PISCES planets in 2018


As I am sitting down to write these lines the Sun is entering the last sign of the zodiac: Pisces. Mercury has done it a few hours ago and Venus has been traveling through it since February 10th. So now we have: Sun-Mercury-Nessus-Venus-Neptune-Chiron all in the sign of the two fish that swim in the opposite direction. The Sun visits this sign every year as Venus does. Mercury does it 1 or 2 times a year because it has 3 retrograde periods per year and Neptune once every 165 years. Chiron every about 50 years and Nessus ends an orbit around the sun in 122.4 years. In its perihelion (closest point to the Sun), it is closer to the Sun than Uranus, while in Aphelion (furthest point to the sun) goes even further from Neptune. We can assume that a lot of energy from this sign is flowing right now. This sign, the last sign of water of the zodiac, is like most signs a complex archetype, but also very difficult to define.

Pisces connects us with the suffering of the world like no other sign. It reminds us that we are all victims of something or someone, and this begins only at birth. The circumstances of our birth and the fact that the human needs of his parents to grow and develop, already confront us with the fact of our inability to survive by ourselves, which puts us from the beginning in a powerless position. Situation we struggle to depart from in the early years of our lives, I would almost say to the second squaring of Saturn to its native position, which occurs at age 21. Saturn’s first opposition to himself at 13-14 years is one of the hardest times on our way to self-independence. When we still need our parents but we can’t wait to get out of that position.

In this 2018 with Chiron and Nessus in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, the movement #metoo and #timesup is empowering women to emerge from their status as victims of the patriarchy and sexual predators (Nessus), as it had not happened before in our history. This is the time to start to recover our power, even if this happens simply by the awareness of where or how we feel victimised , whether it be our family, our culture, our husband, our employers or bosses at work, our partners, our teachers, etc. to this day, women have had to shut up and now for the first time, we are offered the opportunity to speak, to denounce, but above all to bring to our consciousness, the abuse we have received in our lives and that We were forced to shut up, indoctrinated by our family, our mothers and/or culture, so we could forgive and free ourselves from the guilt that caused us. Connecting with this female pain and the anger that it generates is a Pisces action, where we all become aware that there are certain situations in life, which are not a personal matter, but are much larger than us and are female collective sufferings , such as the death of a child, or abandonment. These are issues that have no nationality or flags. That is the suffering of being alive and especially of being born a female human.

Nessus, the Centaur who was responsible for the death of Hercules, who killed him with one of his poisonous arrows, for having raped his wife, is also traveling Pisces and gives us the opportunity to reconsider those situations in our life where we have been abused or raped in one way or another, because often, the mere awareness and acceptance of the fact that because we were born a woman were vulnerable to these situations, causes the wound to begin to heal. With Chiron and Nessus in Pisces the issue of victimization of sexual abuse is what we must bring to consciousness and empower ourselves to denounce, talk about it, forgive us for having kept quiet, especially not to pass on that burden to the next generations, to our daughters and sons. This is a moment when you have to talk about it, and above all make peace with that fact, because, again, the awareness begins the healing process.

The house where Nessus falls in our chart is where we feel that we are raped, either physically or mentally. Where we feel vulnerable and powerless about it. It is where the female beast becomes aware of its vulnerability with respecto to the male beast. The latter may be the patriarchal system in which we were born, the status quo, the culture, etc. Nessus has been coming in and out of the first few degrees of Pisces since the end of 2004, and will be in this sign about 30 + years. At this time is about 6th of this sign and Venus has aligned with him these days, facing us with the fear of giving ourselves to an in-depth relationship for fear of deception, and betrayal. The fear of being betrayed or experiencing deception in a relationship is a very Nessus, which leads us to the acceptance of the fact that in love, especially in “being in love”, there are no guarantees, we can be exposed to betrayal, is a risk we all take or we have no relationships.

Pisces is also about feeling ONE with the other Sapiens, and with the understanding that true human pain is universal and unites us all in the experience of being Human.

Pisces speaks to us of our creativity and our ability to connect with something greater than ourselves to be able to inspire our lives towards beauty, poetry, unity, compassion, to become real human beings.

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