements are loaded with opposing ideas, and like all the opposite things, the two extremes are more linked together, than what is comfortable. These are not wars between countries but among the people of the same country. Movements that seem to be from the left, smell more like ultra right and vice versa. A deep self-analysis is necessary so that we can realize what we are supporting politically and especially understand how much we know about the subject and how much they have to do with old hatreds and resentments, lived by our ancestors which resist closure. This feeling of division and opposition in which we found ourselves, began with the square of Uranus in Aries to Pluto  back in the 2011 and Jupiter from Aries which also squared Pluto in Capricorn. Really the beginning of the fall of the institutions that we had wrought after the two world wars. At the beginning of the thirties, when Uranus and Pluto also formed a square, with Uranus in Aries as it is now, but Pluto in Cancer, the ultra right also rose across Europe, with the results we all know. Back to the same thing? Are these movements of today are hangover of what happened in the 1930s? My question is: why do we continue to impregnate our young people with grudges for issues that happened to their grandparents? what is that incredibly powerful force of dealing with what we call Karma, that we don’t seem to be able to stop, even with all our rationalising and technology?

The opposition Jupiter-Uranus, is shaking the existing relations and has brought NEW people to our lives, from other mentalities, other cultures, other idiosyncrasies, which produces an opening of mind, if we allow it, necessary for whoever has been limited by too strict and conservative precepts that only prevent us from looking into the future. It has brought the immigrant crisis and instead of organizing ourselves to accept the fact that we are already more mixed than ever and that we can no longer return to Germany only from the Germans, nor France only of the French, nor an England only of Englishmen , to seek new ways of living with one another, in an open and orderly way, being aware of the benefit that this brings, instead of concentrating only on the fact that alters our daily life and our customs. Aries-Libra, that’s what it’s all about. Me and you. How do we live in this beautiful little planet in order and peace, benefitting from our differences and diversity?

This aspect cries out: “Renovation”, wherever it is, and that is what is happening in the world and in our private lives. Something old is collapsing and we must open our minds to the new, looking for ways to operate within this new Order. Jupiter finally enters Scorpio on the 11th, Mercury enters Scorpio on the 17th, Venus and Mars in Libra on 14 and 23, respectively. We will continue with the intention of solving our problems diplomatically, but it won’t be easy.

The first two weeks of this month, will be very active in internal questioning, since Lilith, the Black Moon aligns with Pholus that is marching in line with the Galactic Center, this can be quite a bombastic combination, since the two archetypes connect us with old grudges, seeking expression, and will be exacerbated by the opposition Jupiter-Uranus seeking the freeing  of values imposed by  the status quo. Fortunately, every once in a while the planets form angles, “aspects” as we astrologers call them, that direct us towards Renovation, towards Evolution. Being the command of the Gods, we, mere mortals can only create the action plans to function under those mandates in the best possible way and that requires true creativity, but what we can never do, is to stop Evolution.

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