We’ve begun this month, with the certainty that Jupiter is already well established in Scorpio, with the amount of sexual predators exposed by the media: Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, etc. The last time Jupiter visited this sign, was from the last days of October 2005, for a whole year. Do you remember what was going on in your life at that time?

Water signs will feel the benefit of this  transit more than anyone else, although the other fixed signs will also feel that the optimism and the amount of opportunities that are there for the one who sees them, recognises them and grab them. Jupiter whispers in our ears: “Now you can!” “This is the moment you were waiting for” and many times it is. Think about what happened 11-12 years ago in your life, if you’re old enough to remember it. It usually means a major move to other lands, or sometimes a simple neighbourhood change. If your career or profession is already defined, you can add other dimensions to it, expand, progress, enrich, whatever you do. Voyages are in the equation of the Jupiter’s transits, because it is the energy of this planet and this archetype that impels us to leave the district, the town and go to the adventure of seeing what is beyond the confines of the known. The area of your life where this will manifest will be marked by where you find Scorpio in your chart, according to what house is transiting and what contacts makes to the rest of the planets. If Jupiter marks his own return in your chart, ie: if you are 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, or 72 years old, etc, then this is even more remarkable.

Jupiter is closely connected with death and in Scorpio even more so. Death, as freedom from form, from incarnation. It governs those deaths where the individual seems to leave this world in peace and with consciousness, for example, after a long illness, or after much suffering. The great transformation.

Venus also enters Scorpio on the 7th, and will form a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter, the 12-13 and 14, meaning a great moment for the water signs, with emotions flying high and opportunities too. If you perform a creative activity this can be a period of great inspiration, especially because both planets will link in a few days,  a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Take advantage of these creative airs since they don’t happen every day.

If you were waiting for the right time to clarify misunderstandings and work on your relationship with others this is also the right time. With everything that happens in the world right now, the ideological divisions between compatriots and family members, this is an opportunity to look inward and reconsider whether the differences are really so great. I’m sure you’ll find that this is not the case, even if the external circumstances seem so.

Mars travels by Libra all this month, so the cardinal signs will be affected by this injection of energy, emanating from this red planet. The ranting and added stress are almost inevitable, unless you meditate a lot and know yourself deeply. Still, Mars in Libra does its best to find the peaceful commitment and under the circumstances in Catalonia, lets hope, that the two parties find a way to compromise and hopefully, to solutions, to the stressful situation.

The Eris-Uranus conjunction which I have written about in other articles in this blog, is also very relevant this month and connects us directly with that part of us that feels alienated, that aspect of our life that makes us feel that we do not belong to what surrounds us. This connection between these two planets is vital in what we are all experiencing this year personally and socially, with the ideological divisions that have led us to want to separate from something or someone. It is necessary to realise that what disturbs us in others has a lot to do with how I see it the situation, and with our personal inner struggles of duality.

A lot of self-awareness is needed to handle these energies. The square Chiron-Saturn, is exact this month, so its potency reminds us that it is possible to do something about our sense of imperfection and that it is possible to live in peace with that part of us that we will never love completely. The House in the birthchart where Chiron is located tells us what it is that we have problems in recognising and accepting of ourselves, to be able to enter into a dialogue with it, to begin the process of acceptance. This square that we have been living under, all this year, with the added influence of Pholus, that travels hand in hand with Saturn in Sagittarius, also reminds us that in order to free ourselves from what that we are ashamed of, we need to accept it first. Another aspect of this planetary combination is the realisation that our ideals are connected with the family and ancestral wound. We must also bring it to consciousness in order to liberate ourselves from it and its negative effect on our lives. The square of Chiron and Saturn was formed exactly on December 28, 2016, on April 30, 2017 and now on November 2, 2017 for the last time. In Greek mythology, Chiron is a centaur, son of Saturn, who had become a horse to seduce Phylira, and as a result, she gave birth to a creature, half man, half horse.

Saturn and Pholus in Sagittarius, also form the exact trine to Uranus on the 11th, and surely this will also help us to liberate ourselves from those inherited feelings that we have not asked to have in our lives and yet we must endure. The process is arduous and long but necessary. If you’re afraid it’s OK. Whenever we throw ourselves into the new and the unknown to let go of the past, we feel fear. It’s a natural human feeling. As Pema Chödrön said: “Fear is a natural reaction, when we are approaching the truth”


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